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From the author of Welcome to Paradise, Now Go to Hell, a finalist for the PEN Center USA Award for Nonfiction It is likely not terribly surprising that surfers like to party Thes image, bolstered by Tom Wolfe and Big Wednesday, was one of mild outlaws Tanned boys who refused to grow up, spending their days drinking beer and smoking joints on the beach in between mindless hours in the water As the surf brands accidentally morphed into a multimillion then multibillion dollar industry beginning in the s, however, the derelict portrait began to harm business In order to achieve wild year on year growth that came to be expected, surf trunks, T shirts and sunglasses had to be sold en masse through Midwestern mall stores Moms in Des Moines did not want corn fed junior to be a delinquent And so the external surf image of the s and s and into the present became Kelly Slater and Laird Hamilton Health, vitality, bravery, clean living, positive, and pure, with heavy doses of puritanism Internally, though, surfing had moved on from booze and weed to its heart s true home, its soul s twin flame Cocaine s rise in American popular culture as the choice of rich, white elites was matched, then quadrupled, within surf culture The parties got wilder, the nights stretched longer, the stories became ridiculously unbelievable And there has been no stopping, no dip in passion The surfer and his lover are entwined in gorgeously dysfunctional embrace A forbidden love like Romeo and his Juliet, and few, if any, outside the insular surf world knew or know about this particular rhapsody A byzantine ethic keeps interlopers far away Bad behavior is also kept very well hidden, even from insiders, but evidence of psychosis rears its head from time to time Overdoses, bar fights, surf contests, and murders and cover ups Cocaine Surfing peels the curtains back on a hopped up, sometimes sexy, sometimes deadly relationship and uses cocaine as the vehicle to expose and explain the utterly absurd surf industry to outsiders It also explores where dreams go when they die Surfing needs humor, and writers who know how to use it Chas is one of the best at that, and I read anything that he puts out This book is a fun, quick read that should be consumed by any literate surfer who can laugh at our silly world. A bunch of nothing waste your time reading it starts out with a interesting premise which dissolves into boring rhetoric Easy read, providing insight into an avenue of surfing I bet Rory Parker actually liked it Why are 4 words required I have never surfed but enjoyed this book This is a much better book than Girl on the Train. Did not like the fact that he protected the names of many of the people involved in his musings, and seemed to have tunnel vision in searching for his title connection. A funny and spot on dissection of the two main warring surf factions the ASP and Olympic supporters and the core don t care horde Great reflections on the kings of surf and their chins. Great book Very entertaining Chas is a talent He took up a challenging topic and wrote a thought provoking book not to mention very funny Hopefully this gets the conversation started Well done. But Chas barks up my tree and his general viewpoint is akin to mine so I would have read this book even if it sucked, which it might have Love the perspective of surfing through a very informed S Cal cool industry intertwined surfer guy While talking about how the surf industry protects surfers from openly reveling in their cocaine based antics Chas does still omit names and do the sameI suppose to protect himself Cocaine Surfing is definitely not a tell all, but it wants to be. Give you a taste of what the surf industry is really like It s too bad so many sources were unnamed, still worth the read.