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Champion motorcyclist and truck racer, television presenter, practical joker or just plain survivor Steve Parrish has been called them all Parrish Times tracks his amazing journey over the last four decades, through a rollercoaster ride of emotions in surely the most dangerous and exhilarating sporting arena there is The first phase of Steve s life sees him in the s competing for the world motorcycle championship with legendary team mate Barry Sheene on a Suzuki Then after retiring from motorcycle racing in , Steve manages a successful Yamaha factory team to three British Superbike Championship titles and starts a successful truck racing career, taking both the European and British Truck Racing titles inHe became the most successful truck racer ever, retiring inSteve also proved to be a natural commentator, first for BBC radio, then transferring to television with Sky, ITV and Eurosport Against this backdrop of sporting triumph are the notorious pranks posing as a medical doctor to allow John Hopkins to fly from Japan to the Australian GP impersonating Barry Sheene in a qualifying session owning a fire engine, a hearse, and an ambulance parking it on double yellow lines with the doors open in visits to his local bank It s a funny, hell raising account of life and death in the fast lane that will keep readers enthralled to the end Barry Sheene s final words to his best friend sum it up Neither of us will die wondering Written and read by Steve Parrish PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your Library section along with the audio on our desktop site

12 thoughts on “Parrish Times: My Life as a Racer (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Steve Parrish, Steve Parrish, Orion Publishing Group Limited: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Mark Chisholm Mark Chisholm says:

    Parish or Stavros as he is commonly known is mostly known for being himself, really And as such he is of course funny, interesting, knowledgeable and most of all engaging as a personality.He is of course also well known to those of us of a certain age of being the other motorcyclist when compared to the higher profile Barry Sheene Stavros was of course a talented rider and he did form a partners in crime arrangement with Sheene However, as Parrish is perfectly happy to acknowledge he was not the rider that Sheene and other successful riders were Whilst successful enough he does maintain that in order to get to the very top, you have to push to the very limits and sometimes a bit And he wasn t prepared to go that far preferring a bit of a margin for survival.He freely admits that he was a better truck racer and feels that if he had, had enough money when young he would most likely have been better on four wheels than two Coming from a humble background in the 60 s put paid to that idea.What is interesting is of course that Parrish was a very successful team manager probably because he is an engaging personality and of course a great TV pundit.Most of all though he likes a joke and this book is full of his escapades which mostly worked but once in a while went too far and ended up with him in serious trouble Without a doubt Parrish is the real deal when it comes to having a damn good laugh and not taking life too seriously which inevitably lead to his various failed marriages.Of course a fair bit of this book is dedicated to Barry Sheene, his great mate and clearly even after all these years, you know that Parrish misses him terribly.Overall what this is, is a book written without dishonesty Stavros tells it warts and all including his own failures and failings Not many autobiographies can lay claim to that.

  2. Matt Chambers Matt Chambers says:

    For a man who is known for practical jokes, it is not surprising that the book is light hearted and full of stories such as the blowing up of the toilet block in Immatra and the blowing up of a brothel These stories are great to read but is just one small part of the story.It is also a serious account of a dangerous period of racing The respect and admiration for Barry Sheene shines through They were contemporaries and best friends so it is no surprise that Sheene features heavily, particularly in stories such as how Sheene recommended for the Heron Suzuki ride Parrish acknowledges the part Sheene played in his career and freely admits that Sheene was the better rider but not the better car racer.The only slight criticism is the fact that it feels a bit brief in places I don t expect a blow by blow account of every race of each season but it is too brief at times Sometimes, it feels that the stories are important than his career.There is also a bit too much emphasis on the career of Sheene at times so it can feel that Parrish s own motorcycle career gets a bit lost at times and feels like it plays second fiddle to everything else Parrish has already written an excellent biography of Sheene with Nick Harris so at times if you have read that it can feel like it retreads old ground He does though cover his team management period and truck racing times in some detail.Overall though it is a extremely good read full of really interesting stories which will not disappoint I would have liked it though if the book was a little longer to allow detail on his own career It is still an interesting read and a really open and honest autobiography well worth buying.

  3. Ken O'Neill Ken O'Neill says:

    I really, genuinely enjoyed this As my title suggests, this is much of an insight to Stavros the man and his friends than another dryy account of what series he was in and results he got race by race by race by race byAs for the complaints about My friend Barry, I think Stavros emerges from those with great credit for acknowledging the part Barry Sheene played in Stavros career, and for giving a much better insight to Barry s character than any Barry Sheene biography ever has.

  4. Tattooed TV@60. Tattooed TV@60. says:

    Stavros made his name as a motorcycle racer in the 70s and early 80s.He was a great friend of the legendary Barry Sheene and his team mate at Heron Suzuki during their racing days.He retired from bike racing in 1986 and went on to manage a factory Yamaha team in the BSB, winning 3 titles on the way.He then had a go at truck racing, at which he was very successful.He has also been a pundit commentating at Moto GP and the IOM TT races.But he is also well known at being a total prankster, setting up friends and family with his pranks.The book is an hilarious read and recommended reading for bike racing fans Read it and cry laughing

  5. Carolyn Watt Carolyn Watt says:

    I thought the first few chapters are interesting and then it just seems to lose its way and become repetitive and his practical jokes just becoming infantile and I lost interest and didn t read last 3 chapters Shame but sometimes that what s happens with autobiographies.

  6. JDG JDG says:

    A good overall coverage of the road racing scene during Steve s career, his recall of many events is brilliant His later career as a well informed commentator is well known and appreciated I had known of his truck racing exploits but had not realised just how successful he had been A well known practical joker with a serious side to his outlook Anyone interested in road racing will enjoy this book Steve really puts you in the picture, warts and all, well done.

  7. Mr. R. A. Lye Mr. R. A. Lye says:

    Great read, full of fun and for anyone who has followed bike racing since the early seventies, a book that shouldn t be missed.Crazy exploits, nutty jokes but underneath a true sportsman Worth seeing his MAD show as well I did in Leeds a few years back Nice one Stavros let me know when the airline starts taking passengers.

  8. David Nichols David Nichols says:

    As you d expect from Barry Sheene s mate, Stavros delivers a top read with everything from the scariest realities of racing to hilarious and hair raising pranks Heartily recommended.

  9. entrecielos.co Customer entrecielos.co Customer says:

    I liked it because I am not a racer and it gives an insight into racing Would suggest it to anyone who likes racing.

  10. Jeff Weinbren Jeff Weinbren says:


  11. Scrotebreath Archimedes Scrotebreath Archimedes says:

    I spoke to Steve briefly last year at the Eastern Creek race meeting he attended as a celebrity rider, and was delighted to hear this book was on the way A year or so later here it is, and boy was it worth the wait Read it over two days, now planning to go back and list all the desperately funny pranks to use myself Very highly recommended, buy this book today

  12. Janette W. Janette W. says:

    Loved this book, well worth a read