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Code to Zero is a fast paced espionage thriller from number one best selling author Ken Follett, author of the Kingsbridge series Three days that could change the world s political landscape A man wakes up to find himself lying on the ground in a railway station, his mind stripped bare of all recollection He has no idea how he got there He does not even know his own name Convinced he is a drunken down and out, it isn t until a newspaper report about a satellite launch catches his eye that he begins to suspect all is not what it seems The year is , and America is about to launch its first satellite in a desperate attempt to match the Soviet Sputnik and regain the lead in the space race As Luke Lucas gradually unravels the mystery of his amnesia, he realizes that his fate is bound up with that of the rocket that stands ready on launchpad B at Cape Canaveral And as he relearns the story of his life, he uncovers long kept secrets about his wife, his best friend and the woman he once loved than life itself

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  1. joni farthing joni farthing says:

    Not one of his best Idiom was wrong for the period.nobody said whatever meaning as you wish Women very rarely swore and calling someone a prick is beyond likelihood Despite mr Follett s generous assigning of strong roles to women his sex is written for men Frankly before Cosmo mag women never wondered much less discussed how good men were in bed Not enough character development to really care who won Surely there s to a man than what smart clothes he wears and if he wants kids And to a woman than long legs and nice hair To betray your husband friends and country you must have interesting motivation Hints would gave been nice Poor farmers in Guatemala just didn t cut it for me.

  2. Mandrek Larl Mandrek Larl says:

    I have read a number of Ken Follett s books but wouldn t describe myself as a Follett Fanatic, so this isn t one of those it s by Ken Follett so it s 5 stars reviews no it s five stars from me because irrespective of who wrote it Code to Zero is a great thriller.Yes it s lightweight, yes there isn t a huge amount of character development, yes it may not be historically accurate, yes some of the language and attitudes may not be reflective of the time, yes you may have to suspend your belief at the speed at which Luke rediscovers himself, and yes there s sex but so what, this is a great story, there are twists and turns, the structure with flashbacks that counter point the real time action builds the tension, and end to end it s told at a fast moving breathless pace in short it s a real couldn t put down page turner.But then reading the other reviews it seems to me that there are two schools of Ken Follett, on one hand there are the heavier historical trilogies, and on the other the modern lighter fast paced thrillers Code to Zero whilst not contemporary is modern and is very much in the latter category So read only if you enjoyed Night Over Water or Whiteout , but perhaps not if you re looking for another Pillars of the Earth.

  3. Mrs J. Mrs J. says:

    Have read and thoroughly enjoyed several Ken Follett s books but was very disappointed in this one Felt like he churned this out Filled part of pages with factual information which felt as if they were there to pad the book out Lots of chapters which also felt like a filling mechanism Plot was, in theory , quite good but the all action writing was far fetched and sensationalized Not up to his usual standard.

  4. M Tomlinson M Tomlinson says:

    Well we ll well I ve read most of KF s books in the last year or so and this right up there Technically interweaves the narrative of various characters as well as the loss of memory story It is masterful in execution, so because you genuinely get involved with the characters and care about them Follett often uses the starting point of a group of young friends and tracks their lives He does it extremely well as usual while telling a main narrative that lasts about 48 hours.It uses flash backs, jumps between characters but still totally hangs together Superbly realised Didn t want it to end

  5. Gernella Gernella says:

    It s an old story for me if the book is good I manage to read the first 60 or so pages and close the book, but you can guarantee that the next I am so hooked that I have to read until the end.This was such a book Highly recommended for people like me who just want a good yarn, good story, well written and a satisfying ending.Perfect, other than I ve cleared it off in two evenings I think this is why I prefer my books to hit 500 pages, no chance of reading too quickly So much better than tv as well.

  6. I. Manning I. Manning says:

    Having only read and thoroughly enjoyed Follett s books about the building of the medieval cathedrals, I wasn t sure what to expect This is because from Pillars et al I had come to the conclusion that he was a better story teller than he was writer and this book confirmed that opinion emphatically Whereas in Pillars et al, Follett s passion for cathedrals and the people who built them is palpable, excusing the often simplistic detailed writing, in Code to Zero he seems content simply to have done some research, constructed a fairly unlikely plot and left it at that Populating this plot structure with real people was clearly too much of an effort The story structure was clever enough with each chapter starting with a detailed description of the rocket launch being a neat touch and the plot pulled me along after a fairly clunky start However, the characters were universally wooden and lacked any genuine sense of humanity In this book, Follett seems to think that creating a character involves nothing than giving them a name and listing a series of attributes, job done As well as not caring about any of these constructions or maybe because of this , I simply didn t find any of them credible as real people They were merely two dimensional plot elements This book passes the time if you ve nothing pressing to be getting on with or you have to read it for a book group , but it doesn t really count as literature in any meaningful way.

  7. Alexander Bryce Alexander Bryce says:

    Took me back to the Cold War spy thrillers of 30 40 years ago A well told story although a bit simplistic in places and not nearly as good as Deighton, Le Carre or Forsyth The introduction paragraph to each chapter chronicling the count down to a rocket launch in 1958 was a neat and interesting device.The hero has lost his memory and we follow his struggle over a couple of days as he searches for clues as to who he is and as to why and how his memory has gone Gradually he realises that it is all to do with his work on the US space race It is then his race against the countdown launch clock to, if possible ,save the launch and avoid another humiliation in light of the USSR s success in this field.Strains the imagination as every one of his old university buddies and lovers lo and behold plays an important role whether good or evil.An easy , uncomplicated and fairly entertaining read.

  8. Merche Merche says:

    The story follows Luke, an amnesic who spends the duration of the book learning of his life, and slowly uncovering secrets of a conspiracy to hold America back in the space race.It is set out in both chapters and parts There are five parts to the book, and an unspecified number of chapters which are titled by the time of day they are set, rather than the common numbering system.It s an amazing and breathtaking novel from the beging to the end.I couldn t put it down and I d enjoyed it enormously.Ken Follett never disappoints.

  9. Ludovica Nati Poltri Ludovica Nati Poltri says:

    Questo romanzo molto intrigante dimostra ancora una volta il talento e le capacit narrative di Ken Follett Dopo un inizio mozzafiato, il risveglio del protagonista come barbone nel bagno della stazione di Washington, la storia si dipana a colpi di scena e con incalzanti flashback fra i vari personaggi, che sempre vengono presentati dal loro punto di vista Un interessante quadro inoltre della vita americana fra universit di lite, quartieri residenziali e laboratori scientifici Assolutamente da raccomandare a tutti coloro che amano la tensione e la raffinata guerra di nervi, ma che apprezzano anche la struttura di un romanzo postmoderno.