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Random House presents the audiobook edition of The Terror by Dan Simmons, read by Tom Sellwood Stephen King hailed Dan Simmons best selling novel as a brilliant, massive combination of history and supernatural horror , and it s now a chillingpart AMC Original TV series from Ridley Scott The most advanced scientific enterprise ever mounted, Sir John Franklin sexpedition in search of the fabled Northwest Passage had every expectation of triumph But for almost two years his ships, HMS Terror and Erebus,have been trapped in the Arctic ice Supplies of fuel and food are running low Scurvy, starvation and even madness are beginning to take their toll And yet the real threat isn t from the constantly shifting, alien landscape, the flesh numbing temperatures or being crushed by the unyielding, frozen ocean No, the real threat is far terrifying There is something out there in the frigid darkness It stalks the ships and snatches men It is a nameless thing At once nowhere and everywhere, this terror has become the expedition s nemesis

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  1. Cylestra Cylestra says:

    I bought this book as one of my holiday reads, mainly due to a friend recommending I watch the serialisation on AMC, which I don t have and I m glad because the book is always better and this book is brilliant Told through first and third person narratives The Terror is the name of the ship charged with finding and navigating the Arctic Northwest passage in the mid nineteenth century However, those not interested or actively disinterested in seafaring tales should take heart that the ship manages virtually no seafaring at all thanks to fact that it is iced bound and serves only as the setting for the nerve fraying and horrific series of events that beset the expedition Stranded with no hope of a thaw, starving, sick, mutinous and tormented by an unseen and deadly predator on the ice, crew members die or are picked off one by one until they are forced to ever drastic and desperate measures to survive.As well as being fast paced and tense, The Terror also manages to fascinate with details about these early, ill prepared and frankly foolhardy explorers and provides shameful insights into the mindset of a group of people who actively look down on the native populations of the arctic, despite their seemingly effortless ability to thrive in such a hostile environment whilst the white men around them perish Dan Simmons ability to convey the claustrophobic confines of the ship and the crippling, debilitating and merciless Arctic environment elevates them almost to leading character status and this ensures the reader develops the appropriate empathy needed to fully appreciate the hardship and horror that these ill fated expeditions were subjected to.I found The Terror hard to put down and am delighted to now be embarking on Dan Simmons other work.

  2. ECG ECG says:

    One of the best books Ihave ever read I couldn t put it down I am interested in the Franklin Expedition and was fascinated when they disinterred the bodies of the sailors on Beech Island in the 80s The author uses history facts and details to weave a plausible story of the expedition s fate I didn t see the TVSeries but the book is a must read Don t be put off by its length you ont be able to put it down

  3. pete pete says:

    Don t assume this is disposable populist genre fiction Simmons great strength is his ability to create real people whose behaviour is always consistent with the inhospitable conditions that eventually provide their undoing The novel works well as an allegory for the decline of British Imperialism due to the hubris, arrogance and corruption of the Admiral fleet and is a tremendous weighty achievement in atmosphere, fact and story telling.

  4. sarahem sarahem says:

    Brilliant book based on the true story of the I ll fated exspedition of Sir John Franklin.Creepy, spooky and desperately sad.no one knows the exact fate of the men and Franklin himself but this book gives you some idea of the horrid conditions they lived in and the despair of their situation.A real page turner that you won t want to put down Highly Recommend.

  5. Starfish57 Starfish57 says:

    The author has unleashed his considerable imagination on the doomed Franklin Arctic expedition of 1845 I wasn t sure this would work but actually it s damned good I flipped between reading and audible and I must say that the narrated version was extremely Google If you like your historical novels with a healthy dose of the uncanny then I can t recommend this novel highly enough Very enjoyable.

  6. Squillers Squillers says:

    HMS Terror is the name of a real boat that, along with HMS Erebus, set off to map the North West Passage and disappeared along with the entire crew in Victorian times until finally some evidence of their fate was uncovered in 2014 Michael Palin has just released a non fiction book about the Erebus which I ve not yet read but The Terror is Dan Simmon s fictionalised account of the crew s final days, with both boats stuck in the ice above the Artic Circle as the crew slowly run out of heat, food and hope His version of the story, told from multiple perspectives, is both gripping and depressing Of course The Terror has two meanings and if the plight of the crew wasn t enough, given Simmons writes horror fiction, in this version they are also being hunted down by some huge mythical beast from the indigenous tribe s folklore , whilst internal tensions turn members of the crew against each other Clearly, it s not a barrel of laughs and given the length of the book I felt the 100s of pages of grimness became wearing at times However, Simmons writes compelling, easy to read prose and there are some dazzlingly exciting passages a crew member being chased by the monster around the masts and rigging comes to mind , the characters are believable, there are moments of real poignancy, and the ending ultimately offers some respite If nothing else it s a hauntingly memorable read, with the facts of the back story meticulously researched by Simmons.

  7. Derrick O'Rourke Derrick O'Rourke says:

    This is a very good book but he prepared, it s not happy and uplifting The detail of the hardships explorers endured during this era is brilliantly laid out It leaves you in no doubt that this was a very harsh experience to say the least The latter part of the book strays off the path a bit but this doesn t take away from the overall enjoyment of the book despite it being a long read Also, the series does not exactly play out the same way as the book I can are why for television purposes.

  8. becca becca says:

    I just love this book it s well researched, well written, page turner, cliff hanger, great characterisation I can t fault it I ve so enjoyed it I ve not wanted it to end You really care about the characters that are brought so clearly to life, and the ghastly sufferings of their fate Brilliant novel.