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The creative mechanical genius of Monster Garage meets the existential sexuality of Rebel Without a Cause Wildman is a little brother s homage to the coolest big brother any boy ever had It s the true story of RL Peyton who was, by anyone s definition, a wild, wild man who lived as fast as he raced Imagine if Albert Einstein had concentrated all of his genius on building the fastest dragster ever made and had the personality, good looks, and charisma of James Dean that was RL Peyton The Wildman was the ultimate underdog A racer in a high stakes games with no bankroll, R L would beg, borrow, or jerry rig whatever he needed to race He became the hands down crowd favorite at every track because they knew the Wildman would blow up, crash, or set a new track record every time he got in the car Before drag racing was legal and there was anything like the NHRA, Wildman was blowing the hoods off Mustangs in souped up Studebakers on the swampy back roads of Dade County In the early s there was already a full blown drug subculture in South Florida and the same men that dealt bails of pot and kilos of coke had access to hot Chrysler hemis Wildman ran with the outlaws because he had to get a fix for his racing habit When the sudden explosion of creative energy in the s began blowing the doors off music, writing, art, and political institutions, R L was challenging everything about mechanics, automobiles, and racing These two brothers shared every car they built together, every race, every wreck, every cheap motel, and every set of beautiful twins they met RL and Hap came up against county sheriffs and city cops, race officials and the other drivers, and a limited income Nothing could stop them But unlike a lot of geniuses who were driven to excellence and pushed the envelope, Wildman earned the respect and admiration of everyone

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    You need to have a reasonably good knowledge of US drag racing history to get anything out of this book Having been a drag racing fan for over 40 years I wondered if this book would tell me anything new No.It s a very personal and not particularly cohesive view of one brother s take on his wilder older brother The author loves his brother and in many ways, wishes he was him, but truth be told its just a series of funny tales of his experiences with Wildman Payton in the late 60 s and early 70 s There s nothing particularly wrong with this book, but I ve seen and heard similar and better told tales from other bucks down racers over the years.Harmless, but not a classic.