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Have you ever struggled to lose weight and gain muscle You re not alone Let s be honest, no one wants to live on chicken and broccoli or spend hours in the gym every day But there is a better way In this book, you ll discover how to gain muscle and lose fat without eliminating the foods you love This complete guide teaches everything you need to know to transform your body forever, including How to drink alcohol without sabotaging your goals How to eat at restaurants and still lose weight Why you need to include some sweets and treats for long term success The simple habits and routines that lead to lasting weight loss Theprinciples of weight lifting to maximize strength, muscle mass, and endurance The dirty secrets that supplement companies don t want you to know Best of all, this is a book that you can trust because it s backed by over , scientific studies There are no gimmicks or tricks you ll strictly get what works and nothing that doesn t Start today, and withindays you could be leaner, stronger, and on the fast track to the body of your dreams PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your My Library section along with the audio This is an excellent book Spencer has done the research so that we don t have to And in doing that research he has set out a clear path for us all to follow to achieve the body goals we set for ourselves.What I love most is that Spencer is honest and pragmatic This is exemplified by the pictures of his own transformation from flabby to buff He s not starting with the fantastic me and saying I can make you like this He s laying out a path that anyone can follow as far as they want to.I think the fact that Spencer references the available research both to support and debunk certain positions is excellent He s not saying so much this is what I think he s saying the research tells us This book has debunked some myths for me e.g the whole breakfast is the most important meal of the day I d already stoop eating breakfast but it was lovely to have this approach confirmed as valid It has also educated me e.g about what supplements to take, when, why and how they work And finally it has inspired me and helped me to see that, like all things in life, what you get out is directly related to what you put in It is as simple the fact that I can engineer the body I want if I follow what the research is telling us works.Thank you Spencer and I will be recommending this book to my friends. Fabulous book which was introduced to me by Eric Sinclair as a must read for anyone who likes working out Its a very clear and concise guide to minor major changes anybody can make which will dramatically change the way they approach fitness and healthy eating I really appreciated the realistic view that giving up all vices is not feasible and the best step forward is a careful reduction.Looking forward to following the steps outlined in this must read book. Great book Completely changed my mind set For years those last few lbs have been elusive for me, I stated following this approach in January and easily lost the weight I set out to and while toning up Great book I highly recommend for people who ve tried most diets and failed, and particularly if you like to over indulge every so often and don t want to feel guilty about it , but most importantly, still succeed I m looking forward to reading the recently published women s version.