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Currently ranked world number one in women s doubles, Sania Mirza became an instant sensation when she won the Wimbledon Championships girls doubles title at the age ofFromuntil her retirement from the singles circuit in , she was ranked by the Women s Tennis Association as India s top player, both in singles and doubles A six time Grand Slam champion, she notched up an incredibleconsecutive wins with her doubles partner, Martina Hingis, between Augustand FebruaryAce Against Odds is the story of this most iconic Indian player who beat incredible odds to get to the top of her sport Sania writes with candour of the hardships along the way, of the physical and emotional trauma caused by injuries and medical procedures, of the friends and partners who became her mainstay along with her family, of the pressures of constant public scrutiny and, not least, of the politics and heartbreaks that inevitably accompany success Sania broke the rules, she spoke her mind, she pushed herself to the limit, she played for India fiercely and without care for how it might impact her rankings she is and will continue to remain an inspiration long after she steps off the tennis courts

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  1. Avinash Tiwari Avinash Tiwari says:

    So I finally finished this but honestly it felt like a fangirl version of a biography than an actual autobiography The initial quarter was decent enough, but after that it was like newspaper s match and tour coverage than a book Almost every match Sania has played is mentioned with the scoreline and there are special mentions of her each and every win over any top 50 or top 20 player in detail It gets annoying after a point of time Though we can t blame Sania for that because athletes may not know how to form a book, even if that s around their own life They can only share the memories along with their on and off the field experiences and it s the responsibility of the writer to make a good book out of them, in which shivani gupta has failed miserably.Anyways talking about sharing experiences off the field, Sania indeed has a number of them and mainly because of the controversies She probably was involved in controversies than any other indian athlete of her time but that doesn t necessarily mean that they all deserve a place in the book But the writing editing is so poor that they have not only mentioned the tiniest bit of controversy, but also have copy pasted few of the newspaper articles on those controversies which can be seen in the book But sadly that s not the worst part, somehow they have managed to relate all those controversies to her religion sex which feels crass, I mean this can be true up to certain limits but not always Similarly every injury she has suffered from, and every match she ever played without 100% match fitness has managed to make it to the final book Although it was good to know few of those things from her perspective but it still feels overdone.Talking about the good parts, those unseen pictures from sania s own personal album and the childhood memories were pretty amusing as well as encouraging Also the parts where she first met her childhood idol Steffi Graf and her wouldbe husband Shoaib Malik are some good reads It s the small incidents like these which makes an autobiography readable All said and done you can read buy the book just for the 1st indian women in tennis history who not only represented our country at the topmost level but also made all of us proud by becoming the world No.1 not to mention she s holding that spot from last 88 weeks and looks good for a century This book may or may not be an Ace against odds but Sania Mirza certainly is.

  2. Mukesh Nayak Mukesh Nayak says:

    It is a good book Quite honest and sincere Well written The book gives you an idea on how difficult it is for a female sportsperson in India to make it BIG. how you are always being watched and judged.. so when you are the trend setter and the first in an all man s game like tennis in India, Despite all the obstacles, coming n wining championship requires a different kind of a mettle when you are setting a precedence Sania has proved beyond doubts that she has in her, what it takes to reach the pinnacle I believe every girl in her teens must read this book, apart from reading those mindless western fictionsto understand the values like discipline and dedication Overall a good read You wont be disappointed at all Sania rocks.

  3. Gandhih Gandhih says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the book, very much inspiring story for all girls in our country who wants to dream, and also achieve the dreams just the way Sania Mirza achieved.Book helps understand the tough life of Sports person, the amount of efforts and hard work, that sports person has to put in to achieve the great heights endure all injuries, controversies, setbacks, losses and still strike back with lots of passion, vigor, enthusiasm to win every titles, Gram slams for the glory of countryI truly admire the mental strength Sania possess

  4. yashwant yashwant says:

    Every single piece of word in this book is inspiring The struggle, pain, dedication and determination and what champions are made of This book is worth a shot if you wanna take a look in someone s life who inspired a generation of our country and kept tackling the obstacles She s indeed, a champ.

  5. Customer Customer says:

    Almost 70% of the book is a mere list of matches she s played, where, partnered with, and how There s less room for what went into Sania, the individual There are a few chapters occasionally which tell you how she thinks, what makes and breaks her.The support she s had from her parents is a real takeaway for any individual Also, she s a born star, you just realise she was meant to be.I would have been happier if this would have been about her perceptions, thought processes, what she is rather than knowing the sequence of events in her life.

  6. Madhukar S M Madhukar S M says:

    Strictly for tennis fans who want to emulate Sania s accolades A good account of how she braved her odds and numerous challenges and accomplished her way to become No.1 ranked player..

  7. Denzil Denzil says:

    A brief autobiography detailing her journey thus far to the top of the world rankings, and some of the controversies that she has been caught up in Would liked it to have been indulging But felt wonderful to get an insight into a top female Indian sports persons first hand narrative.

  8. Customer Customer says:

    A very inspiring story to be read by every women Its an easy read for the lovers of tennis and who have knowledge about the game, but for a person who knows nothing about the game of tennis, it could be a little tricky, nonetheless you have Google to help you Otherwise its a smoothly moving story and a perfect projection of an Indian woman coming from that background Definitely a great book

  9. Ekta Ekta says:

    Book s quality was so good n her biography is very inspiring

  10. Customer Customer says:

    It s awesome and it s really inspiring you would want to take up tennis as your career after reading it

  11. Afreen Afreen says:

    Inspirational, Felt Awesome after reading the book. Worth to spend time and would recommend to read. Go ahead people and feel the incredible performance of Sania at Tennis despite of all the Odds..

  12. Adeeti lokwani Adeeti lokwani says:

    Could have been written much better She has got great accomplishments to make any Indian proud But the book isn t written as well.

  13. Mohi Uddin Mohi Uddin says:

    One of the better books written by a sportsperson Straight from the heart Answering the queries of tons of rumours surrounding her in a most impeccable way.

  14. Customer Customer says:

    good book on sania

  15. Customer Customer says:

    Sania Mirza compiles some of her personal moments welldo read to know the Sania Mirza storylots of scope for second edition