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This latest story in the series about the reluctant sea officer Alan Lewrie does not disappoint those who have read from book one It is also, because of the excellent and amusing foreword by the author, easy to follow as a stand alone novel Lewis still dissects his every move, most of the time only afterward, and feels he comes up short on what someone should behave like and feel He is all too human with human frailties and faults and to me is no better or worse than most another very enjoyable tale for fans of naval historical fiction The adventures continue The character is not a super hero and his failings and weaknesses are exposed in a self destructing line although he seems to get away with it The end of each book can be a bit abrupt but you get used to that. Bought this for my husband as the next in the series Probably my own fault but didn t realise that this particular copy was much smaller than previous ones and, so, the print is extremely small Think hubby will need to use a magnifying glass to read it Another Lambdin page turner On station in the Caribbean, Lewrie meets piracy and corruption head on in his usual, inimitable style His adversaries are painted so disagreeable that there demise cannot come soon enough. Bahamas Squadron A fighter, rogue, and ladies man, Alan Lewrie has done the unthinkable and gotten himself hitched to a woman and a ship The woman is the lovely Caroline Chiswick The ship is the gun ketch, Alacrity, bound for the Bahamas and a bloody game of cat and mouse with the pirates who ply the lunatic winds there But while war comes naturally to the young husband, politics doesn t Sure that a powerful Bahamian merchant is behind a scourge of piracy, Lewrie runs afoul of the Royal Governor who holds the most precious hostage of all From the windswept Carolinas to the exotic East Indies, Alan Lewrie fights and frolics with all the wild abandon of the high seas themselves He s a true swashbuckling naval hero in the age of great sailing ships