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A farmer, a bloody farmer Knee deep in dung and fathoms from the nearest port, Alan Lewrie, swashbuckling naval warrior turned family man, longs for battle And when it comes, a battle royal it is Called to the HMS Cockerel, a sleek frigate captained by a malaria stricken tyrant, First Officer Lewrie soon vaults to command, taking Cockerel from the lush pleasures of the Kingdom of Naples to a smoking cauldron called Toulon There, an outnumbered coalition of former enemies is being drawn into a terrible land sea battle against the revolutionary French, in a siege of blood and terror that will send shock waves around the world He s fought and loved on land and bounding sea from America to the East Indies Alan Lewrie is the unforgettable hero rogue of the age of wooden walled, spray lashed fighting ships

10 thoughts on “H.M.S. Cockerel (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Dewey Lambdin, John Lee, Random House Audio: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Sam Sam says:

    I have read and enjoyed all the previous books in this series but found this one sadly rather painful to get through I normally devour this books in less than a week There was so much seemingly inane dialogue This partly comes down to several french characters and their dialogue is half french half heavily accented english which is sometimes a pain to follow The heavy and authentic naval language which i enjoy can sometimes be hard to fathom but its worth it and understandable, but i found this a bridge too far and damaged the flow of the book I would also appreciate a few maps now and again to help picture the geography a little better as are included in many other books of this kind of genre.

  2. Dogbite Dave Dogbite Dave says:

    I write this review based on decades as an avid reader of every subject but my favourite has to be military as a topicThis book continues in much the same as all before and having now read all ten books can say they continue in the same way.Our man now, promoted is developing leadership skills and maybe developing a moral compassOnce again he rubs shoulders with another famous historical figure.Once again he is a lecherous dog with a total lack of morality and no regard for his being a married man.There is naval action but repetitive at best, boring at worst but still i its own way sort of interesting.All that said, if I was not as interested as stated above I would struggle to get through these books

  3. John L John L says:

    The series up to this has been reasonably enjoyable but this book has been a waste if money I ve persevered and I m up to 76% but rapidly running out of patience.For a Naval novel there s scant time spent at sea and there s far too much so called French and Spanish dialect one has to try and decipher Also unlike many other books of this genre and period, the author seems unable to complete a story without unneccesary sex passages Usually finish one of these books in 4 or 5 days but been at this one almost a fortnight now.Seems a pity that the series has declined so suddenlydon t know if I ll risk another.

  4. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I have read all the preceding novels in this series and enjoyed each and every one, however the is the best so far in my humble opinion The weaving of historical fact and fiction is superb the author apologises for one error for those too pedantic to realise it s a novel , the battle scenes are excellently and horrifically described and there s sex thrown in as well Alan Lawrie continues in his introspection, but is truly becoming a tarry handed sailor I thoroughly enjoyed this tale and would recommend it to any Patrick O Brien fan.

  5. Kent of Cornwall Kent of Cornwall says:

    Based on the naval blockade of Toulon at the time of the French Revolution, Lewrie finds himself ashore with the guillotines approaching Neither assignment to a spell in the Impress Service, nor consignment to land based duty in Toulon can keep Lewrie down Given charge of a platform ship, he demonstrates his talents and escapes Toulon to prove his capability in command of a ship This time it s noticed.

  6. Mal Mal says:

    Not the best book in the series so far by any means I found the chapters written in French, Spanish, Italian and pigeon English too difficult to follow and skipped over many of them The author seems to be obsessed with describing every minute detail of Lewries sexual encounters

  7. Baz H Baz H says:

    the writing puff French accented English was a bit tiring leading to skipping a lot of chat pages We know they were French so we could imagine broken franco babble That bit made me do 4

  8. Trevor W Trevor W says:

    Another great episode in this engaging and informative life story I love learning about events during the Nepoleonic wars that other writers who I also love reading skip Keep em coming.Alan Lewrie is a wonderful rogue.


    I am loving all these Alan Lewrie books The incredible detail about sailing ships is enthralling If you like Horatio Hirnblower type books, do yourself a favour and read this series

  10. mysteries-detectives.co Customer mysteries-detectives.co Customer says:

    Highly recommend for anyone who loves age of sail naval fiction Well written, engaging although not overly lovable characters and a great ripping yarn.