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On the whole I like the machine, but I have a couple of problems with it.On all other Fax Telephone M cs I have owned you dial in the number and then press the go key On this one you press the on hook dial before dialling the number which is the reverse to what I am used.I find that this is excellent as a straight Fax M c,and, since I have another telephone, that is all I use it for Now all the junk callers get the Fax signal after two rings I was not happy with it set to receive Calls as well as Fax, but that may be due to my lack of skill in setting up.The Phone Book works well Good value for the money. To much recaps of previous books. This book thinks it is a novel about spies and clandestine military operations This is a lie It is, in fact, a novel about logistics and admin Let me explain You take twenty characters and a dozen global locations, then you have said characters discussing in an unbelievably long winded and over detailed way , which of them is going to which location next and how Then you describe in a smililarly detailed way , that happening That s it That s the book Nothing else happens If you cut this out of the story, aswell as the insistence on calling every character by their full name, including middle initial and rank AT ALL TIMES, plus yacking on about the main character s dog all the time, you would cut the 700 pages down to about 25 and saved me a lot of time and effort The only reason I persisted through this exceptionally tiresome affair to its exceptionally dull conclusion was that I was stuck in rural Guatemala at the time and other English language books were, unsurprisingly, hard to come by If that hadn t been the case I would have probably have set it on fire If you like this sort of stuff, then you a better of reading Tom Clancy, who isn t bad, or a writer with actual talent like John Le Carre I especially recommend Little Drummer Girl by the latter. Not up to Griffin s usual standard, of a farce WEB Griffin always hits the target right at the top of the best seller lists WEB Griffin s explosive Presidential Agent novels have gained worldwide acclaim for leaving satisfied thriller readers hankering for Now, in Griffin s number one New York Times best seller, the Russian bear is stirring after many years of hibernation and it is hungry 20 years ago this story would be nice Nowadays its to much invention, bare of realistic scenarios and facts It seems the author sees himself as one of the main persons, smart, good looking and rich.The scenarios used in this story are lacking knowledge of so called black ops.The story and its outcome is too obvious. There are always those who want to do the right things, but because of the 3 letter govt organizations , things get really messed up Everyone wants to be the star that got the pay on the back, or the promotion And nothing gets done This group goes out of their way to get things done, no matter what And gets it done. Please do not consider this an action story 99% of action is in the opening scenes, which does initiate the tale with some dynamic, and then goes south fast The vast majority of pages are either description of what happened in the past to some one or some situation So by the end you have a book full of background and enough story to barely fill 10 20 pages AT BEST It s like a male soap opera and it is certainly not an action story The history mentioned by another reviewer is Castillo s new squeeze recanting some story about the descendants through the centuries and their humble role today It was actually barely a page and a half, including the filler dialogue that dominates this hardcover specimen This is my very first book by this author, and I am so beyond glad that I never read anything else here 100% Honest statement At the half way point, I stopped reading the book in sessions, and saved it at bedside for when middle of the night insomnia struck, and for this the book was effective So I may just buy another of this ilk as it is proving it s reliability as a non pharma sedative Even where Castillo appears to think with his unit take it both ways is blandly described The ending is perfunctory at best There is zero suspense in this book Persons being liquidated are revealed in the past tense by parties twice removed Yawn..zzz Why is creativity becoming scarcer in such so called action books Geeeez Certainly appears that most of the 5 star reviews are out of either blind loyalty or an unwillingness to suspend disbelief that perhaps a formerly respectable reading cycle has come to an ugly conclusion at not exactly the top of the author s game To the future five star reviewers I got scammed by this hardbound debacle and so should you Hey, but if he can wring a few checks out of this tired old tripe, happy retirement pal It was decent, just not enough action A LOT of time spent on character development and there were a LOT of characters and little time spent on actual doing Black Ops Mostly background info filled the forefront Not enough gun play, explosions, car chases, etc Mr Griffin is a great writer but it seems he went off track with this one Too much time spent on tangential issues. This is the first book I have bought for my new kindle which takes some getting use to so my vision may be somewhat off balance, butHaving been a fan of this series and anxiously awaiting the latest, I, have mostly, been reading what had happened in the prior books Hopefully, before I go too much further, a new plot and new experiences will come to the forefront I wonder, is this really the same author Being a very left liberal who loves reading very right conservative thrillers, please make this experience worth the time, next time I happen to be 69 years years old but I love Charlie Castillo