[ Download books ] How to Play Golf for Beginners: A Guide to Learn the Golf Rules, Etiquette, Clubs, Balls, Types of Play, & a Practice Schedule (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Roger Banks, Todd Eflin, CRB Publishing: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Roger Banks – Circuitwiringdiagram.co

Join your friends on the golf course with confidence Inside How to Play Golf for Beginners, you ll discover The rules of the game How to calculate golf handicaps Golf etiquette dos and don ts The various kinds of golf clubs, balls, and other gear to get The many types of golf play you can enjoy You ll even get an easy to follow golf practice scheduleThis audiobook describes the many types of golf courses you can enjoy Traditional links courses Tricky parkland courses Stunning desert courses Challenging mountain courses You ll learn all about the different parts of a golf hole, from the tee box to the green This audiobook describes handicap options for players of various skill levels and the concept of par You ll learn golf scoring lingo like birdie and double bogey and how to strategize each hole for the best scores possible Inside this comprehensive guide, you ll learn various types of golf strokes for different purposes Distance shots from long to short, as well as approach shots and putts Objective shots for calculated risks and obstacle avoidance Effect shots such as slice and draw that curve in the air Altitude shots like backspin and low level punch shots Don t miss out on this exciting and social game get your copy of How to Play Golf for Beginners right away, and step up to the tee with confidence A few words to the wise 1 Check the page countI didn t realize this book was soinconsequential.2 Read the reviewsI wish I had.3 I cannot imagine that the plainly Anglo name Roger Banks is anything but a pseudonym This publication it s almost insulting to call it a book is extremely basic, and seems like it was written by a sixth grader for whom English is not their native tongue Rather, the extremely poor grammar, sentence construction and misspellings remind me very much of my weekly emails from the Bank of Nairobi, informing me that I have won 2.5 million, if I would only, please to send small monies for the excise Don t send any monies to these emailers, and don t spend a cent on this book Easy read for beginnersIf you have played a little or had a few lessons you need something The previous 3 reviews are obviously fake The english in this book is awful There are so many spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes it is embarrassing The content is good but it is hard to work out what he is trying to say. I feel like this was a rough draft that accidentally got sent to publication Full of typos, grammatical errors, poor punctuation, etc It feels like you are tripping and stumbling through some of the paragraphs It reads like a Facebook comment.As for content, it s fairly basic Nothing about technique, so look elsewhere if that s what you re looking for It touches on some rules and etiquette, but certainly not to be used as a reference There are better choices out there for a beginner DO NOT buy this book This is the most poorly written book I have ever come across there are misused words, misspelled words and and sentences that make no sense As an example, the word porpoise is used instead of purpose in one sentence It almost seems like it was written by a grade schooler.There is less than two pages on the rules of golf and the subtitle is A guide to learning the rules of golf If I had paid than a few buck for it it would be going back, instead it is going in the garbage.This only received a star because requires at least one star I tried to give it zero stars. Got this book for my 9 year old grandson s birthday who in the last 9 months has become very interested in golfing He has only been playing since July so this is a great book to help him out in golf etiquette, rules, and. Lots of spelling grammar errors, some enough to confuse meaning Non English speaker Also got audible version, waste of money. Nice easy book for beginners.