Audible Winning Bodybuilding: A Complete Do-It-Yourself Program for Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia (Audio Download): Franco Columbu, Franco Columbu, Creators Publishing: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Franco Columbu –

Dr Franco Columbu, internationally known bodybuilding champion, has written a book that provides a commonsense approach to training with weights whether for competition or just to get into shape Columbu is a two time Mr Olympia winner who first wrote this book in , when it sold , copies Creators Publishing has brought it back with the paperback, ebook, and audiobook In the audiobook, recorded with Rick Newcombe, cofounder of Creators Publishing, Franco answers many questions to update his training advice and tells stories about what life was like during the Golden Age of bodybuilding The audiobook contains priceless stories about the young Franco and his best friend, Arnold Schwarzenegger, when they first arrived in America from Europe The audiobook is loaded with useful information for getting in shape, and it is very inspiring for training

14 thoughts on “Winning Bodybuilding: A Complete Do-It-Yourself Program for Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia (Audio Download): Franco Columbu, Franco Columbu, Creators Publishing: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Shaun Shaun says:

    Amazing book Great tips from the legendary bodybuilder, great for beginners or gym goers

  2. Patrick Gomes Patrick Gomes says:

    Great book, a lot of information of train, a lot of tips to make the exercises really work.

  3. norman norman says:

    Still a fantastic workout book , by a legend of the sport.

  4. pasa97 pasa97 says:

    This is great little bodybuilding book by the great man Franco Columbu, it is old but still great reading with some great photos, it is better than some of the new bodybuilding books today, great for beginners and those who have been training for a while.Full of training and diet information.

  5. J.P18 J.P18 says:

    Fast dispatch, good seller, would buy again, thanks

  6. Lee Johnson Lee Johnson says:

    very good book old but very good book on bodybuilding five stars

  7. Gabriel Mohamed Tejan-Sie Gabriel Mohamed Tejan-Sie says:

    It is very informative about the sport of bodybuilding.

  8. Underdog. Underdog. says:

    Pretty concise and to the point explanation This book serves as bodybuilding sport primer with no nonsense literature on the subject from the legend himself It is useful for beginners alike But , a beginner with a little knowledge and experience on the subject would find it easier to get along and correlate.

  9. Francesco Taurisano Francesco Taurisano says:

    I have already read the book twice In my opinion, there are many useful tips on training techniques, nutrition and correct lifestyle.For those who have been practicing sports for several years, some considerations may seem generic and obvious, but they are still effective and profound.It is certainly a pleasant book to read.

  10. Stephen Stephen says:

    This is a basic bodybuilding book that is excellent for beginners It was written in the 1970s, but still holds up well today Very down to earth, strongly preaches good healthy diet, plenty of sleep, and engage in workouts that develop the whole body At around 170 pages, and still in print after 40 years, the book has proven it s worth.

  11. Senpo Senpo says:

    I got this strictly for the full body intermediate workout that advocates slightly higher rep ranges.I am very impressed with the workout and think it is sustainable indefinitely.Nice routine to supplement athletics too.

  12. KWQD KWQD says:

    I first found this book about thirty years ago, when some of the concepts presented were, shall we say, outside of the norm Not being a competitive bodybuilder, I settled on the Intermediate workout and, as Mr Columbu says, I got better in every sport that I was participating in This is still a great workout, and at age 60 now, the light weight, high repetition Intermediate routine is perfect for me It combines cardiovascular, flexibility and strength training in one routine The section diet is still relevant, though less so for me now, as I have been a vegetarian for many years I already have two copies of this book and bought a third recently for a friend Yes, it is a bit dated, and there are some new takes on weight training, now but still a great resource.

  13. Charles E. Rey Charles E. Rey says:

    I had this book back in the 1970 s when it first came out and I decided to buy it again as some of the info is a good reminder He has advice for beginners to advanced This is also a good book for people who just want to get a good workout and stay in good shape.

  14. MSmith MSmith says:

    The book came to me intact and the pages are neat I use it all the time as a woman who is a newbie at weight lifting in conjunction to other websites on the internet as I am a visual learner I like the fact that it gives a newbie or an intermediate to advance weight lifter a plan Especially worth it for a newbie as a guide regarding which exercises one should do how many reps sets Also very concise and to the point The exercises mostly involve free weights, dumbells and exercise machines It also tells you what you should eat how much.