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The exclusive behind the scenes story of the Mauricio Pochettino revolution at Spurs, told in his own words Since joining the club in , Mauricio Pochettino has transformed Tottenham from underachievers into genuine title contenders In the process, he has marked himself out as one of the best young managers in the world, than holding his own against the Premier League s established heavyweights He has done so by promoting an attacking, pressing style of football and by nurturing homegrown talent, fully endearing himself to the Spurs faithful along the way Guillem Balagu was granted unprecedented access to Pochettino and his backroom staff for the duration of the season, and he has therefore been able to draw on extensive interview material with Pochettino, his family, his closest assistants, players such as Dele Alli and Harry Kane and even a very rare conversation with Daniel Levy to tell the manager s story in his own words From Pochettino s early years as a player and coach to his transformation of Tottenham into one of the best teams in England, this audiobook uniquely reveals the inner workings of the man and of his footballing philosophy It also lays bare what it takes to run a modern day football team competing at the highest level over the course of a single campaign The result is the most comprehensive and compelling portrait of a manager and of a club in the Premier League era Read by Piers Hampton PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your Library section along with the audio

10 thoughts on “Brave New World: Inside Pochettino's Spurs (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Guillem Balague, Piers Hampton, Orion Publishing Group Limited: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Buddy Buddy says:

    Arrived on release day.As a Tottenham fan and football fan, I was a little unsure what to expect But this book from Guillem Balague on Mauricio Pochettino was just fantastic A years diary into the life of a top coach.I couldn t put it down and read all over 5 days Some fantastic stories, funny, tactical and heart felt moments, throughout his playing and managerial career was a joy to read.I just hope he does another one.

  2. al baby al baby says:

    A far intelligent book than the run of the mill footy book It gives an insight into the mind of this brilliant manager and the day to day goings on at a great club It also goes back to Potch s humble beginnings in Argentina my favourite country in the world and the steely determination that got him to the pinnacle of his profession The book is also pleasant to look at and I give it a definite thumbs up.

  3. babyDaddy babyDaddy says:

    I ve just finished reading this book over the course of a few days, and it certainly offers an insight into the reality of the career and life of Mauricio Pochettino This is made all the interesting due to the curtain of news and information that is often wrapped around the goings on at Tottenham Hotspur.Where the manager and club prefer to remain mostly silent around the incidents that occur at the club, this book actually provides some reality of what goes on and how things were handled, and what was said This is especially where Kyle Walker is involved The book should be enough to convert an anti Levy into a sympathetic fan, but that may be a little optimistic.The main book itself reads like a diary, but it certainly strays away from the line of well written slightly Whilst it doesn t bounce around chapters with vague, but important references, it doesn t always flow well or have relevance It come across like a scrap book of diary cuttings that mostly have a chronological order, but often there are anecdotes that bound around the timeline quite confusingly This settles later in the book though.A good read, nonetheless

  4. Glenn M. Renshaw Glenn M. Renshaw says:

    Guillem Balague s book, Brave New World inside Pochettino s Spurs is an excellent read and insight to Pochettino s football revolution since joining Spurs from Southampton, but the main focus is on the final season at White Hart Lane 2016 17 season.Interestingly enough this book is forwarded, not by a renowned player or mentor, but by his spouse, Karina Grippaldi This alone tells you the closeness he has with his wife.The book is intelligently written with great insights into Pochettino s thinking and philosophy on life, coaching and Spurs He talks about his relationship with Daniel Levy, after a hesitant start, which blossomed into a close working one.Even though this book is about the clubs final season at WHL and insights into how he went about moulding a great young side, there are a lot of flashbacks to his earlier life, football in Spain, Southampton why he came to England job offers, etc.I can understand why he has a close relationship with his chairman as Levy stated, they can t compete financially with the leading clubs of the world Therefore, the club must rely on the youth coming through the ranks and bargain players Pochettino prefers moulding youngsters into his way of thinking, which he wouldn t be able to do with clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, United, Chelsea etc Clubs like that want instant success and if not their manager s time at the club will be short lived.Even though I highly recommend this book as a very good and intelligent read unusual for a footballing book, as they are normally very shallow , this book did raise a few concerns for me, as a lifetime Spurs supporter and season ticket holder.As Levy has stated, the clubs current financial situation can t compete with top clubs, which leaves the only option to win major honours down to Pochettino s weaving, clever buying and moulding of players team into something that can rise above the riches of other clubs As we have seen with Leicester City, and further back with Ipswich Town under Alf Ramsey , Derby country under Clough and later with Mackay , and Nottingham Forest under Clough the league title can be won from outside the elite few, but it is rare If the players feel that they will just be the bridesmaid, never the bride they will quickly get disillusioned and walk towards greener pastures Moreover, there will be plenty of clubs that will come knocking Offering those players money and the chance to win great honours Yet, with the building of a new stadium and the rents that Spurs will take from property, that is owned from around the ground by the club, their finances will improve considerably enough to compete with the best teams in the world Granted, this will take time, as the club will have to deal with the debt accumulated from the building of the new stadium and surrounding area Therefore, the question will become will players and manager be prepared to wait for that eventuality Another conundrum for Daniel Levy and the board success, trophies and a top four placing can only fill the 61,559 stadium mediocrity and mid table football does not fill large stadiums To achieve fulfilment they must eventually compete with the richer clubs of the world An Interesting challenge ahead for Daniel Levy and board.Of course, this is my reading into this excellent book, but like all books, they can be interpreted in many ways.

  5. A. Frost A. Frost says:

    Bought by mistake I was after Huxley s book but a fortunate mistake I like football and this is one of the better books about football Pochettino tells about his early playing career, and management experiences as its hopefully a bit early to summarise his career with Spurs, but based on the book I would advise Spurs to keep him as long as possible Of course he ll have to win something major with Spurs for that to happen, but in my opinion he will do this , and given the time and opportunity, and the budget to assemble his team he ll win several trophies At least he has n t gone to Real Madrid as of the start of the 2018 9 season which if that was his decision only underlines his intelligence More power to his elbow, he came across as pretty likeable by football s standards anyway.

  6. handstands handstands says:

    Brave New World Inside Pochettino s Spurs is like a journal detailing the ups and downs of the season You re not really going to find training plans here, or how to be an LB whisperer but what went down over the year I liked it as a chatty book, but I did wonder at the timing I thought it would have been better if a Pochettino had won something, or b if it had been before the big stadium move.That being said, Pochettino has a lovely, engaging manner, and it s a great insight as what makes him and his team click I didn t regret buying and reading it at all.

  7. Ryan Kephalas Ryan Kephalas says:

    A detailed and scholarly book which is nonetheless lucid and readable The author occasionally lapses into cliche maybe an unavoidable consequence of the fact that English is his second language but, on the whole, it is a measured and detached biography which strikes a fine balance between football geekery and human interest points I very much enjoyed it

  8. Vinicius Vinicius says:

    Uma narrativa em primeira pessoa de um dos treinadores que ousam desafiar o marasmo de discurso do futebol.Recomendado para os f s e entusiastas do futebol proposto e jogado com amor pela est tica do jogo.

  9. Michele Vidroiu Michele Vidroiu says:

    Too long, too full of useless details, sometimes too boring Its also full of interesting anecdotes, but reading it I realized he wrote too useless things I woke up at 7.00, had breakfast 7.30, who cares.

  10. Brittanix Brittanix says:

    Great read I dont read many books But I thouroughly enjoyed this I suppose being a Spurs fan certainly helps First time in a long time that I have finished reading a book.