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A must read for anyone interested in Ryder Cup golf, and in particular the 2016 event Feinstein does a great job showing how this event is so different from any of the Majors from the players perspective The book is full of interesting anecdotes, insights into the players thinking, etc Unfortunately, it is also crammed full of trivial, uninteresting information that makes it seem like Feinstein is trying to prove how much detailed research he did And disappointing, one of the key elements of the 2016 Ryder Cup was the effort known as the Ryder Cup Committee aka the Task Force which seemed to be such a crucial element in the planning and subsequent success of the American team, not to mention laying the groundwork for subsequent Ryder Cup teams, was given pretty short shrift in light of its importance Nonetheless, this is a good book worth reading. I enjoy John Feinstein as an author dating back to A Season On the Brink andA Good Walk Spoiled I would rate this book similarly except there were many areas of repetition in the book, retelling of similar facts or anecdotes than once I did enjoy the interviews and access with several of the main players, like Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy, Phil Mickelson, etc which allowed for a side of the story to be told that you don t get from the Golf Channel or the news media The last day of the singles featured a match between McIlroy and Patrick Reed which was a preview of sorts of the final round of the 2018 Masters and the reactions and thoughts of both were interesting Overall a worthwhile read. feinstein is a brilliant chronicler of golf, another fine addition to his impressive body of work. Hubby liked it John Feinstein does a fine job of supporting his thesis that the Ryder Cup is the most intense and emotional and the best major event in golf I fully agree with him and, if anything, I think Mr Feinstein understates the status of the Ryder Cup I find it to be the most compelling event in all of sports, not just golf In addition to intensity and emotion, the Ryder Cup combines the elements of match play, teamwork and a wonderful tradition with exciting finishes I have been to the last four Ryder Cups, so I know much of what he is writing about, but I was very impressed with his research that enables him to present many anecdotes that had not been told before and to answer some questions about why certain decisions were made or not made.The book is about the 2016 Ryder Cup, but the author traces its roots back to the first Ryder Cup in 1927 and before He then goes into detail about each competition after the Ryder Cup became competitive in 1983 Almost all of the author s opinions are logical and well supported, but his criticism of the Official World Golf Ranking as a flawed system seems oversimplified He criticizes the use of players records over a two year period without mentioning that the older tournaments carry less weight than current tournaments The system might be imperfect, but I think using two years makes sense For example, although Rory McIlroy only finished 58 in the 2016 2017 FedEx Cup standings, he is 6 in the OWGR based mostly on what he did in 2016 Presumably Mr Feinstein thinks McIlroy should be ranked closer to 58 than 6, but I still consider him a top 10 golfer.This book has than enough positive elements to merit a rating of 5, but there are also enough proof reading issues that cause me to lower that rating to 4 It serves little purpose to list the proof reading errors in this review, so I am showing nine examples in the first comment to the review. According to my husband tererific Read a few of John Feinstein s books Do enjoy the fact that he is such a golf fan and was great to read one about the Ryder Cup, one of it not my favorite golf events to watch Always nice to read about some of the stuff that goes behind the scenes of an event like that in the team room or off camera for sure Was also nice to read about some of the history behind each of the captain s stories in how they got there including some of the adversity and struggles they had to overcome in their lives too One small critique was that there was repetition of certain facts that were mentioned in the very beginning that were then woven back into the book Easily could have been intentional and not a big deal whatsoever Just repetitive in nature. I live near Hazeltine and attended the full Ryder Cup week including practice rounds I heard good reviews and an interview with Feinstein, so I was excited to read this I won t say I was disappointed, but I wasn t wowed either Some good stories, but most of them were reported at the time.My biggest issue is obvious mistakes, albeit on tangential factual matters The first page refers to Hazeltine being in southwest Minnesota it s not it s in a suburb of Minneapolis, which is in east central Minnesota There s reference to I 12 instead of Highway 212 There s reference to water lining the left side of hole 16 there s water, but it s a pond to the front and left of the green, not lining the hole These minor errors, which I get aren t obvious or material to the main story, make me wonder what other, bigger errors there are It s the sort of thing that careful authors and editors should catch It ends up distracting from the overall story. I have been reading this authors work for the last 20 odd years and his quality never drops This is the inside story of the 2016 Ryder Cup, and is told in Feinstein s classic reportage style A must for all golf fans, but anybody with a liking for a good story will enjoy this book. From the number one New York Times best selling author of A Good Walk Spoiled, a dramatic chronicle of the bitterly foughtRyder Cup pitting a US team out for revenge against the Europeans determined to keep the cup out of American hands Coming into , the Americans had lost an astounding six out of the last seven Ryder Cup matches, and tensions were running high for the showdown that took place in Octoberin Hazeltine, Minnesota, just days after American legend Arnold Palmer had died What resulted was one of the most raucous and heated three days in the cup s long history Award winning author John Feinstein takes listeners behind the scenes, providing an inside view of the dramatic stories as they unfolded veteran Phil Mickelson s two year roller coaster as he upended the American preparation process and helped assemble a superb team superstar Rory McIlroy becoming the clear cut emotional leader of the European team and his reasons for wanting to beat the US team so badly this time around the raucous matches between McIlroy and American Patrick Reed resulting in both incredible golf and several moments that threatened to come to blows the return of Tiger Woods not as a player but an assistant captain and his obsession with helping the US win which was never the case when he was playing John Feinstein s classic best seller, A Good Walk Spoiled, set the bar for golf books Now Feinstein provides his unique take on the Ryder Cup, which has clearly become golf s most intense and emotional eventit s first Major