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From the best selling author and Hall of Famer Ken Dryden, this is the story of NHLer Steve Montador who was diagnosed with CTE after his death inthe remarkable evolution of hockey itself, and a passionate prescriptive to counter its greatest risk in the future head injuries Ken Dryden s The Game is acknowledged as the best book about hockey and one of the best books about sports ever written Then came Home Game with Roy MacGregor , also a major TV series, in which he explored hockey s significance and what it means to Canada and Canadians Now, in his most powerful and important book yet, Game Change, Ken Dryden tells the riveting story of one player s life, examines the intersection between science and sport, and expertly documents the progression of the game of hockey where it began, how it got to where it is, where it can go from here, and, just as exciting to play and watch, how it can get there

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  1. Gordon Ritchie Gordon Ritchie says:

    Ken Dryden is a phenomenon one of the best goaltenders in hockey history, former member of parliament and cabinet minister, and bestselling author whose masterpiece, The Game, is widely regarded as the definitive book on the subject of the sport Canadians like to think is our game.In this important book, Dryden addresses the dark cloud over hockey today the prevalence and devastating impact of head injuries The old timers like to claim that this is all part of the game But as Dryden demonstrates, the modern game is very different, played by much stronger players moving much faster resulting in much serious collisions He painstakingly makes his case down two parallel tracks a deep dive into the current state of scientific knowledge of the subject of head injuries, notably concussions and a beautifully written account of the life and death of one player who suffered the terrible consequences Steve Montador was never a superstar and his name will be unfamiliar to most readers But he was a successful player, a third string 5 6 defenceman who played many seasons with various teams in the NHL He was also a thoughtful and caring individual, a true team player, and he comes alive again in Dryden s deeply compassionate account Collisions and fights took their toll, the head injuries became impossible to shake off, and Steve died at the age of 35.Dryden makes a compelling case for action by the decision makers in the hockey establishment, with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman at the top Bettman is an American who never played the game but has over the years assumed virtual complete control over the league and therefore over hockey in North America if not the world Like the tobacco magnates, he has hidden behind the complexity of the science to opt for the minimum possible response In the face of mounting evidence of the problem, he has chosen to evade the issue, essentially arguing that these injuries are intrinsic to the game.Not so, says Dryden, one of the greatest players and students of game As a first step, a couple of relatively simple tweaks could go a long way to reducing the devastation while the science works on fundamental solutions No hits to the head and no finishing your checks The incidence of brain trauma would thereby be significantly reduced, not only in the major leagues but by example through the system The result would not be to slow down or impair the game of hockey to the contrary, it would recognize and encourage the evolution of the modern game.His frustration leaps off the page At no cost to the league or to the game itself, Bettman could engineer a major improvement in the lives of hundreds if not thousands of players The decision rests in Bettman s hands but hockey fans who read this book will be in no doubt what the right decision is.

  2. Piero Tomassini Piero Tomassini says:

    I loved the book It really hits home to anyone who has played and loves the game of hockey The dark side of professional hockey and the stress and anxiety of average players and what they must go through including lying about their injuries especially concussions to protect their spot on a team is very well documented It will not leave you indifferent.

  3. Riley E. Moynes Riley E. Moynes says:

    The solution seems so simple No head shots Period As soon as we progress from Neanderthal, macho thinking, the game can become safer How many kids like Steve Montador will have to die unnecessarily before we come to our senses Unfortunately Gary Bettman and the goon mentality remain firmly in charge of the game Let s create Mothers Against Head Shots MAHS using the Mothers Against Drunk Driving MADD model, a grass roots rebellion against the stupidity of head shots, and see how long it takes to make the changes necessary When moms get angry and determined, good things happen.Ken Dryden has done service to hockey with this book If only we were listening

  4. tommy allen tommy allen says:

    After The Game , considered by many to be the greatest sports book of all time, Ken Dryden offers what may be the most important book ever written about hockey.We follow the life of Steve Montador from his youth and his minor hockey days in Souther Ontario to the end of his NHL career due to multiple head injuries and his untimely death at the age of 35 Dryden also covers the scientific quest to better understand the short and longtime effects of concussions and goes over the history of hockey to illustrate how players are vulnerable than ever to these injuries.The three intertwined parts are well balanced and masterfully written Dryden goes on to propose three easy solutions the NHL and the rest of the hockey world could implement to make the sport safer for it s athletes Will commissionner Gary Bettman listen While hockey celebrates its 100th anniversary, Bettman and the Board of Governors have the perfect opportunity to do what s right.This is an important book and one every true hockey fan should read.

  5. Ward Moroz Ward Moroz says:

    Well written and also very educational The history of the game is examined in the context of speed and physicality, which dovetails into the types and frequency of various injuries, particularly head trauma The personal accounts of NHL players with concussion problems is very dramatic and even scary for anyone reading this book with a history of concussions Great book.

  6. Barbara Mainville Barbara Mainville says:

    An insider s look at the personal cost of an exciting game Balanced, insightful, well written Brain injuries are an important topic, and ultimately affect the health of the sport and the league, not just the individual.

  7. Matt Dumouchelle Matt Dumouchelle says:

    An outstanding job looking at the side of athletes we don t see or really go looking for Chapters on Keith Primeau and Marc Savard are equally as enlightening Another eye opening job by Ken Dryden.

  8. Ian McArthur Ian McArthur says:

    One of the best books I have read in quite some time Not just a sports story, but a public interest and medical science Could not put this book down.

  9. Vintage Kerry Vintage Kerry says:

    Well written but given the content and the worthy plea for a culture change in the game, somewhat weak on the academia needed to bring it all together As a challenge to the NHL c suite it is well composed.

  10. Brian Mulligan Brian Mulligan says:

    Well researched and arguments clearly presented I can t help but think that Steve had some pre existing mental health issues prior to the concussions Tough to read about Keith Primeau and Marc Savard.

  11. Jean Fuller Jean Fuller says:

    If you love hockey, you will love this book It s about courage and passion but mostly about what needs to be done to ensure the game survives the way it was intended.Thank you Ken DrydenGary Betman, show that you are a true leader You have what it takes.

  12. Customer Customer says:

    Great book Information in this book I did not know.

  13. ariana1606 ariana1606 says:

    Good book

  14. Robert Hay Robert Hay says:

    son enjoyed reading

  15. Customer Customer says:

    Excellent book Tragic, sad story of such a rare, driven talentSteve Montador I sure hope that radical change occurs in the sport of hockey, to minimize the occurrence of concussions.