Download Reading Carb Cycling: The Simple Way to Work With Your Body to Burn Fat & Build Muscle?Includes Over 40 Carb Cycling Recipes! (Audio Download): Thomas Rohmer, J. Victor may, Thomas Rohmer: Audible Audiobooks –

Are you tired of feeling miserable and starving yourself to only temporarily lose weight Do you gain too much excess fat when trying to build muscle Do you want to be able to strategically enjoy delicious foods that will actually help you burn fat If you answered yes, then you ll want to download this book Here s the reality Dieting used to suck You re tired of eating the same boring healthy foods You re tired of eating six small meals a day to boost your metabolism You re tired of gimmicky diets that leave you feeling miserable And finally, you re tired of gaining all of the weight back Luckily there s a better way to go about this and it s called carb cycling Carb cycling will finally give you a dieting approach that ll allow to lean down while eating your favorite foods And the best part is that because it s so easy to do, you ll be able to maintain this diet for life, which means no rebound weight gain This is a really good comprehensive book on carb cycling, it tells you all the calculations you need to work out your macros for this diet to work, it took about 50 mins to read There s some very useful information in this book however I think the readers would Benefit from detail in the ingredient measurements Also, I feel a few pictures would not go unappreciated. Great book, no messing around with too much science, explains everything clearly, gives examples of working out your individual macros, larger print too which I found useful Recipes are super easy and you don t have to spend a fortune filling your fridge, by far the best book I ve read on carb cycling also advice on exercise and supplements, brilliant book