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I have read several books from Dan John and they all provide so much meaning and insight into the bigger picture of strength and conditioning and life His honest outlook and reflection through his decades of coaching and teaching provide so much information, and help other coaches to practically apply, as well as challenge their own approaches in order to improve.I totally recommend this book to everyone I hope you enjoy it as much as me. Let s face it, Dan John is arguably one of the most important minds in SC in the last 40years This book is packed full of all his best stuff Seriously if you enjoy any form of exercise you MUST have this book This is a is a wonderfull, yet weird book.Much of it is already published om T mag, but having it in a book to read or re read is still a treat.Dan John is an excelent coach in getting you to remmember that imple is good, but simple aint easy.This is not a book for the casual lifter, or someone who wants to learn the lifts.But it is a briliant book for anyone who works with fitness and have to coach others There are many gems of wisdom concerning lifting, learning, competing and eating.If you sometimes get lost in all the gloss and hype of the fitness industry, Dan is a good dose of reality Get a heavy weigt..lift it fast repeat.Read it if you need a bit of reality I don t remember when I last enjoyed reading a book so much and I read a lot I also never laugh out loud and the book had me doing that I was driving my wife crazy asking her to read the funny bits I don t mean to take away from the educational and highly motivating parts of the book by saying that either I ve been training for about six years and am recently qualified as a Nutritional Advisor and also separately as a Personal Trainer Since reading Dan s book two months ago I have joined a Weightlifting Club That s how inspirational I found this book Looking forward to the many years ahead filled with learning and lifting. Coach Dan John breaks down the most complicated concepts of strength training and high performance athletics in his personal, no nonsense, thought provoking, and motivating style Workout routines, Olympic lifting guidance, Highland games, track and field, and Strongman events are all covered, in addition to weight training philosophy for the general public You ll learn How to get stronger, faster and leaner Simple steps to great conditioning What it takes to compete at high level athletics Dan John s top training tips Effective workouts to carry you through your training seasons Variations of the classic x workout Sample kettlebell and barbell workout combinations Outdoor cardiovascular training options for athletes And much There s so much in here.I mean, yeah, there s training plans.But there s also how to live.Read it Let it change you. If you have never heard of Dan you are seriously missing out Great look into his style and thinking on training I ve read all of Dan John s material I can get my hands on and Never Let Go is one of his best Dan John cuts through all the crap spouted by the marketing in the fitness industry Dan John gets you back to basics Love Dan John s work He keeps things simple and focuses on what s important in line with our goals Tooim many options lead to confusion and lack of work Simplification of things exercis, diet, lifestyle makes everything doable.Ton of wisdom packed in this book I bought 3 other Dan s books too, can t wait to start Can you go , and Mass made Simple. Le dar a dos estrellas y media El libro tiene mucha informaci n sobre entrenamiento y sobre como manejarse en la vida en general Al principio no le cogia el humor al autor pero a medida que iba avanzando me gusto m s Habia le do recomendaciones muy efusivas y me decepciono un poco por eso, pero la verdad es que no esta mal.