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Toby Clements s fourth and final instalment in the Kingmaker historical series, set during England s bloody and brutal War of the RosesThe recent tensions between King Edward and his great ally the Earl of Warwick lie forgotten these past months, but even as winter tightens her grip on the land, the peace is shattered by a vicious attack on one of the King s allies Long buried secrets are brought to the surface, and Thomas and Katherine must finally decide where their loyalties lie and to choose between fight or flight, knowing either choice will incur a terrible price From Lincoln to Bruges, from Barnet to the great battle at Tewkesbury, both must play their part in one of the most savage wars in history The War of the Roses

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  1. EleanorB EleanorB says:

    Through the characters of Thomas and Katherine, from their earliest meeting, I have been totally caught up in their world the Wars of the Roses swirl around them, life is cheap and precarious, and the fates of ordinary people are overwhelmingly dictated by the actions of great lords, kings and would be kings This author brings that curious medieval world to vivid life and gives us a very real and immediate landscape with the ravages of war shown unsparingly and the reader s pity fully engaged.Thomas and Katherine Everingham and their young son have survived to see Edward the Fourth established on his throne, have found some peace and are building a life with friends and adherents at Marton, where their former mentor Sir John Fakenham used to live The turmoil, however, is kick started yet again, when the Earl of Warwick said Kingmaker , breaks faith with his monarch, Edward, in favour of the feeble and unworldly Henry and his son, known as Edward of Westminster Thomas, partly as a result of an inappropriate comment to a lawyer with whom he has property dealings, is pulled yet again into the mayhem as King Edward is deposed, the royal family enter sanctuary, and he has to flee abroad For the little Everingham family, this means yet upheaval and for Thomas vicious battles when all he wants is peace and a life on the land at Marton Along the way, however, the circumstances of Katherine s birth and her placement in a religious order as a child, are satisfactorily and surprisingly explained.The narrative never lets up Toby Clements is brilliant at conveying the struggles of people to live their lives in the midst of battles and terrors over which they have no control I wholeheartedly recommend this, the fourth and final I think book in the series and look forward to superb novels from this author.

  2. hoolit hoolit says:

    If this wonderful series really does have to end, then I m glad it ends in such a satisfying manner Katherine and Thomas are again swept up into the maelstrom of the Wars of the Roses Their fates and the endless torments they suffer kept me riveted to the page It is history seen through the lens of extraordinary ordinary people, with all the blood, stench and chaos brought vividly alive Kingmaker made me laugh, cry, hope and despair in equal measure But please Mr Clements, can we have some

  3. Clemens A. Schoonderwoert Clemens A. Schoonderwoert says:

    This wonderful book is the 4th and regrettably the final volume of the incredible Kingmaker series by the author Toby Clements.The book is of a superb quality and it gives the reader an enormous thrill and satisfaction when reading this splendid tale.Like it predecessors this book also contains a beautifully expounded author s note at the end of the book, while at the beginning you ll find once the Family Tree of Edward III, with interwoven the Houses of York, Lancaster and Tudor, while there s also a wonderful detailed map with a List of Battles, as well as a great list of the cast of Major Historical Figures.Great storytelling is once again of a top notch quality from this author, for he really makes this book such a joy to read, because he produces believable life like characters, whether they are real or fictional figures, and they come all vividly to life within this astounding story of heroics, treachery, fear and courage between all the people involved.Within this maelstrom of battles and slaughter between different factions, our main fictional characters, Thomas and Katherine Everingham of Marton Hall, must come to terms with these circumstances and their surroundings, and especially hope to make the right decisions for their future.We have now come into the year AD 1470 and England is still in turmoil with King Edward IV on the throne but attempts to regain the throne are to be made not only by the Lancastrian claimants under the guidance of Margaret of Anjou, wife of King Henry VI, and her son Prince Edward of Westminster, but also by the Kingmaker, the Earl of Warwick, who is scheming with George, the Duke of Clarence, who s Edward IV s brother, by getting this same George on the throne as King of England.What will follow is that after an exile in Holland and Flanders King Edward IV will return to England to reclaim his crown, and so after assembling his armies he will fight his enemies at the Battle of Barnet first, in AD 1470, and after that the decisive battle of Tewkesbury in AD 1471 to become at that particular moment of history the undisputed King of England.Highly recommended, for this book is absolutely astonishing and in my mind it deserves to be called A Fantastic Fitting End

  4. MEJ MEJ says:

    I really do hope this is not the end of the series If it is, it s a missed opportunity I ve enjoyed Thomas and Katherine s journey in the previous books But considering what they went through because of the ledger, for the ledger and protecting the ledger, I would have loved to see how their story progresses with the slow decline of the Plantagenets.Besides, Richard III is by far the most interesting character brother of them.

  5. Ruth Ruth says:

    This was the last book in the series, and it roinded things off nicely It was packed with detail of life in the 15th century, sometimes too much for me I ended up skimming some of the battle scenes because I didn t really want to read about the practicalities of fighting with polleaxe v billhook in such detail It was interesting to read what it was like to wear a helmet, and in particular the lack of vision for a soldier.I did get a bit lost sometimes in the politics, especially with the character of Wilkes and things that are talked about harked back to earlier books in the series I read so many books that I can t remember all the details of a book I read 2 years ago I did have one question left at the end though we know that Thomas found out the secret of Katherine s parentage, but did he tell Katherine herself Presumably so, but her reaction to it would have been interesting.

  6. Christopher O'Neil Christopher O'Neil says:

    The few unfamiliar medieval terms and places are easy enough to Google as one reads along This series should be an even bigger best seller in this country than in the UK.

  7. Niel N G Ford Niel N G Ford says:

    After the first three excellent books this final volume of the series does not disappoint Highly recommended I ended up reading the first three again before I read Kingdom Come to get the full benefit of this great series Great characterization, action and really good adherence to the historical facts I m truly sorry there isn t a book 5 to come.