Free ePUB The Raw Westside Bundle: Using the Conjugate Method for Raw Powerlifting (Audio Download): Jacob Rothenberg, Scott O'Dell, Jacob Rothenberg: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Jacob Rothenberg –

This book was so very poor , not in its content , but everything else Really cheaply produced, looks very amateurish It was 16.47 and looks like it should be 50p It is a Christmas present and it is extremely disappointing I didn t like much about it The author right from the beginning states the disclaimer he is not an expert I saw Westside in the title and thought I was going to get information from one of the most reputable and successful weightlifting programs and that is not what it was The title should reflect the content which is a modification of the Westside method. huge letdown The periodisation 101 chapter is just this guys workout diary there s no breakdown of how you can build your own program it s a massive waste of money. The method is well explained and it s suitable for any level, from beginner to advanced Also, the weight cut pre comp is well explained in there, which is a bonus Learn how to use the Westside Conjugate methods for raw powerlifting This bundle includes three audiobooks, plus a bonus section for frequently asked questions about using the Westside system for raw lifting You get Powerlifting The Westside System For Raw Lifting The original number one best selling short guide detailing exact adjustments to make to the Westside system for raw lifting Westside for Raw Powerlifting PeriodizationLearn how to structure a complete training cycle using a simplified form of block periodization done the Westside Conjugate way Bonus The Ultimate Weight Cutting Protocol How to effectively cut pounds in one week for your next powerlifting meet Done in the safest, easiest way possible, with no drugs and no supplements Bonus an extensive list of frequently asked questions asked by actual users about using Westside for raw lifting Cut down your learning time on how to train your raw lifts correctly using Westside This is a blog of one guys ideas about westside that have been printed in book form There is no scientific data, knowledge or information in the book at all Basically, just some rambling about westside in the absolute most basic understanding of the methodology Save your money. Was ok Would not recommend The entire premise of the book is flawed The conjugate system was not created specifically for geared powerlifting It just happened to be popularized by some of the people that used it for that purpose Louie himself has worked with several professional athletes of many different sports using the conjugate system That being said within the first few pages the author makes several other statements that prove that he does not understand the system at all Not worth the money at all if you would actually like to learn about conjugate and not whatever this guy is talking about. Aside from the poor grammar, this was simply terrible. It s okay, it is small has some good info Over half the book is faq however he does make some good points that could carry over easily