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I loved the raw no bars sexuality of this book If you like M M DOM SUB romance then I d definitely recommend His Master but to me it was than a kinky book that makes your toes curl it was love fear trust acceptance of being who you really are that love doesn t after mean hearts flowers or fit into what everyone else perceive as love Do not read if you are easily offended Definitely read if you love dominant sexy older men and a sweet slightly broken submissive I promise you will Flove it I am overwhelmed, sad, giggling like a school girl and swooning over the adorable love of his master and his submissive Plot twists, pain and love it has it all If you re looking for another addictive read then you have found it in this book Enjoy Another great m m story by this author.Blink Cummings was new to me until I read His Boy , after that book, it was unthinkable not to add Bink to my list of favourite authors I m I did His Master is an amazing story, the pain, the love and the personal journey these characters go through is nothing short of beautiful and amazing Michael, oh my god, what a truly awe inspiring soul Can t wait for the next m m book from this author please Bink keep them coming. This is a hot kinky m m bdsm read I loved reading about judge and Michael I loved the older wealthy man meets his one true love who saves Michael from the commune where he lives with the help of a few friends This book is amazingly written has amazing hot sex Bink Cummings gets better and better can t wait to read what s next. Six years ago, I was accepted into an exclusive BDSM commune that caters to the gay elite, and molded into the submissive of every dom s dream Under the ever watchful eye of Master Croy, my savior, I spend my days fulfilling my master s every fantasy It has become my solace The only place I ve felt at home They respect me for who I am Made me into the man I ve become It is my hope that I never have to leave Until nowbecause of him The master who makes me feel The gray haired god who sees me as than a slick hole and pretty face I ve never felt this way before Things are changing I m changing But I don t know what it means My home is here I can t leave But what about him Master Kellan I think he wants me Andcan I tell you a secret I think I want him, too Warning Contains shameless, make your toes curl, sexual MM content Adult f in language A smidgen of mushy love Taboo elements including those of consensual BDSM relationships And whatever else that makes it unsuitable for anyone under the age of