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What is talent How do you fulfil your potential How do you create a winning team These three simple questions, which are fundamental to the running of any successful business, take Ben Lyttleton on a fascinating journey to some of the world s top football clubs to discover the innovative new methods of developing and maximising talent Football is the most hothoused, intense, financially profitable talent factory on the planet It s time we woke up to the lessons it can provide Elite football clubs across Europe are identifying new ways to measure intangible skills above the shoulder , such as teamwork, adaptability, decision making, resilience and creativity These clubs have revealed how they get an edge And you can do the same Ben Lyttleton speaks to some of the most original thinkers in football, going behind the scenes at Borussia Dortmund, Chelsea, Liverpool and the France national team to pinpoint the skills and methodologies that are relevant to not only football but also the business world We all want to have an edge This is your chance to find one My problem with books of this type is that they promise a panacea how business can learn from football but then give you multiple solutions within each chapter as to how that is achievable after reading it all, you have somewhere in the region of at least 60 different Must Do s that business is supposed to learn from football, before you even begin to take into account the sub strata ideas and methodologies.Some of the chapters are interesting in a footballing sense that at least four of the interviewees stress the fundamental importance of seeing the picture before receiving the ball is powerful and highlights one of the major failings with the English game But how that is going to help business I have absolutely no idea.And that s really the major issue I have with the book it s been very well researched and is very deep on detail But the fundamental lessons that emerge as the solutions really don t transpose to business The two subjects have been shoe horned to provide a link when, in reality, that association as presented is tenuous at best, and onerous at worst.As a football book it s useful But that s really as far as it goes, for me. I enjoyed this and found it valuable and thought provoking The author has visited a number of groundbreaking football clubs around the world who seek to gain an advantage, however minute, through the use of new and original methodology and technologies perhaps usually applied in business than in sport.I was interested in the football application rather than in reading about the business side and as asupporter of a team in Brentford who have prided themselves in thinking out of the box in order to make a small budget stretch as far as possible I found the contents original and invaluable.I am sure that at least some of the hidebound clubs might be shaken out of their lethargy of they take the time and trouble to read this book but somehow I doubt if they will bother. Finally got round to reading this It was on the list a long time Brilliant read and regardless of what field you are in I m a futsal coach , there s plenty to take from here and get you thinking about what you do in your environment I ve highlighted plenty of things and now the challenge is to make proper sense of it and apply it A huge variety of people have been interviewed and clearly they all want to create a positive environment.For a slow reader, even I got through this quickly.