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I really, really enjoyed this M M contemporary paranormal romance novel, which is the first in a new series.Firstly I think it s important to say that this is different to Carriger s other books and I think the decision to badge it as GL Carriger is a good one There is a lot explicit sexy times in this book than there has been in her Parasol Protectorate and Custard Protocol books to date and if you have a teen reader who has read the Finishing School series, this definitely a lot different to that However it is set in the modern version of the same world although some things have changed having not read Imprudence yet, I can t tell you whether we have all the explanations for this yet, but I don t think we do and moved on If you like Carriger s writing style and perspective on the world, that is all there but there is also and I can t stress this enough explicit sexy times.Now I ve got all that out of the way, I can talk about how much I enjoyed it This is so much fun The characters are great, the romance is great, the world is fun although I feel like I probably should have read Marine Biology again first in case there were gaps in how the world worked that that filled in There are still a fair few gaps to fill in in the way the world works and how it got from Custard Protocol to now, but this is the first in a series so that s fine I loved the pack dynamic and I can t wait to see who is the next member to get paired off.So Much Fun. This book was full of snarky goodness and I absolutely loved it Max, with all his abrasive sarcasm meshes with Bryan s cool aloofness so well, with wonderful banter and surprising charm, yet the story totally packs a punch with the romance too.I did struggle a little with the world building when different elements were introduced, such as Placer, quintessence etc, as they were just mentioned like a dictionary term first then definition after, and a little build up would have helped ease me into the context, but it didn t take long to get my head rebound them.Overall, a great read which manages to be entertaining whilst retaining a complex and compelling story. These books are just plain fun, they re an enjoyable romp through an alternative paranormal world where magical creatures live happily alongside humanity.The first one in the series set up Biff s brother founding the new pack and moving them to the West Coast where this tale now has them settling down and turning to find their way in their new home.Biff bumps into failed mage Max when he goes to register the new pack and all of a sudden it s all systems go on him actually putting into practise his newly admitted status as a gay werewolf.Biff is an absolute delight, he s so sweet, gentle and caring even though he s a piece of man muscle, as Max so eloquently describes him Max has all sorts of hang ups and being able to trust someone isn t even the hardest one.Together they muddle through the triumphs and traumas of introducing a werewolf with brilliant self healing to the delights of gay sex very hot , the acerbic wit of a man who might actually be the most powerful mage there s been in an age and an overly protective pack.In between they fight off baddies with an eye on the wreck of the house next door to Max s where his father s hidden secrets, a work colleague with relationship troubles and an overly harsh boss who might secretly be a bit of a softie really. I love Gail Carriger s writing style Her Parasol Protectorate series is one of my favourite fictional worlds and as an M M paranormal romance fan, I ve been really looking forward to this novel.I found it a challenging read though There was a lot to absorb and perhaps that detracted from me getting to know the central characters I loved Max and Bryan but at the same time I felt as if the story kept me at arm s length from them.Which was awkward because the plot with the house and the enchantment kind of took over but was brushed aside without me really feeling as if I d learned much about the reasons for them being there.I m expecting there to be a sequel And I really hope to find out about what was in the book on the pedestal then.Little touches linking this back to Miss Carriger s other books, such as the references to quintessence formerly being known as excess soul , made me smile I still have very high hopes for this series. As with every Gail Carriger book there is a, frankly, stunning amount of world building, but it s never overwhelming Bryan and Max are both fantastically drawn MCs and the supporting characters round out what is a truly special book I am very excited to have a new series from Ms Carriger to enjoy She is one of the few heteronormative romance authors I still indulge in, so the fact that she is now bringing the spectrum to the forefront, rather than limiting it to supporting characters is a joy Tea, werewolves, and men who love men makes for a great combination. Da ich so gut wie alles von Gail Carriger gelesen habe, habe ich mir auch diese Buch gekauft.Es ist auch nicht die erste schwul lesbische Romanze, die ich als Hetero lese, also war das in Ordnung f r mich.Falls homosexuelle Sexszenen zu viel f r die den geneigten LeserIn sind, dann bitte ich, Abstand von diesen Buch zu nehmen Denn die Sexszenen sind Teil der Handlung, da es sich um ein beidseitiges Coming Out der beiden Helden handelt der eine Max aus seiner Vergangenheit und Verbitterung in sein magisches Potential und beim anderen Helden Bryan klassisch im sexuellen Sinne.Und dabei fand ich diese Sexszenen auch gut beschrieben, da die Liebesgeschichte sich eben auch bei dieser stufenweisen Entwicklung statfindet.Ok, nachdem dieses Thema gekl rt w re, noch ein paar Worte zum World Building und zur Pr misse Der Sprung in die Jetztzeit nach dem Parasol Protectorate etc ist sehr gelungen, da die Quintessence das Resultat einer Explosion der Sphere mit Aether in den viktorianischen Steampunk Serien ist.Also ist viel Raum f r spannende Ideen in Zukunft Was das Thema Werw lfe angeht, so ist diese Variante eine neue, frische, die mir gut gefallen hat.Und Kitsune sind ebenfalls willkommen als spannende Figuren. Can a gentle werewolf heal the heart of a smart mouthed mage New York Times best seller Gail Carriger, writing as GL Carriger, presents an offbeat gay romance in which a sexy werewolf with a white knight complex meets a bad boy mage with an attitude problem Sparks and other things fly Max fails everything magic, relationships, life So he works for DURPS the DMV for supernatural creatures as a sumage, cleaning up other mages messes The job sucks and he is in no mood to cope with redneck biker werewolves Unfortunately, there is something oddly appealing about the huge, muscled Beta visiting his office for processing Bryan AKA Biff yeah, he knows is gay but he is not out There is a good chance Max might be reason enough to leave the closet, if he can only get the man to go on a date Everyone knows werewolves hate mages, but Bryan is determined to prove everyone wrong, even the mage in question Gail Carriger s last novels increasingly replaced plot and action with predictable, unbelievable romance This trend climaxed in this story where nothing happens until the last couple of pages, with the usual characters, weird sex, and two unrealistic protagonists In the past, the author created a couple of complex, strong, interesting characters This book feels like she read the recent online jokes about how badly male authors write female characters and decided to proof she could do even worse to men.If you don t mind protagonists who fantasize about each other s dicks on page 5, then spend an entire book making up reasons why they can t be together, this is a light, shallow brained, sometimes entertaining read It is set in the present of the universe established in the past books and there are explanations for some aspects of that universe, lots of new supernatural creatures and possibilities. The Sumage Solution is full of breaking tropes and stereotypes, both of the supernatural and the not supernatural kind.The story was not what I expected at all Max s job is described as cleaning up other mages messes but mostly boils down to a boring government office job, and Bryan not being out is a non issue this is not a story about coming or not coming out of the closet Redneck biker werewolves is also not the way I would describe Bryan s pack, but I won t say anything about the plot as I believe the books does that best on its own.It or less directly follows the short story Marine Biology but it s not necessary to read that before this one though I recommend the short story too, it s the story of Alec, Bryan s brother, and the background to why the pack is moving.Both Bryan and Max are complex and interesting characters.Max is gay an mixed race, coming from a long line of very powerful mages that purposefully breed themselves to make the next generation powerful, making Max a huge disappointment and they made him feel it, especially his father Years later, Max is cynical and lonely, not allowing anyone to get too close.Bryan is also gay, white, and the Beta to a new pack that formed under his younger brother He is not what people expect from a Beta, but then his brother isn t what they expect from an Alpha, and nobody ever expected werewolves wanting to move to San Francisco, so it all fits together Bryan doesn t talk much and is generally seen as rather gruff, but he is steady, has a squishy heart according to his brother, and a deep need not to hurt anyone.Aside from these two protagonists, I also really enjoyed the supporting cast the rest of Bryan s pack, mainly Alec, the brother, and Marvin, his mate, but also the others like Colin, the youngest packmember or Lovejoy, a flamboyant cook there s also Ms Trickle, Max s boss who he teases a lot and she teases right back in her rough way, or Gladdy, a kitsune shifter, one of Max s coworkers he gets to know over the course of the book And of course Manifest Destiny, another kitsune, who calls herself a drag queen and is very powerful.Towards the ending of the book it becomes clear that it does indeed play in the Parasolverse, which is the world in which most of the author s other books play in a steampunk version of the supernatural 1800s The Sumage Solution is a contemporary book, though, and in those decades MANY things have changed it s absolutely not necessary to know anything about the world of the Parasolverse, but for me as a fan of those books it was a delightful glance into the future.That said, I was occasionally confused by in book terms and what exactly they meant They are often not explained but I was mostly able to deduce their vague meaning function through the events happening A glossary would have been appreciated.Related to that I don t think The Sumage Solution is the best title for this book Of course once I read the book it made sense but before it always confused me Sumage is an in book term and basically means failed mage , so a mage who can access quintessence the magic but can t control it Their main way to utilize that is to absorb hostile quintessence and channel it safely, but they can t control what it turns into hopefully a shower of flowers Yet while the meaning of the title is confusing for everyone but those who read the book, I do think it rolls nicely off the tongue, it s unique and sets a precedent for the rest of the series.Content warnings include sex on page mentions of child abuse, homophobia Sumage solutions, a witty, droll, paranormal novel that gives a new twist on the different other worldly creatures, with dry monologue and dialogue its a lighthearted cut above the rest.Max, from a prestigeous line of Mages, is a mage who has no powers other than absorb the quintessence ether by product or run off of magic from others.Bryan a.k.a Biff, a Beta werewolf with a tender heart, he is a mediator and protector by nature with a distaste for violence, his brother the Alpha and their small pack have fled east due to prejudice and for safety Two guys who by rights should have nothing to do with each other, find themselves hopelessly attracted and than interested in each other.This book was easy reading, Max was funny, snarky and easily hurt, he felt undervalued and it takes the heart of a werewolf to really come alive Interesting world building for example Max works at DURPS The Dept of Unnatural Registration an d Processing of Shifters and the government building is so irritatingly like going to the DMV, RTA I almost expect it to have a drive by shooting there Interesting character development, Gladdie, a devilish Kitsuane with a fetish for orgies and a talent for destructive quintessence is a the perfect bounce for Max s snarky attitude If your after a funny paranormal give this a try it as surprisingly good.