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It was okay, but it it was only very basic of climbing technicue Nothing about building anchors and not much about gear needed outdoor It was really short, I read it less than in hour I already found better guide book for rock climbing Not worth of buying He echado de menos ilustraciones Dan unas pinceladas pero muy someraNo tengo m s que decir pero me obligais aun m nimo de veinte palabras As described , a beginners guide. Great book that explains very well the various types of climbing. Grammatically not very well written Informationally pretty much everything you can find online Nothing in this book goes into detail Pretty pointless book. no illustrations, no techniques, only states very basic stuff, not recomended if you want to learn how to climb usefull to learn basic terms. The book seemed to me excellent, easy to understand and very entertaining.The only thing I did not like is that it has not graphics And in this matter the graphics are important, this does not demerit is an excellent purchase.For any one that whants to learn Rock Climbing. The author explains a lot of aspects of rock climbing He details the safety gear, the surfaces you can climb and the different handholds and grips you can use Definitely a good guide for anyone starting out in the field. Has good information Are you interested in rock climbing, but don t know where to get started Or do you want to just learn about the sport It can be overwhelming trying to get your head wrapped around the different equipment, types of climbing, and techniques used But the thing about the sport is you ll improve dramatically once you ve familiarized yourself with these basic concepts