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The number one New York Times best seller by the six time Super Bowl champion The first book by Tampa Bay Buccaneers and former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady the six time Super Bowl champion who is still reaching unimaginable heights of excellence atyears old a gorgeously illustrated and deeply practical athlete s bible that reveals Brady s revolutionary approach to sustained peak performance for athletes of all kinds and all ages In this new edition of The TB Method, Tom Brady further explains and details the revolutionary training, conditioning, and wellness system that has kept him atop the NFL at an age when most players are deep into retirement Brady along with the expert Body Coaches at TB, the performance lifestyle brand he cofounded inwith Alex Guerrero explain the principles and philosophies of pliability, a paradigm shifting fitness concept that focuses on a natural, healthier way of exercising, training, and living Filled with lessons from Brady s own training regimen, The TB Method provides step by step guidance on how develop and maintain one s own peak performance while dramatically decreasing injury risks This illustrated, highly visual manual also offers effective approaches to functional strength and conditioning, proper hydration, supplementation, cognitive fitness, restorative sleep, and nutritious, easy to execute recipes to help readers fuel up and recover Brady steadfastly believes that the TB approach has kept him competitive while extending his career, and that it can make any athlete, male or female, in any sport and at any level achieve his or her own peak performance and do what they love, better and for longer With instructions, drills, photos, in depth case studies that Brady himself has used, along with personal anecdotes and experiences from his legendary career, The TB Method gives you a better way to train and get results with Tom Brady himself as living proof PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your Library section along with the audio

15 thoughts on “The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance (Audio Download): Tom Brady, Tom Brady, Jonathan Todd Ross, Simon & Schuster Audio: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Alisha Alisha says:

    Firstly let me start by saying there is probably only one or two things I am sceptical about in the theory, however, I have only received the book and only read the introduction, but the book is already so promising that I had to write a review, I m confident this book will better inform myself and others about misconceptions or any doubts they may have about some aspects of the method The book itself is huge, the photo quality is absolutely outstanding, the level of detail is astounding and from what I have read and flicked through so far this book could prove myself and many others wrong about scepticism It is well worth the price and I m actually surprised it didn t cost for the sheer weight of it.

  2. Phoebe Phoebe says:

    Tom Brady is not coming from a scientific background My boyfriend and I joke about how he wouldn t dare touch a peanut out of fear of upsetting his precious alkaline balance I am a nutrition student and find his opinions false and amusing He forgets about the body s natural ability to buffer and maintain homeostasis He doesn t even drink sparkling water because it is too acidic for his teeth this is simply not true and has nothing to do with sports nutrition.

  3. One Minute Book Review One Minute Book Review says:

    Brady arguably one of the best athletes in the world, describes in this book how he obtains peak performance on and off the field The book centres on pliability, which is the daily lengthening and softening of the muscles as a way of injury prevention and longevity for not only athletes but everyone Brady s method also describes how maintaining balance is crucial whilst making sure nutrition and hydration are maintained to reduce inflammation I was drawn to this book as I am interested in learning new physical training programmes and I like Brady s emphasis on using resistance bands to supplement strength and conditioning The book promotes his products at numerous times, and it felt that I wasn t reading an educational book but an advertisement For fitness fanatics, there might be some value in the book, but for everyone else, I suggest typing in resistance band training and nutrition into google and learning that way I rate this book three stars.

  4. Lewis Williams Lewis Williams says:

    The pliability concept is interesting and makes sense, but the rest of the book is a waste of time and an advertisement for all his products and services His nutrition advice revolves around the concept of keeping your body in an alkaline state through eating primarily alkaline foods it s been proven that the food you eat can t influence your pH But even if you wanted to follow his nutrition advice, you d need a pretty big budget, as you can only eat organic, local produce He recommends drinking in excess of 3 litres of water a day, but obviously it can t be tap water, it has to be the highest quality mineral water He claims that getting stronger makes you less flexible and prone to injury you only need to look at gymnasts and Olympic lifters to realise this is also false Basically, his advice is either untrue or impossible for the average person to follow.

  5. Chris12345 Chris12345 says:

    I m a massive Patriots and Tom Brady fan so I was always going to love this book The things I liked most about this book was the insight it gives you into Tom Brady s lifestyle and daily routine and the suggestions about how to adapt some of his routines into your own lifestyle.

  6. James Bush James Bush says:

    Pliability is a useful concept I had not previously heard about Since reading this book a few weeks ago, I have incorporated pliability practices into my routines, and am pleased to note a qualitative improvement.TB sounds like a nice guy, and it is interesting to read some of his story.

  7. JPCOrganises JPCOrganises says:

    Bought as a gift for someone else so no idea if it was any good They did ask for it though so I m sure they enjoyed it.

  8. Mr. William Grant Mr. William Grant says:

    Interesting book Tom and his wife set a good example to live a healthy life The book is very good and detailed

  9. Kindle-Kunde Kindle-Kunde says:

    Klasse Buch Tolle Bilder, unterhaltsam geschrieben Viele Tipps zu Performance Orientiertem Training und Ern hrung Rezeptvorschl ge und Einkaufsliste vom GOAT Nat rlich voll ausgerichtet auf Leistungssport und nicht f r Joe Average gedacht Das Buch ist keine Biographie, wenn auch am Anfang der sportliche Lebensweg und Einstieg von Tom Terrific in die Welt des Football und der Werdegang zum Profi beschrieben wird.Man muss Tom Brady nicht leiden k nnen, seine Karriere kann man aber respektieren Durch das Buch erkennt man auch was f r ein im positiven Sinne Football Fanatiker Brady ist Er steht nicht ohne Grund ganz oben Die Tipps im Buch k nnen einem helfen, l nger fit und gesund zu sein Definitv kein Voodoo.Wer Lust hat auch neue Ansichten zu Ern hrung und Training zu finden und gerne neues lernt und ein Fan von Brady ist, wird mit dem Buch zufrieden sein.Ich h tte das Buch vor 20 Jahren schon gebrauchen k nnen

  10. Chiorisi Chiorisi says:

    This is just an advertisement for The TB12 Method No peer reviewed journals, no references, anti GMO, anti dairy, anti saturated fat but recipes have coconut oil Anti trans fat but recipes heat oil High carb No science, not even an RD weighing in Pliability is not a new term around long before The TB12 method there are references to the term in the literature as far back as 1931 Do you even read the scholarly journals

  11. Mike B Mike B says:

    Is a good advice model for people who want to make some lifestyle improvements to live by TB addresses many health concerns in a short summary Sleep, proper diet, exercise, body care, and the rest of the 12 I notice though that he doesn t go into some needed depth on some of the topics but his bio does At times the book seems like a bit of a ploy to sell his products and I m not sure of the significance of a vibrating foam roller as opposed to a non vibration model etc. Cant help but to wonder if some athletes use other forms of therapy stem cells but don t disclose their secrets and pass it off as their systems Overall, people would be better off and healthy if we followed his rules and his accomplishments make him the GOAT.

  12. xcskierboy xcskierboy says:

    I got the hardcover and glad i did Lots of nice photos and quality glossy pp TB isn t a scientist and doesn t claim to be he s got some of his facts wrong, but I really enjoyed his sharing his life and training Inspired me to change my perpetual dehydration status and trying out his Physio band workout Love the diet info too Great pic of the food and exercises Get the hardcover and you ll want to keep it displayed and handy for quick reference and for others to see

  13. Gibran Lamas Gibran Lamas says:

    It s an interesting book and how Tom Brady in his own words has improved his football and life based in his method in my opinion and listened other experts, I doubt about if his method can work in athletes and human beings normal people who play amateur sports because I think that also He used his method plus the exercise and football s methods Patriots and NFL and for these reason he has reached that level.But it is good to now what he is doing to improved his game and maybe in the future his method will be official.

  14. Mariana Figueroa Mariana Figueroa says:

    Empieza muy autobiogr fico y aunque habla de c mo a logrado tantas cosas con los patriotas al final casi te dice que debes de comprar todas las cosas que el vende en su pagina de internet para hacer que su m todo funcione.

  15. marco_LP marco_LP says:

    muy buen libro, aunque todav a no termino de leerlo, la redacci n de la historia y consejos sobre el TB12 method son muy claras y la forma de abarcarlas te deja flexibilidad como para que los implementes Muy recomendable Saludos.