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Celestial Navigation for the Complete Idiot is groundbreaking not because of what it has, but what it doesn t have no mathematics problems no astronomical talk no big words you ve never heard of Sailor author Gene Grossman finally breaks this wonderful subject down into plain English and explains it in such a way that you will no longer have any excuse to claim that you know nothing about the valuable boater s subject of celestial navigation And as for the validity of the book s content, you should know that it was inspired by Gene s DVD program of the same title, which has gained worldwide popularity and is being used by the US Navy, DEA, Coast Guard, and sailing schools, and by sailors all over the world Even though we feel that the explanations in this audiobook are easy to understand, the old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words applies especially when trying to describe what things like a nautical chart or a world with lines showing latitude and longitude does to help find a destination So Magic Lamp Press has created a website with a few simple graphics that we suggest that you print out to make reference to occasionally as you listen to this book The URL of the page of graphics will be given to you by the book s narrator Once you have finished this book, its title will no longer apply to you, because by the information you will have learned, your status description will have been updated to novice And with an understanding of what celestial navigation is and how it works, you will be in an excellent position to continue your practice of the subject, and become a sailor capable of sailing around the world without getting lostso as a start, please remember the three most important rules of boating safety Keep the water out of the boat keep the people in the boat and don t get lost

13 thoughts on “Celestial Navigation for the Complete Idiot: A Simple Explanation (Audio Download): Gene Grossman, Gene Grossman, Magic Lamp Productions: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Robert haddon Robert haddon says:

    does exactly what it says in the title in my opinion as an idiot.

  2. Johnchik Johnchik says:

    Agree with other reviews How can an idiots guide have so few diagrams I mean a diagram i worth a thousand words right

  3. Phillip Andrews Phillip Andrews says:

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  4. David Coles David Coles says:

    Well what can I say, a thorough disappointment This book averages out as a glorified plug for the author s other titles and products, with a large part irrelevent to the subject in hand Don t waste your money.

  5. Customer Customer says:

    This book is almost entirely a useless, a good example of the sort of garbage produced by self publishing Save your money and don t buy it.

  6. Raymond Tougas Raymond Tougas says:

    I enjoy navigation and celestial navigation in particular In this short book, the author spins some enjoyable yarns and talks much about celestial navigation but falls far short of actual instruction, which was it s stated goal I found his attempt at a new way of teaching celnav to be a very disjointed, nearly continuous infomercial for his website where he sells instructional videos I wish that I could return this download to Kindle for a full refund and recoop a wasted evening of reading while I am at it.For the simplest short book to learn practical celestial navigation, might I recommend George Buehler s How to Find Where you Are By The Sun , subtitled what you better know when the GPS dies from There are a few typographical errors here and there, but his IS a very understandable instruction booklet with some theory so that you understand why it works His humor is excellent.

  7. Richard R. Richard R. says:

    The book is an easy read It is like reading a magazine article on the subject.Unfortunately, I was looking for a book that would actually teach me how to do celestial navigation This book explains the concept of celestial navigation, but does not go into detail I will have to get another book to actually learn the subject maybe Bowditch.

  8. Susan Susan says:

    Easy to understand,lots of information Thank you

  9. Jason Sharp Jason Sharp says:

    If it dealt with celestial navigation and less as a sailing sea story would have been better Covered the sun pretty good but that was about it Suggest a revision that would be in depth and less sea story.

  10. Eastofthemississippi Eastofthemississippi says:

    Not much celestial navigation in here, a lot of long winded stories to make a few small points, a lot of advice on getting your boat ready for this or that but I wouldn t call it a book about celestial navigation.

  11. Zoe Tan Zoe Tan says:

    It s smaller in size and thickness than I anticipated, but it s still interesting.

  12. Conan 161 Conan 161 says:

    The title was very misleading I was thinking that the word celestial was navigating by the stars at night, but after reading the book I was glad that I bought the book in my Kindle and didn t have to shoot myself for throwing away money.

  13. Malcolm Lightfoot Malcolm Lightfoot says:

    Many typographical errors and repeated incorrect information thoughout the book Seems it is written as a primer billboard to sell further non related books and products An easy read, but contains many, many errors.