Best Golf: Advanced Lessons: Golf Lessons, Book 3 (Audio Download): Mark Taylor, Forris Day Jr., Ivan Buric: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Mark Taylor –

It was OK A wise person once said that golf is not a sport but rather a way of life This is quite true, especially if you are seriously interested in reaching the expert level in this sport Progressing to this level requires dedication, constant practice and the innate desire to succeed, no matter what You have to be able to stand the competition, working on yourself first and foremost But, most importantly, you have to refine your skills and abilities, fine tuning yourself as an expert golf player In this book, we have gathered all the information you need to know, regarding golf and expert level playing As you move from chapter to chapter, you will discover essential details, as well as practical advice, on what skill refinement is all about Do not be quick to go from chapter to chapter but, rather, take your time and soak it all in This is the kind of information that can help you make the difference between success and failure, especially at this particular level I liked reading this book because there is a lot of information that would help me learn the golf game than I already know Overall, an interesting, informative and entertaining book that every golfer could benefit from. BIG waste of money. The intermediate golf lessons provided by Mark Taylor were really useful, so I decided to get the advanced lessons as well The book is fairly short, but the tips provided by the author are well explained and quite easy to follow as long as you re already at an intermediate level.