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Fascinating look at early female racing history Throughly enjoyed this book and Janet s amazing story Very inspiring and attention grabbing story She is an amazing pioneer. This book answered the question of whatever happened to Janet Guthrie It was a good read, but the author spent way too much time beating the she got screwed in racing because she is a woman drum I think it got in the way of the story Liked the pictures in the book, too. Never heard of Janet Guthrie before recommended this book after another I had read Glad I took the time out to read this fabulous insight into one lady s struggle against man s sexism. I grew up in the 1950s when my Dad made my Mom quit her job because no wife of mine will work outside the home Mom was great at her profession and it didn t seem fair.That same man and I went most Saturday nights to Ascot Speedway to watch sprint cars and midgets where the only women allowed on the track were the scantily clan trophy girls Typical of the men in power within USAC and other sanctioning bodies, a car owner friend of mine told me, girls are for one thing, and it ain t racing Then came Janet Guthrie and I rooted for her as a tip of the hat to my Mom I hated that she was treated so badly by so many in such an overtly sexist way But she persevered and a generation of female racers followed Sara Fisher, Pippa Mann, Danica Patrick and had a somewhat easier time of it Not easy, mind you, but easier.At the same time, sadly, the racing world, and certainly the world at large, had mostly forgotten Janet Guthrie.This book is not highly detailed I wish it was much in depth and contained deeper interviews with Ms Guthrie But it does help to recall a true pioneer Janet and her story deserve to be remembered with respect. I was looking forward to reading about Janet Guthrie, a true American hero However, this volume barely qualifies as a book like a magazine article Had I known this, I would have sought out a comprehensive work As I am about to do Therefore, I suggest you do the same if you are interested in something substantial than a two hour read. Reading this takes me back to stories my grandmother used to tell about racing their cars in the hills around Flagstaff and Sedona, AZ as a teenager in the late 1930s She was a strong and competitive woman who could hold her own with the boys and set a positive example of what it meant to be a woman and a competitor It s unfortunate that one group of people will look down on another based solely on their male or female gender Elevating one without putting down the other will help eliminate chauvinism. An incredible story of determination and perseverance about the first woman to compete in the Indianapolis 500 Less a story about racing, and a tale of triumph over seemingly insurmountable odds Janet Guthrie was a former aerospace engineer, and she was almost 40 by the time she got the opportunity to compete A true and unsung American hero, akin to Sally Ride or Billy Jean King.I also LOVED the movies and beautiful pictures Really added something different and exciting to the book The cartoon that came to life was great This was a great story about an awesome woman that even with the many obstacles she had to overcome made it in a man s racing world The hostility and chauvinism and disrespect did not stop her I received the book through Good Reads. amazing lady Speed Girl is the true story of how aerospace engineer turned race car driver Janet Guthrie triumphed over hostility, chauvinism even sabotage to become the first woman to finish the IndianapolisIt s the s, and the fight for women s rights is gaining speed In the sports world, Billie Jean King is breaking gender barriers on the tennis court Janet Guthrie doesn t consider herself a women s libber, but to racing s good ol boys, she s a threat When Guthrie makes a bid for Indy in , the other drivers slam her mercilessly, even suggesting she s really a man Fans heckle her, hoping she ll crash Guthrie smiles through the pain and qualifies for Indy inAnd even a broken wrist and a rift on her team can t derail her she finishes in the top ten Bestselling author Stephan Talty s riveting biography brings Guthrie s passion and persistence vividly to life With gripping realism, Speed Girl immerses listeners in the untold story of the woman who came to Indy a racer and left a trailblazer