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Yet again Toby Vintcent managed to keep me on the edge of my seat throughout the telling of this highly charged and complex thriller This turned out to be a brilliant second novel from an author who is rapidly becoming a master story teller Having already read his first novel Driven and I would recommend reading them in order , I already knew and empathised with the main characters, which allowed me to dive straight in to this story, totally unprepared for the drama of the first few chapters hold your breath folks you re in for a bumpy ride Toby has moulded his characters exceptionally well, in particular the main character of Matt Straker, the somewhat damaged yet courageous highly competent hero We all want to be like him, or at least have him on our side when the going gets tough.I cannot recommend this book highly enough Toby has done an exquisite job and I can t wait to see what he comes up with next The political thriller story line moves as quickly as a F1 car A lot of accurate technical racing fact that does not detract from the story line All based around a fictional but believable scenario Highly recommended. If you like motor racing, and F1 in particular, chances are that you will love this book However, it s not just petrol heads who will enjoy reading this very gripping, cleverly written thriller its strong characters and exciting plot will quickly grab the attention of any keen reader Having read the author s first book, Driven, I suspected I was in for a treat, and this book really delivered I couldn t put it down Read it you won t be disappointed Buy it But once you have you wont want to put it down I know nothing about Formula 1 but loved every minute of Toby Vintcent s brilliant story writing Unlike many books of this type it kept the tension up right the way through till the end Too many books fail in the last chapters and this kept its pace and story line going right the way through to the last pages Someone has got to make the film Well done Mr Vintcent for taking me away to an exciting and gripping world of F1. Formula One driver Remy Sabatino is leading the Drivers Championship, in a car that is the quickest of the season by far But that also means Sabatino s Russian teammate is the fastest too Their rivalry couldn t be toxic ahead of the Grand Prix in Moscow TV viewers around the world are about to witness the most catastrophic crash in Formula One history Was this caused by the acrimony between these drivers Matt Straker, former Royal Marine and corporate intelligence director, is again called in to investigate and he soon finds himself confronted by a corrupted legal system and battling with powerful and violent vested interests Could it be that wrapped up in the political symbolism of the Moscow Grand Prix are, perhaps, the very seeds of its undoing DISCLAIMER This is a work of fiction All the characters and incidents portrayed and the names used herein are fictitious and any similarity to the names, characters, or history of any persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and unintentional Even when recognisable names appear, their actions are fictitious This audiobook is unofficial and is not associated in any way with the Formula One group of companies F, FORMULA ONE, FORMULA , FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, GRAND PRIX and related marks are trademarks of Formula One Licensing BV Enjoyed the simplicity of the novel, good plot, good characters.If you enjoy F1, you will enjoy this You should read Driven first Going to start on Toby Vintcent 3rd book, The Ringmaster straight away. Other than the first few chapters, this could be any generic trial spy corruption novel I am a F1 fan and enjoyed Tobys first book, but this was a poor follow up Crash was a fantastic sequel to Driven, following the escapades of Matt Straker A really good and easy read, lots of twists and turns with a very interesting plot line I hope there are books in the pipeline Highly recommended. There is a terrible crash at the Moscow Grand Prix 36 people are killed when Remy Sabatino s car comes off the track and ploughs into the crowd Remy, the pre eminent female driver, and Tahm Nazar the team boss of the Ptarmigan team for whom she drives, are arrested the Russian public demand retribution for Ptarmigan s negligence , and a swift show trial is arranged.But the team know that the car was in perfect working order It must in some way have been sabotaged Buy why, and by whom Matt Straker, the security head of Quartech the conglomerate that owns the Ptarmigan team is flown in to investigate He works alongside Sandy McMahon, a Moscow based English lawyer appointed by Quartech to defend Remy and Tahm in court They are in a rush against time to find the truth and prepare their case The investigations take them ever further into the murky world of Russian politics, oligarchs, and widespread corruption The stakes get forever higher.I confess that I picked up Crash with some slight trepidation Formula One is not really my thing But my fears were groundless Yes, there is a great deal of highly technical writing about the mechanics and electronics of the car that informs the investigation and will no doubt impress many but it is possible to gloss over the detail of much of this if you so choose What matters is that you pick up the gist of the thoroughness with which Formula One cars are electronically monitored throughout a race The onboard cameras and sensors feed back information to team control in the pits and further afield to team headquarters wherever they may be situated The Ptarmigan team were unable to inspect the car itself it was impounded by the police , but they had access to a wealth of electronic and video data.Crash is a really exciting and gripping read I genuinely found it hard to put down and it s not often I say that The final denouement is as well constructed as it is dramatic It is also very strong on location Moscow comes through loud and clear from the site of the fictional Grand Prix track in the Nagatinskya Poyma Park by the Moskva River to the detail of the famed Moscow underground railway system The city is well observed. This episode is an international politico conspiracy story with very little reference to racing While I enjoyed the cast of characters and their exploits I was bummed at how lacking it was in actual race content I ll continue the series and hopefully the author will return to what I find to be the engaging content of fiction set in and around F1.