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Bella Poldark is the th and final audiobook in Winston Graham s sweeping series of Cornwall, Poldark Cornwall,We continue the tale of Ross and Demelza of the wayward Valentine Warleggan, whose existence keeps open the old wounds of the feud between Ross and George of Bella, the Poldarks youngest daughter, whose precocious talent as a singer is encouraged by her old flame, Christopher Havergal, and by a distinguished French conductor who has in mind than Bella s music of Clowance, the Poldarks widowed daughter, who considers remarriage to one of two rival suitors and of a murderer who stalks the villages of West Cornwall

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  1. M. Dowden M. Dowden says:

    And so we come to the last novel in the Poldark series It is now 1818, thus three years after the last book ended, and of course our characters have all gotten that little bit older A few events are mentioned here that have taken place in the intervening years, but as such not that much of note has happened.Spanning two years, as I am sure you will have realised by the title that this has a lot about young Isabella Rose and her goals and ambitions in life With some new characters entering the tale as well this story obviously does contain much than just Bella s presence on this stage of her life.As Ross and George have now got on in years, can the old animosity still remain And how will Bella fare in the world with her singing abilities And with what we would nowadays call a serial killer preying on women in Cornwall, who will be next and can they be identified and apprehended There is a lot of incident in this last novel along with action, melodrama, murder, crime and passion As our characters in some instances have to deal with new and at times novel circumstances so they have to navigate their way around obstacles in their paths In a way it is sad that the series has to end, but it does so in a than satisfactory manner, although we will not know what will eventually happen with the young Henry But in a way that is perhaps a good thing, as we can imagine him taking over the family affairs when Ross eventually dies.In all then this whole series of twelve books have proven that they are than readable and it has been a real joy reading about the Poldarks, their friends and enemies Living in a time that great events were happening around them, it is good to see how they cope or participate in them, and what their fortunes have been like It is sad that some characters have died some due to old age and illness, others to war and other incidents I would say that if you buy these books read them in order as they naturally progress throughout the time period, and the characters age and their outlooks change accordingly I can t believe that I had never read any of these books until the new TV series started, but I am glad that I have bought and read them all, as they have been enthralling and enjoyable throughout.

  2. Shirley Blane, author of The Widow's Revenge Shirley Blane, author of The Widow's Revenge says:

    A wonderful ending to the Poldark series, published the year before Winston Graham sadly passed away No doubt there would have been a further book in the Poldark story were he still with us The developing singing career of Bella, the youngest daughter, continues the family saga and takes us to London and France The book also continues the life story of Valentine Warleggan, son of George Warleggan and the late Elizabeth Warleggan nee Trenoweth , the rumoured illegitimate son of Ross Poldark And following the death of Jeremy Poldark at Waterloo, we find out how his widow, Cuby and Jeremy s parents are coping with his loss Clowance, too, second daughter of Ross and Demelza, has recently been widowed and now runs her husband s small shipping business from Flushing Winston Graham s talent at story telling is as strong and delightful as ever in this, his final novel.

  3. Allison Warn Allison Warn says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in the world of Poldark having read all twelve books back to back I ve never really been a historical fiction fan but having seen the first series on TV a couple of years ago I couldn t wait to know what happened so started on the books I ve found reading the novels compelling There was something poignant reading Bella Poldark knowing there would be no I applaud Winston Graham for still leaving many open ends I don t know if it was intention for this to be his last Poldark novel If it was then it would have been easy to tie up every loose end but instead I was left dearly wishing there was a book 13 so that I could read of the lives of Ross and Demelza and the residents in and around Nampara This book like all the others draws the reader in and I really cared about the characters having to remind myself they weren t real.I think when Francis died early in the series Graham set an expectation that no character was indispensable Again in Bella Poldark this brings a real sense of tension when key characters face peril and at times I was on the edge of my seat.I d recommend the whole series not just this novel to anyone who enjoys historical fiction or if, like me, you simply can t wait for the TV to bring of Poldark, his family, friends and of course his arch enemy.

  4. ann ann says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed all twelve books to follow the lives of Ross and Demelza and watch their children grow up In parts, I felt sad, especially with the loss of Jeremy Although still young, Henry will eventually take over the mantle when Ross is no longer there.The series has been historically interesting and absorbing Good to read of Bella s success as an actress I was slightly alarmed to realise that Ross and Demelza had a cooling off in their relationship towards the end, but as in previous novels, things were always put right A very nice partnership I shall miss reading about them

  5. s barbour s barbour says:

    I have recently finished this book, so sad it it the end of the series There were little snippets in it that you felt there were books to come It was quite a complicated story and definitely built on strands of events that had previously happened, fortunately I had read all 12 books back back so was aware of the various back stories What I liked about this and the other books is how the Poldark Dynasty comes through, it is very much not just a Ross and Demelza story although they are key characters but one that encompasses their various children, in this book principally focussing on Isabella Rose aka Bella, the various Warleggans and a variety of other smaller characters who all have a bearing on Ross and Demelza.I m sad it has all come to an end.

  6. Mrs. J. A. Russell Mrs. J. A. Russell says:

    I have now read all 12 of the Poldark books and loved everyone of them, in fact I am quite upset that I have finished Great series, fully recommend to all

  7. Anne Martin Anne Martin says:

    This last book in the Poldark series tied up some loose ends, but frankly, I was sorry when I finished it I read all twelve books, in order, and came to feel as if I knew the characters Winston Graham created a whole world, peopled with heroes and villains, which never failed to keep me enthralled and entertained I only wish I had purchased the Kindle books at their new, reduced price of 2.99, instead of the full price of 9.99 per book Still, they were worth every penny

  8. Pam Pam says:

    Today I finished reading the Poldark Series It took me ages and ages to finish this last book because I didn t want to finish reading this series The entire Poldark Series I consider the best reading by far of any book s I have ever read I was completely enraptured and captured by it, and never, never did I want it to end Now it has happily in the end, but I feel as if a big hunk of my life is now missing I know some who read this may say I should get a life well I feel sorry for you This series of books is magnificently written incorporating many characters involved in mundane or domestic tasks or even tasks of a historic importance Totally captivating A quite completely captivating Author Have read some other of his books, and must now read the others.XXXXXHave just finished reading this series for the second time from Book 1 to Book 12 I absolutely loved the series as I think I have previously said Now I have finished I must wait a few months before starting to read again I don t know of any other author of any series of books that can match Winston Graham s Poldark Series None that I have come across anyway He quite literally demands total absorption in his books and nothing else will do If other novels rate 5 stars then this complete series or even each novel should rate 10 easily, nothing less.

  9. Pamela Pamela says:

    I never get tired of reading these books I have read and reread them many times over the years The characters are all so well drawn that you become deeply invested in them Winston Graham s style is deceptively easy..the reader completely believes in his world, not least because the history is so seamlessly woven into the story.

  10. Krika Martinez Krika Martinez says:

    A great classic So hard to find It shows the age but it s a book and once reading it is a happiness to have it in the bookshelf The seller was great And it s on my list for future purchases

  11. EVPerez EVPerez says:

    Twelve amazing books, twelve amazing and long lasting stories Loved all the characters but most of all loved Ross and Demelza and their incredible journey through the years All the novels share something unique of the Cornish culture and the struggles of its people I felt sad reading the last pages of Bella, knowing there is no after this Was left wanting Suddenly there is no George Warleggan to spice up things No stories to build and develop Not really wanting to say goodbye.Overall I highly recommend each and every one of the 12 novels they stand alone and together, each novel has such depth and such beauty Goodbye Poldark, goodbye Cornwall