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Losing weight has never been easier This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to lose weight with the ketogenic diet I used to have a big problem with obesity I was constantly eating and overeating unhealthy and junk food and I didn t lift a finger when it comes to activity One day I ve decided things have got to change The ketogenic diet helped me not only achieve my ideal weight I lost overpounds , but it also improved my body composition by getting rid of that stored fat in my belly and other areas Now I look and feel much better I have so much energy and I can go on and on without feeling tired That is why I ve decided to share with you the secret of achieving the perfect state of your organism with the help of the ketogenic diet Here s what we will cover in this book What is the ketogenic diet, how it works, and why it is a perfectly healthy way to lose weight and reverse diabetes How to calculate the number of macronutrients you need What food should you eat and avoid during keto diet Four week ketogenic diet plan as a suggestion More thancompletely keto friendly and gluten free recipes And much Get ready to take your health to the next level

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    Author Anas Malia is a man concerned with our health He has published five books KETOGENIC BREAD BOOK, MINIMALIST LIVING, CONVERSATION TACTICS, INSTANT POT COOKBOOK FOR KETOGENIC AND PALEO DIETS and now KETOGENIC DIET One of his favored sayings is Mastering others is strength Mastering yourself is true power and that has encouraged him to share his research and teachings on mastering life actually means improving and learning how to make various areas of our lives better in achievement, relationships, lifestyle, knowledge, and health.Anas first personalizes his reason for encouraging the use of Ketogenic Diet by offering his own improvement after implementing this healthy course He then approaches the topic of ketosis in an understandable way The human body is extremely adjustable and it can process different nutrients into the fuel it needs to work Carbs, fats, and proteins are all potential sources of energy supply When you eat a lot of carbohydrates or proteins, your body breaks them down into glucose also known as blood sugar Glucose is then used in creating an energy molecule called ATP, which your organism uses for maintenance and daily activities within the body Believe it or not, our body uses most of the nutrients we intake just for daily maintenance However, if you eat enough food, the chances are that there will be an excessive amount of glucose which the body doesn t require at the moment In that case, one of the two things happens Glycogenesis the excess amount of glucose is converted to glycogen and stored in your muscles and liver and Lipogenesis once your body believes that there is enough glycogen in your liver and muscles, the remaining glucose will be converted into fats and stored within your body Ketosis is a process that happens when your organism is out of glycogen or glucose In cases when your body can t access food, it will start burning fat and creating ketones energy molecules This process usually occurs when you are sleeping, so it is a completely normal metabolic state of the organism The human body has a natural ability to switch metabolic pathways When your body starts burning fat and making fatty acids, the end result of the process is the creation of ketones These molecules are then used by your brain and muscles as a fuel In most cases, the human body uses glucose as the main source of its energy supply However, once the carbohydrate or protein intake is low, your body will simply use fatty acids as a natural alternative Ketosis is a process that occurs when your body is out of glycogen or glucose and it starts using consumed and stored fat as a fuel for maintenance and daily activities It is a metabolic state your body should be in when you are on a ketogenic diet Anas breaks his discussion into the following sections What is Ketogenic Diet , How to calculate Macronutrient ratio, Foods to eat and avoid in a ketogenic diet, a four week ketogenic diet plan, and then some recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts, and finally, what to do after Ketogenic Diet followed by risks and concerns mistakes to avoid, medical applications of ketogenic diet Anas covers all the bases and in an easily accessible manner Grady Harp, April 17

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    Once again we are not given the number of carbs, fats, proteins If you have been reading my reviews, you know this information is essential to anyone trying to live the keto lifestyle Do NOT blindly trust keto books to have low carb recipes That is a mistake that might make you fail since some recipes have as many as well 74.4 carbs PER serving And that was from a keto book that DID give the nutritional breakdown This book tells us we need to have a certain percentage of each macronutrient yet blatantly doesn t bother to tell us how many of any of them are in the recipes Nope DELETE

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    Clear and easy to follow Loved itthank you Thanks for not making this several hundred pages long Gets right to the point

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    Worst book ever Incompetent in writing and incomplete in content Only half of recepies are complete.How this book ever made it to a publisher is beyond my comprehension

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    Good book Lots of information about the diet.Great recipes