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Frances is ayear old college student in Dublin she performs at spoken word events with her best friend and ex lover, Bobbi When they are profiled by journalist Melissa, they enter an orbit of beautiful houses and raucous dinner parties Initially unimpressed, Frances begins an affair with Nick, Melissa s husband, which gives way to an unexpected intimacy Desperate to reconcile her desires and vulnerabilities of her body, Frances s intellectual certainties begin to yield to something new a disorienting way of living from moment to moment

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  1. Adam K. Adam K. says:

    This book comes festooned with awards and laudatory reviews, blurbs and hype and Rooney herself is acclaimed as the Next Big Thing, one of the great authors of the 21st Century.The mind boggles, the currency cheapens, and all faith in pundits and the judgement of Zadie Smith goes right down the pan.This is a truly, truly, dreadful book, almost fascinatingly so Frances, supposedly cool headed and observant , falls in love with an older, married man It goes badly Surprised She apparently is I can t remember if I thought about this at the beginning How it was doomed to end unhappily is a line from about halfway through Apart from the cringe worthy triteness, it also reveals the lead character to be stunningly obtuse, and far from the observant person the blurb on the cover would have us believe All the characters Frances, her best friend lover Bobbi, the journalist Melissa and the husband lover Nick are so flatly written they might as well be cardboard cut outs, their dialogue equally flat and lifeless and dull, to the point that it became impossible to work out who s talking It could be anybody, about anybody, about anything.And then there s the prose itself it s hideous, it really is About halfway through I started making notes in the margins, underlining the worst passages something an editor is supposed to do In no particular order His heart continued to beat like an excited or miserable clock Itit what Valerie spoke with a moneyed British accent, too rich to be comical How does THAT work I perceived that my face and hair were becoming wet, too wet to feel normal She looked clean and dry like a model from a catalogue My hair was leaking water into my face Leaking I laughed to myself, although there was no one there to see me That s kind of what it means, right He never touched me like that usually But he was looking at me, so I guess he must have known who I was Wait, this woman s supposed to be observant , right And my favourite He touched me cautiously like a deer touches things with its face Oh god, make it stop.Seriously, this is supposed to be award worthy A tired story, hitched to some staggeringly dreadful prose which reveals nothing of the workings of the human heart, nothing of the soul, nothing of passion Shame on the critics who have passed this off as something worthy, shame on every one of the publications whose glowing quotes litter the front pages of this travesty I m tempted to read Rooney s Normal People to see if it s as hysterically bad or if, by some miracle, she improved If I come across a copy for less than a pound, I might just, but I m not paying much for this kind of nonsense.

  2. Molly Molly says:

    This book is in the running for the worst book I have read so far this year I kept on reading in the hope that something would happen or that one of the characters would endear themselves to be but I shouldn t have bothered This book is banal and the characters are irritating and impossible to bond with on any level The writing is clumpy and oddly bland, there is no descriptions of Ireland or France that invoke any connections with those places This is one of those books that I wonder how on earth she got a publishing deal when there are so many better authors self publishing amazing works because they can t get published and this drivel can I just don t get it.

  3. S. Gleeson S. Gleeson says:

    I don t even know where to start with this review This book was so bad it actually makes me feel angry that I finished it and wasted my time I kept wanting to give it another chance but the while thing just frustrated me.The characters in this book aren t just badly written, I hated them all and they learned nothing from their experiences, they just repeated their loathing behaviour and terrible life decisions over and over again The main character is so full of self loathing and yet completely self centred and so over privileged but treats herself like the endless victim of every situation.I have no doubt that sally rooney can write, but these characters make me want to punch a wall.The story goes nowhere and seems like it begins when it ends I also didn t enjoy the conversation style without quote marks, it just made it unnecessarily difficult to distinguish between what characters were saying and what they were thinking.Sorry I wasted my time reading it and I have no clue why it s so highly critically acclaimed.

  4. P. G. Harris P. G. Harris says:

    In my student days, I knew than one Frances, cooler than everyone else, intelligent, and slightly or often very intimidating Then, years later you find out they were actually messed up than everyone else.Conversations with Friends is the story of four people and the shifting relationships between them Frances and Bobbi are students in Dublin Ex lovers, they remain close friends and work the literary circuit as performance poets Frances is introverted, a talented writer, while Bobbi is an extrovert, the gifted performer Melissa is a photographer who wants to profile the two young women She invites them to a party at her home, where they meet her husband, Nick, completing the central quartet Bobbi fancies Melissa, Frances is drawn to Nick.As the story progresses, it shifts between Dublin and a holiday in France Through the novel, each goes through ups and downs and the relationships between them are equally volatile We also learn about their troubled pasts and present, especially Nick and Frances.In a word, I thought it was terrific, absolutely terrific I ve read a number of critical reviews and while I can appreciate a number but not all of the negative comments, I still think the book is terrific.Is this a book in which none of the characters is pleasant I would have to disagree with that Frances is outwardly cold, snarky and aloof But she is also insecure, damaged and sensitive She might be difficult , but she isn t unlovable There is one devastating scene near the end of the book where she is confronted by the difference between her own self image and the impression another character has of her.It is true that this isn t a plot heavy book, but that isn t the point This is primarily a book about relationships, and those relationships are superbly drawn As the portrayal of friendship between two young women, that between Frances and Bobbi feels completely genuine and realistic The sparks which fly between Nick and Frances generated by something between love and hate are thrilling.The writing style is flat, functional, almost child like at times Again, as the voice of this disengaged, alienated young woman that came across as completely authentic.So, it a nutshell, this is a stunningly humane work about damaged, ambiguous, very human people.

  5. Fook_bood Fook_bood says:

    I started reading this after having read a piece by the master storyteller Kazuo Ishiguro, so the change was a slap on my face The difference between an established writer and an amateur was apparent and I couldn t help but feel that something was terribly missing in Rooney s writing However, as I kept reading the thought swept away and I got the hang of Rooney s style Coming to the story, I felt the writer did a good job in painting the lives of today s young adults and adults, and their goals and desires The intricacy of the friendship between the characters and the dynamics to it with the affair going on between Frances and Nick leading to a multitude of complications between the two in particular and the friend group was a portrayal of how friendships and desire work, as Bobbi would put it, in a capitalist society The character of Frances was very smartly and intensely dealt with by the author and her conversations with Nick looked closely at the problems that arise in a relationship and how vulnerable people can get into one The last lines of the novel are a depiction of it However, I couldn t bring myself to give it a 5 5 because I did not like the way the story drew to a close I felt Frances deserved some personal growth which I think was not given to her The author smudged her character with the inner awakening but its manifestations was not something I personally took to The novel was an honest narration of how complicated we humans have become with the so called progress of civilisation,be it the young adults or the adults, we are all in it together messing around with ourselves.

  6. WKrieger WKrieger says:

    A thrilling and touching book for many reasons It shows Frances, a student and young writer in her relationships to and with several people and their impacts on her and her development and self image The story evolves via a series of events seen through her eyes, and many dialogues both witty and revealing.The turns and complications always remain credible and plausible and this also goes for the ending The language is mostly concise and to the point, yet highly revealing if called for not only of the intellectual, but equally the emotional implications, with ample breathtakingly poetic language helping to underline the contrast between the cerebral intellectual deliberations and emotional response and reaction I would be hard put to say what I didn t like, for me the book as it stands is highly challenging and satisfying on many levels as well as lovely and complete.The target readership Well, the novel is certainly not of the YA genre, yet even if one might argue that Frances is a student of 21, and the other main couple in their mid thirties, the interest of the work cannot be pinned to a certain age group The central themes of intimacy, detachment, and identity are issues and challenges very few can say they have put behind them once and for all, and the ways they are handled and illustrated in the book don t appear dated easily.

  7. Giovanni Maria Troianiello Giovanni Maria Troianiello says:

    Mentre lo leggevo avevo cominciato a buttar gi degli appunti di lettura, che forse potevano diventare una recensione per Poi, procedendo fino alla fine, avevo lasciato perdere, convinto che di un testo cos inesistente si sarebbe presto smesso di parlare Macch Sia nella stampa di lingua inglese che in quella italiana si sono susseguiti elogi ditirambici, che hanno eletto la signora Rooney a esponente di spicco di una nuova generazione di scrittura creativa, immersa nella modernit e in effetti i personaggi si inviano email e sms, pensate un po E che gioia per l arrivo del suo nuovo libro Normal People che non legger mai seguita da altre entusiastiche recensioni Mah Ho ritrovato gli appunti di cui sopra Come ho detto sono molto parziali, e non fanno che sfiorare la questione della povert stilistica, ma la mediocrit del libro mi scoraggia dal tornare a rifletterci sopra pi compiutamente Non avendolo fatto, tuttavia, non mi sembra corretto dare solo una stella.E dunque nei personaggi del romanzo fa un certo effetto quella che si pu considerare vera e propria pruderie, o quantomeno mancanza di disinvoltura sessuale s vero che la protagonista Frances stata legata da una relazione amorosa, durata qualche mese e poi finita non viene detto perch , ma si parla del dispiacere di sua madre per la rottura , alla coetanea Bobbi, peraltro rimasta sua intima amica e costei accenna, quando capita e apparentemente senza scandalo degli interlocutori, alla sua identit gay Dopodich Frances pare abbia avuto per qualche tempo un boy friend, ma in ogni caso senza nessun rapporto eterosessuale completo fino ai suoi 21 anni, quando perde la verginit col bell attore Nick, marito della dinamica Melissa Fin qui, perch no Solo che Frances e Nick hanno comportamenti e discorsi da adolescenti imbranati di mezzo secolo fa in paesi come Italia o appunto Irlanda A un party lei gli d un bacio, e il giorno le arriva una email in cui lui si dichiara davvero dispiaciuto di quello che accaduto Frances scrive che no, colpa di lei Nick insiste a prendere la colpa su di s , visto che ha 11 anni di pi e che il party era per il compleanno della moglie, il che effettivamente un aspetto delicato A questo punto, Frances una donna di 21 anni gli chiede se gli capita spesso di baciare una ragazza a un party, e Nick dice che no, mai dopo il suo matrimonio Vado avanti Frances si chiede se raccontare o no a Bobbi la storia del bacino decide di no Va bene, Frances e Nick fanno finalmente l a, lei prende l iniziativa di una fellatio la sua prima, e sembrerebbe ultima volta, visti il disagio e la poca soddisfazione che si capisce in entrambi Segue gita delle due amiche a casa di Melissa e Nick in Bretagna turbamenti di Frances, addirittura difficolt di deglutizione quando compare Nick, poi addirittura una fitta in petto quando in una conversazione tra varie persone qualcuno racconta che Nick era finito a prendere un caff con una ragazza conosciuta all aeroporto ma lui si profonde in giustificazioni, dichiarando che aveva ingenuamente pensato che un caff significasse solo un caff , senza malizia AAlla faccia della modernit.

  8. Frank Fremerey Frank Fremerey says:

    emotional truth and relevance packaged in to a plot driven novel, wonderful clear observation and language with original and fitting metaphors Not the creative writing text book rule observing crap Her own voice in free style with believable multidimensional real life characters Must read

  9. zanna bianca zanna bianca says:

    All inizio il romanzo cattura per l atmosfera, i personaggi originali e soprattutto la relazione tra due amiche del cuore, una pi cupa, e io narrante Frances, e la solare Bobbi Ma poi la storia vira su un a piuttosto banale tra Frances e un uomo sposato, pi vecchio ma insomma, lui 33 lei 21 e ovviamente bellissimo, attore e marito di una fotografa e donna di grande talento Un affair che la fotografa Melissa scopre e non contrasta, come nella maggior parte dei matrimoni, dal momento che il marito ne trae giovamento per uscire dalla depressione Cos a Frances non resta che farsi del male, tagliarsi, affondare nella propria depressione, senza mai dire forse capire di essere stata usata Quando Bobbi scompare dal romanzo, un po oltre la met , come se si spegnesse la luce.

  10. Redgie Redgie says:

    Rooneys Roman wird in einem wunderbar lakonischen und leichten Ton erz hlt Im Mittelpunkt steht eine 21 j hrige irische Studentin, Slam Poetin, die Schriftstellerin werden m chte und die gemeinsam mit ihrer Ex Freundin und B hnenpartnerin ein Ehepaar Journalistin und Schauspieler kennen lernt Die Irrungen und Wirrungen beginnen Tolle Urlaubslekt re