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I normally don t enjoy books or films about hunting, especially hunting of humans However, because of the length of the story, I decided to give it a shot I m glad I did The author writes clearly, concisely, and without moral evangelizing The reader is permitted to make her own judgments about the action and choices of the characters It s a quick read that provides entertainment and an opportunity to reflect on current issues and human motivation. Not badly written, justbeen there already Not very original in my opinion Like a modern remake of an OK movie, it lacks zest, newness, audacityand left me flat. As a bookworm I enjoy trying out books from authors still unknown to me and I usually start with their first published work I ve read and enjoyed the Hunger Games series and other similar stories as well as movies with similar plots I knew from the first few chapters what the plot was about but what surprised me was how it ended Let s just say that without giving it away, it brought me to a Twilight Zone moment and that is a compliment This is a well written book and wish the author continued success I ve downloaded his other two books and look forward to exciting adventures. this was a very good book, so good that i think i will read it again so far i love everything i have read that Rick has written he is a very inventive and original writer i highly recommend this book and this author. The Most Dangerous Reality is a short story inspired by Richard Connell s classic tale The Most Dangerous Game It originally appeared in anthology The Game from Seven Realms Publishing A newly minted MD confronted with massive student loan debts decides to put himself to the ultimate challenge volunteer to be hunted for sport by a wealthy outdoorsman on a remote tropical island If he is still alive after three days, his financial problems will be solved What the doctor doesn t know is that the sportsman contracting him for the hunt is an actor as part of a reality TV show