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Seabury Quinn s short stories were featured in well than half of the pulp magazine Weird Tales original publication run His most famous character, the supernatural French detective Dr Jules de Grandin, investigated cases involving monsters, devil worshippers, serial killers, and spirits from beyond the grave, often set in the small town of Harrisonville, New Jersey In de Grandin there are familiar shades of both Arthur Conan Doyle s Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie s Hercule Poirot, and alongside his assistant, Dr Samuel Trowbridge, de Grandin s knack for solving mysteries and his outbursts of peculiar French isms grand Dieu captivated for nearly three decades Collected for the first time in trade editions, The Complete Tales of Jules de Grandin presents allpublished works featuring the supernatural detective Presented in chronological order over five volumes, this is the definitive collection of an iconic pulp hero

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  1. Mr. Robert T. Badger Mr. Robert T. Badger says:

    I first discovered Seabury Quinn and Jules de Grandin in the pages of Magazine of Horror in the seventies via a street newspaper seller in Wolverhampton who sold a few ballast publications and other Weird Tales reprint collections I Purchased a couple of the reprint books by Popular Library from the now defunct Andromeda Bookshop in Birmingham, but missed the rest I almost leapt out my seat when I made a random search in and found these by Nightshade Books The paper is not dissimilar to that of MoH and so gives that pulp magazine feel The cover illos are excellent and the binding seems well done The only thing missing is the illustrations that were in the magazine publications The introduction suggests reading one story a week so that the impact of each story is maintained ,I don t think I m that patient it would take two years to complete reading the entire collection.

  2. paul watson paul watson says:

    The most prolific writer in the Weird Tales stable is being presented in a handsome 5 volume set collecting his complete Jules de Grandin output These are no great literature but they are well crafted entertaining stories with their tongue set firmly in cheek Considering the last complete series of these by the Battered Silicon Dispatch Box are permanently out of print I can t recommend this series too highly As the fair haired French wonder would undoubtedly exclaim Nom de nom, Trowbridge, these are a bargain most rare

  3. Hughie Jones Hughie Jones says:

    I ve only read 2 or 3 stories up to now but they seem to be okay and I ll no doubt carry on with book one waiting for book two to come up at a less ridiculous price.

  4. B.A.Georgiou B.A.Georgiou says:

    The Jules de Grandin stories have always been favourites of mine, and I am over the moon that I can collect them all Looking forward to the next volume Don t know, or care, why Quinn has picked up such a bad rep over the years I read and enjoy Weird Tales authors Lovecraft and REH as well, and find Quinn a welcome addition to their ranks.

  5. Mrs. J. L. Jensen Mrs. J. L. Jensen says:

    No it did not.These are not the original stories, and contain the same spelling typographical errors as did the original 3 volume set which was published by George Vanderbugh.Also arrived with damaged Creased Cover.When will somebody reprint the original series Chris Worthington.

  6. old man old man says:



    My my These must have been the wet dreams of pulp lovers You have a parody of a Frenchman, as sought after by the ignoramus, to make the tales exotic You have a Dr Watson working as the faithful narrator for a hero who is a combination of all penny dreadful and subsequent detectives including those dealing with paranormal And you have stories By God What stories This volume contains twenty three stories, and they cover the whole gamut of pulp villains Vampires, werewolves, shape shifters of other varieties, giant snakes, reincarnation, curses imported from Asia and Africa, half breed people, Germans, sadists, cultists, Egyptian man and goddesses In short, if you can take yourself to the level of America between the two wars, and appreciate what the great unwashed used to consume as entertainment, then you are in for a tremendous ride.I am, however, already afraid of the other volumes that I have purchased, and which I have to read because they had cost me too much.Your call.

  8. k84 k84 says:

    1970 Kindle

  9. LM LM says:

    Previously only available in an expensive deluxe three volume set and an incomplete paperback series , the Jules de Grandin series will be in five volumes from Night Shade Books This volume reprints all the stories that were in Weird Tales from 1926 to 1928, starting with the first story, The Horror on the Links.This is a handsome volume, well done The tales of the supernatural Sherlock Holmes, as he was called, are pretty good, and ran right up until almost the end of the magazine, in the early 1950s De Grandin fought everything from vampires, ghosts and demons to mummies and killer cults.One odd credit on the copyright page is the claim that stories are by permission of Weird Tales Limited, but they are in fact public domain The copyright was never renewed on most issues of Weird Tales, which folded in 1954 It also says The Horror on the Links is copyright Quinn s estate That may mean it s the revised version from The Phantom Fighter collection of 1966, in which Quinn modernized the stories collected Quinn died in 1969.A worth addition to any library of pulp fiction.

  10. Rory Coker Rory Coker says:

    If you ve read typical letters from H P Lovecraft discussing the contents of the latest issues of WEIRD TALES, you know his mentions of the short stories of Seabury Quinn are generally accompanied by deep groans Quinn typically placed around 6 stories per year in the monthly WEIRD The stories feature the adventures of a Hercule Poirot clone, Jules de Grandin, as related by a dimwitted physician sidekick The introduction to the first volume of the projected 5 volume collection of these tales gives some good advice let several weeks go by between stories My recommendation is to read another, unrelated book between stories De Grandin specializes in the occult, the weird, the supernatural and the fantastic Coming up with a new supernatural menace roughly every two months for 25 years and over 90 stories meant, of course, a good deal of repeated plowing of the same furrows Sometimes Quinn finds a nice twist, as in the very first published story, where the reader will assume from the beginning that a mad doctor has invented a serum that transforms a nice young man into a murderous gorilla whenever the moon is full Wrong If you want to get the full benefit of these attractively printed and bound volumes, you will need some patience and some tolerance, because we are definitely skirting the boundaries of the kingdom of Hack And than sometimes, crossing that border.

  11. James Elfers James Elfers says:

    Seabury Quinn was a mortician who wrote in his spare time As it happened, he was the most popular writer in the annals of Weird Tales His name on the cover could boost sales tremendously His Mist popular creation were doctors turned detectives Towbridge and Jules de Grandin Overwritten but entertaining, these stories were the X Files of their day Were gorillas, disembodied spirits, exotic life forms, ancient curses, all these and were fodder for Quinn whose writing abilities never quite matched his imagination I took off a star because Quinn s wooden style has not aged well There is a reason why he faded into obscurity while Robert E Howard, August Derlieth, and H P Lovecraft became MORE famous as time progressed Once you learn the ins and outs of Quinn s quite idiosyncratic style, he becomes much fun to read Your milage may vary.

  12. Raven Raven says:

    Doctor of the occult, the bizarre, and the outr This beautiful book contains 22 stories of Dr Jules de Grandin, published in Weird Tales Magazine from 1925 1928 It is volume one in a series that promises to reprint all of the tales Seabury Quinn wrote featuring the little blonde Frenchman with his vast knowledge and experience with the unknown.Jules de Grandin resides for the most part with his friend and biographer Dr Samuel Trowbridge in Harrisonville, New Jersey Dr Trowbridge and Grandin travel widely, and some of their adventures occur in other countries.Across these 22 stories our heroic duo battles demons, ghosts, vampires, and such creatures There is almost always a lovely woman who is in danger of losing both body and soul.Jules de Grandin, much like Sherlock Holmes has supreme faith in his own abilities and knowledge He comes across as pompous and self promoting He has little use for those who cannot see what he sees He is often short with Dr Trowbridge to the point of insult, as Holmes was with Dr Watson In the end, he will always return to his friendship with Trowbridge and give an explanation of his thought process and how he succeeded in saving the day.In these first 22 stories, I give Best in Book to The Gods of East and West The story I liked the least was The Dead Hand Fans of Holmes, Carnacki the Ghost Finder, John the Balladeer, John Thunstone, etc should be able to enjoy these tales with much delight I give the volume five stars plus Quoth the Raven