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Great to see that Maddox and Ben got there happy ending this was a very good read can t wait for the next book in the series excellent 4.5 stars I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.I absolutely loved this story This series is all about military men and for the first time the author starts the story with a terrifying SEAL deployment that goes horribly wrong The initial action sequence is horrific but grimly realistic and it provides readers with an intense introduction to Ben and Maddox Once home, this friends to lovers story is gritty and full of soul searching angst as Ben and Maddox weigh their feelings for each other against the very different future each man envisions for himself.During rehabilitation, Maddox realises he doesn t want to re enlist He wants to open a bakery and he wants a husband and a family Ben can t wait until he s cleared and medically fit He loves being a SEAL He s also terrified of commitment For years, Maddox and Ben have been inseparable They live together, they socialise together and they ve been secretly in love with each other for much of their friendship And their sexual chemistry is off the charts there are some scorching hot scenes in this book These two are wonderful together.I do have a couple of reservations about this book there were moments where Ben s self destructive behaviour was than irritating I also struggled with Maddox s need for a traditional, monogamous heteronormative life The experienced Navy SEAL reads a little bit like a needy Bridget Jones at times and some scenes feel unnecessarily emasculating This is the second book in this series that seems to assign m m couples outdated traditional m f gender roles and mindsets and it really doesn t work for me.I know I m over analysing a wonderful story that I read in a single sitting It left me on a feel good high and I thoroughly enjoyed it The friends to lovers story is intensified by the fact that these two aren t just friends, they regularly entrust their lives to each other This is definitely my favourite story in the series and I m hoping for some action scenes in the next book. On Point is a third book in Out of Uniform series by Annabeth Albert.Maddox Horvat and Ben Tovey have been best friends for a long time They work together and live together, but it s not enough for Maddox any He realizes that he wants and needs But their friendship s been weird for a past couple of months and Mad is quite sure that Ben doesn t want him that way And after being in great danger on a mission, some things must change This series is getting better and better Maddox and Ben were an odd not a couple for a long time, but after close to death experience things change I loved their story it was so absorbing, I stayed in bed all day to read it It was full of hot SEALs afraid of their own feelings, but also full of affection and emotions And best friends to lovers is one of my favorite trope Those guys were great together I adored both of them even when Ben was being his grumpy self Plus, an epilogue was a pure bliss Highly recommended riends who ve not been able to see beyond damaging that friendship if they revealed their feelings and things went pear shaped Friends to lovers is a fave trope of mine, but this took its sweet time coming.But, this book has a voyeuristic m nage scene and one actual m nage one, that whilst both consensual, didn t do anything for me, and in fact, turned me off the Ben character a little There s quite a lot of bonding in this whilst the guys are on a mission that goes bad, and that was perhaps the most enjoyable part of the tale for me, but I didn t like that the rest felt a bit rushed It seemed that Maddox s needs wants plans likes were mostly an afterthought and that he didn t get enough page time.The leads end up in a good place, with Ben doing the I didn t see that coming , which normally would be the icing on my cake, but for me, it missed the mark a little Yes, he needed to be the onedoing thisbut if I were Maddox, I d have wanted of a conversation, especially as the mention of future m nages wasn t entirely ruled out.ARC courtesy of NetGalley and Carina Press, for my reading pleasure. Never fall for your best friend Pushing , with his reenlistment looming, decorated navy sniper Maddox Horvat is taking a long look at what he really wants in life And what he wants is Ben Tovey It isn t smart, falling for his best friend and fellow SEAL, butyears with Ben has forged a bond so intimate Maddox can t ignore it He needs Ben by his side forever heart and soul Ben admits he likes what he s seen his friend s full lower lip and the perfect muscles of his ass have proved distracting than once But Ben s still reeling from a relationship gone to hell, and he s not about to screw up his friendship with Maddox, too Until their next mission throws Ben and Maddox closer together than ever before, with only each other to depend on Now, in the lonely, desperate hours awaiting rescue, the real challenge confronting themselves, their future and their desires begins Man to man, friend to friend, lover to lover This is book three in the Out of Uniform series Don t miss the first two books Book one Off Base Book two At Attention Wow This story is the best yet of the series Maddox and Ben make a great team out on missions together The chemistry is between them but Ben doesn t do dating since he s got issues starting from his mother A freinds to lovers story but it doesn t go smoothly with Maddox holding something from Ben There s angst with the freinds going to a boyfreinds thing and not wanting to ruin their friendship Hot scenes with voyeurism with a third and The ending is beautiful and the story held my attention all the way.Maddox and Ben were Navy Seals and best freinds Both where expecting to hear wheels up any day for a mission.Mad had a crush on Ben but Ben liked the hookups that he could get The mission to rescue men in the jungle goes horribly wrong. I wanted to like this, I really did I think I enjoyed the writing but I disliked the characters I love Maddox, he is everything I wanted him to be troubled past with a stunning skill set But Ben, Ben pissed me off I dislike his whole deal, his arrogance, his coping I spent a chunk of my reading time wanting to grab the big bad SEAL bitch slap him and say that poor behaviour by others doesn t give you license to hurt people.Nice cameos from Apollo and Pike And I like Bens family, Camila is a stunning woman There aren t many female characters in these books but when they are there they are well designed and not token.Annabeth Albert writes floored characters, I knew that coming in, usually, I enjoy it but not when it goes this far. Annabeth Albert ist in k rzester Zeit zu einer meiner Lieblingsautorinnen des Genres geworden, und besonders ihre Out of Uniform Reihe hat es mir angetan In On Point erz hlt sie eine sehr sch ne Friends to lovers Story, die keine W nsche offen l sst. BEN AND MADDOX, YOU GUYS In my review for At Attention, I mentioned that I so wanted to read a book for Ben and Maddox and here we are This is my favorite of the three Out of Uniform books so far I m just drowning in all the happy feels after reading this book We re introduced to Ben and Maddox in the last book these are all standalone HEA romances, but reading them in order is so much fun Ben and Maddox are just roommates and best friends, but everyone seems to think there s something going on between them because they are very entertaining company Or at least, everyone thinks Maddox has a one sided crush on Ben.Maddox loves baking in his spare time and Ben likes hooking up with any and every attractive guy he comes across WELL These two are Navy SEALs and have trained, been on the same team, and been best friends for the past twelve years When Ben comes out of a relationship that ended badly and started rooming with Maddox, they re both in denial about their feelings for one another, scared that admitting anything will ruin their friendship.Ben and Maddox are out on a mission to rescue a hostage with their team and things go badly They get separated from their team and have to survive by relying on one another, even when they re on awkward terms There are some flashback scenes to show what caused the awkwardness to wedge between Ben and Maddox This part of the book is actually pretty intense Because 1 I didn t know how long they were going to be stuck in this scenario and 2 the characters could get seriously injured and possibly die Okay, maybe not quite that dire, since this is a promised HEA after all But, still It made me nervous.To avoid spoiling anything, I won t say anything about that This is just one of the best friends to lovers books I ve read and these Ben and Maddox are seriously one of my favorite couples now The book is told from both Ben and Maddox s POV I wouldn t say it s an angsty book, especially compared to At Attention We do get a lot of cameos from the couples in the previous two books Zack, Pike, Apollo, and Dylan Ben and Maddox have some really steamy scenes, in case the book cover doesn t convince you or if you ve never read an Annabeth Albert book.What I am super excited about is that the next book is about Dustin Dylan s brother and Apollo s best friend and I need this now It s not going to be out until November, so I guess I ll just re read all three of the Out of Uniform books until then Thanks to Carina Press for providing me an ARC through NetGalley WOW On Point is another fantabulous book by the awesome Annabeth Albert I ve loved every book I ve read yet I feel she just keeps getting better and better I recommend putting her on your automatic one click author list Her stories are full of depth and heart, with characters who come alive on the pages of her books You won t find cardboard stereotypes which is one of the many things I love about her books.Ben and Maddox are a dynamite couple Their sex appeal and chemistry is palpable I know their HEA will truly last forever because they built their relationship on a solid, 12 year friendship They ve seen each other at their best and their worst, as well as everything in between It still takes learning to really communicate to achieve their HEA Very realistic.I can t urge you enough to read On Point I laughed, cried, got angry, wanted to slap some sense into both of them I was fully invested in the story and read it in one setting If you haven t read Annabeth Albert, what are you waiting for