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Featuring a conversation with the authors In a spectacular father son collaboration like no other, Stephen King and Owen King tell the highest of high stakes stories what might happen if women disappeared from the world of men In a future so real and near it might be now, something happens when women go to sleep they become shrouded in a cocoon like gauze If they are awakened, if the gauze wrapping their bodies is disturbed or violated, the women become feral and spectacularly violent, and while they sleep they go to another place The men of our world are abandoned, left to their increasingly primal devices One woman, however, the mysterious Evie, is immune to the blessing or curse of the sleeping disease Is Evie a medical anomaly to be studied Or is she a demon who must be slain Set in a small Appalachian town whose primary employer is a women s prison, Sleeping Beauties is a wildly provocative, gloriously absorbing father son collaboration between Stephen King and Owen King

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  1. Simmobb2 Simmobb2 says:

    Yaaawwwwnnnn Dreadful by recent standards Read Mr Mercedes trilogy then read this and you d swear that they couldn t be written by the same guy Utter tosh plot, poor characterisation and not worth buying Never thought I d say that as an avid SK reader

  2. Nadine D Nadine D says:

    It wasn t ok I can normally read a book off several hundred pages in a few days but this monster too me months Like 5 months I got so annoyed with reading it that I just wanted to give up but I d already told myself I couldn t read another book until I finished this one, which has ended up with me having about 10 new books waiting for me to read them on my book shelves Though I liked the story well enough I found myself lost with the sheer mass of characters in use If it wasnt for the character index at the beginning of the book I wouldn t have been completly lost and would ve put it down.I m glad I finished it but I don t think I ll pick it up again.

  3. Annie Annie says:

    Not the best of Stephen king by a long way Poor story with no depth to the characters.Finished it but wished I hadn t bothered.

  4. Caroline Mitchell Caroline Mitchell says:

    the characterisation, although it was challenging to keep track of the number of people involved I bought this book both in hardback and audio and while the hardback does come with a guide to each character, I found myself using the audio mainly as the book was so huge and long I d listen to it in the car, walking the dogs, and at home It was entertaining and I did enjoy it but I d be lying if I said I wasn t relieved when I came to the end Speaking of the end it all felt like a bit of an anti climax I can t quite put my finger on it I did enjoy it overall though, hence the five stars I just didn t get as emotionally involved as I do in his older work A great premise that will leave you questioning your beliefs, but not my favourite I m afraid.

  5. jfmdac jfmdac says:

    I read some of the negative reviews and just can t believe they were about the same book still, each to their own I do agree with one positive review that the man bashing got a bit over emphasised, bu apart from that, I thoroughly enjoyed this read I ll put it up there with IT, and The Stand, no problem Maybe the gender racism politics was partly to do with the collaboration, but I don t care For me it was Stephen doing the kind of thing that has kept me reading his stuff for so many years.Brilliant.

  6. Mark Ward Mark Ward says:

    I don t like to be critical of Stephen King, mainly, as he has written so many best sellers and even his worst books are still very readable, but I did struggle with this one I had three main issues with it one, was there was simply too many characters It made the book hard to follow when putting it down and resuming a day or two later, and it made it hard to become attached to any of them, thus, hard to actually care if they live or die There are so many characters to follow, there is actually an index at the start of the book with their names, families and professions Fine for a big epic series like Game of Thrones, or the Dark Tower anthology, but a bit strange for a book like this The second issue was, without wanting to spoil anything, although it was an interesting concept, there was no real point to the book, nothing really gets explained And the third issue was, it seemed to be relentlessly bashing men, talking of the faults of men, how men have ruined the world, how all women in prison are there because it s men s fault etc Some valid points no doubt, but it does become a bit tiresome and ends up becoming the theme of the whole book.All of that aside, it was a good book for a fiver, it is a decent read, but nowhere near his finest work He has collaborated with his son Owen on this book, but it still feels like Stephen King, and it s not noticeable who has written what chapter.Purchase it for a holiday read, or if you can get through a book in a week or two Kills some time, but it is not a King classic If you just read a chapter here and there and stretch the book out over time, you will be completely lost when you pick it back up again, with 20 or 30 main characters and stories constantly jumping between different people, families, times and even different worlds dimensions.

  7. H. BROLLY H. BROLLY says:

    Never thought I would give this rating to a Stephen King novel written in conjunction with his son Despite the usual splendid depth of characters I found the story quite bland and boring in parts At times I felt like joining the sleepers but struggled to the end Not one I would recommend.

  8. Jim Bowen Jim Bowen says:

    This book is genuinely pretty good It sees women go to sleep, and get covered in webbing a la the victims in Invasion of the Body Snatchers Once covered, you can t rouse them, and if you try, they come over all psychopathic, before going back to sleep.Once the women are asleep, society promptly falls apart in less than a week if you can credit it , because men, of course, can t cope without women The men realise there s something about one of the women that makes them suspicious, so of course they decide to act in a typically man way to get her to tell them what s what Carnage ensues.The women s mind are transported to a parallel world run by women They create their society, and find out how life can be without men I can t work out which stereotype irritates me , the soft gentle women building a society from the get go, or the rapid disintegration of the men s world, once the women are gone.This is a strange book I ve read The Fireman by Joe Hill by one of King s other children , and the similarities between this book and that one has to make you think Didn t they talk to one another before they wrote It s not only that book to which there are similarities I ve mentioned The Invasion of the Body Snatchers But I was also reminded of elements of The Stand and Duma Key, which are both by King, and The Day the Earth Stood Still too If you can get over the similarities, you ll enjoy the book If you can t maybe not so much.

  9. Pilou de Kolwezi Pilou de Kolwezi says:

    J ai choisi cette note parce que je suis un inconditionnel de Stephen King, que l histoire est tr s originale et bien ficel e Encore un best seller qui fera peut tre encore l objet d un film ou d une s rie.J ai du mal a d celer la diff rence d criture et de rythme entre le p re King et le fils Owen tant ils sont semblables.Je ne regrette pas le prix version Kindle de cet achat Un peu cher par rapport une version papier bien plus co teuse pour l diteur, m me si c est ce dernier qui a fix le prix de la version Kindle Je ne comprends pas D lais d exp dition bien imm diat pardi Merci une fois de plus.Je recommande vivement, m me si une critique b te et m chante a trouv qu il y avait trop de personnages et de longueurs Ce genre de lecteur doit se limiter aux fables et contes pour enfants.Le King, c est

  10. Harsh Gopal Harsh Gopal says:

    When I was done with the book, the first line of the author s note made me smile.If a fantasy novel is to be believable, the details underpinning it must be realistic.Right Absolutely right.Sleeping Beauties is a joint effort by the Father and Son King duo and the plot is very very interesting The idea that women who fall asleep start to get covered in a cocoon, a white sticky thread Something similar to the ear wax , intrigued me The whole incident happens just like any other normal day to day activity in our life where people eventually start freaking out at the happenings There s a lot happening.We all know how much King hates Donald Trump and that is evident in Sleeping Beauties.There are a LOT of characters in the book and the list of characters at the beginning of the book scared me I shouldn t be surprised that I didn t have to look at that list to remember the characters.There were references to a dead cat and Mercedes Is the fanboy in me connecting dots or are they for real DSleeping Beauties is a metaphor that lasts 700 plus pages Its a fable on how the current world has taken the opposite genders for granted Its a great book no doubt, but I wish it had a tighter ending.

  11. Max Max says:

    I m one of those constant readers Stephen King often tips his hat to in a novel s afterword Wouldn t miss a book he wrote, usually go for the hardcover Have his collected works shelved beside Steinbeck, Hemingway and Fitzgerald.That said, here s a word of advice for anyone who thinks they re going to get King Sr plus King Jr in Sleeping Beauties The narrative reads pretty much as if Owen wrote it and Dad helped in a way that wouldn t encroach upon the younger writer s developing literary style.King typically has a reader sniffing at the bait before the end of the first page and chomping down hard before the end of chapter one this book is a page turner only in the sense that I keep turning those pages searching for the darned hook The dialogue, the characters, the plot development, all handily rendered but not particularly engaging Overall, meh.Not a book I d read, sorry I bought it.

  12. Monia Monia says:

    Apr s quelques d ceptions la lecture de ses derniers romans, je retrouve enfin le Stephen King que j ai aim Celui qui m a fait passer de folles nuits blanches de lectureC est bien crit, fluide, avec du suspens mais aussi et surtout une vraie histoire, et une bonne piste de r flexion sur notre soci t nouveau je me suis retrouv e en train d attendre la moindre occasion de reprendre le cours de ma lecture, me demander ce qui allait se passer, pourquoi certains personnages agissaient ainsiJe vous conseille donc d attaquer ce roman en ayant du temps pour le savourer, et pour vous laisser prendre au jeu

  13. ALBERTO D. ALBERTO D. says:

    Starting with Christine in the 80s which was my first SK novel, but I managed to read all the previous ones since then I ve read literally everything coming from Stephen s pen typewriter, word processor, PC, whatever and if I could get hold of his grocery list I d read it as well.Something attracted me than something else for instance, I m not a big fan of Dark Tower stuff , nevertheless I ve made a point to buy and read each little bit of his work because I simply love the way he writes.Sadly and this is not a stab at Owen s back, it s not his fault , this book is not what I expected in the last ten years or so I ve been waiting and hoping for the real SK feel I used to find in his novels to come back Mr Mercedes worked it out a little , and I had great expectations about this title, after glancing at the subject just moments before clicking on the Buy Now button Well, It just didn t work Too long with no purpose, IT was way longer, but there was a good reason , somewhat boring and predictable, most of the characters are dull and pointless.I ve read it for a sense of respect it s their work, I ve bought it, caveat emptor they say and it s alright , but it s not my idea of a real King Family job.The times are a changing, though, and maybe it s just me If I were a teenager as I was when I first read a SK book probably I would have loved it, dunno, but in my late forties I just need something Anyways, If you re pondering about buying the book, go ahead and give it a try probably it won t disappoint you, but if you are new to SK stuff make sure you read some of his classics also, you ll get the point of my review.