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Since leaving her family s pack, Victoria has acquired many enemies One of them has cursed her with the inability to turn at the full moon Each un shift is painfully worse than the last, breaking bones as well as her optimism Before finding the cure, Victoria must figure out who is behind it, and that proves harder than it would seem Even with the high witch, a valkyrie, and a former troll king on her side, the mystery only continues to deepen A cursed body is unearthed, and friends disappear Can Victoria and her new pack find the cure in time to save both her and their missing friends Love this book Finally Victoria can finally run with her pack, she s free of her family and looking forward to being with Toby for good Now all they need to discover is who took her memories and her ability to shift I can t wait to find out her sister, is she alive or dead, it s a little confusing One minute Victoria says she gone, the next she s missing I hope the next book clears that up. With just as much wolfy, paranormal drama and smoldering romance, this is a strong sequel I didn t love it QUITE as much as book one, but I like how Victoria and Toby s relationship grew, and the look into their past, along with the growing threat surrounding them Great action, layers upon layers of mystery, and an awesome cast of characters I m so glad I started this series After reading the Transformed series, I just had to read this spin off series too Absolutely love these stories look forward to the next follow on series now I ve completed these books.