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The autobiography of a cycling legend that will become a much loved classic The much anticipated autobiography of the greatest Australian cyclist of all time Famous in the sport for his meticulous preparation and an athlete who prided himself on his ability to leave it all on the road, Evans writes about the triumphs, the frustrations, the training, the preparation, the psychology of the sport, his contemporaries, the legends and his enduring love of cycling A riveting and forensic account of his life on the bike from his beginnings as the youngest winner of a World Cup in mountain biking to the oldest post War winner of the Tour de France One of only four cyclists in the world to have finished on the podium of all three Grand Tours the Tour de France, Giro d Italia and Vuelta a Espana as well as winning the UCI Road World Championship, Cadel s autobiography is a tribute to a once in a lifetime sporting talent This book will put you on the bike alongside Cadel as he recounts the races and the moments that mattered as he places in the topin six Tours de France and becomes Australia s first, and only, Tour de France champion and first, and only, Road World Champion Be there on the road as he claims the points jersey at the Giro d Italia and as he wins some of the world s greatest races the Tour of Austria twice , the Tour de Romandie twice , the Settimana Coppi e Bartali, Tirreno Adriatico, Fl che Wallone, the Criterium International and the Giro del Trentino

6 thoughts on “The Art of Cycling (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Cadel Evans, Alan King, Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Sue Sue says:

    This book topped my expectations From growing up in the outback to his achievements gained by some amazing grit and determination, it was very readable and held my interest right up to the last page Although seemingly sometimes a bit of a prickly personality when being interviewed, this book really explores the person he is and explains his focus and sensitivity that explains his outbursts from time to time I don t think he was a particularly flamboyant rider, but have always been impressed with his determination and refusal to quit What I hadn t realised was his empathy for people and the love of his dog who kept him grounded when he was catapaulted into the headlines and a top professional rider A long book that must have taken a great amount of time to write It is written well and deserves to be read.

  2. Troy Van-Eda Troy Van-Eda says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed Cadels writing the book is very well written of his highs and lows in cycling.Well worth reading.

  3. Ross McDougall Ross McDougall says:

    This is a great insight into cycling competition, and into the lengths to which one can push the body if efficiency and excellence is prioritised above all.I never knew Evans was a mountain biking world champion before he switched to road racing, and all the origin story information was fantastic It was great to see the parts all come together to allow a boy from rural Australia move to Europe and take on the giants in the cycling world.Of particular note, I really enjoyed the writing style of this book Evans maintained professionalism through most challenging interactions and even managed to find positivity in the recollection of the tough times in his career and life In current days where it seems almost in vogue to let the mofos fly, Evans shows mature restraint and always finds a constructive was to illustrate his response to what he s presented with.For me, the book slowed down a little when diving into deep detail of many of the races he took part in A take away for me was the preparation and race craft in the sport something I d never understood to the degree I do now that makes all the difference between winning the race and winning a seat in an ambulance.I appreciated Evans honesty and frankness when he was really struggling such introspection and personal reflection is often missing in sports books while the writer looks for others to blame, but time has allowed Evans to look inside himself and come to a logical conclusion without minimising it or trying to hide it.The book has made me want to go for a ride I don t know if I ll get to the hundred kilometers that Evans did maybe cumulatively over a year , but I do know I ll find things in it to enjoy and I ll be watching the Tour this year with a fresh set of eyes.Excellent work

  4. Tim Robson Tim Robson says:

    I ve followed Cadel s career from his Apollo days in the early 1990s, and I m so pleased this autobiography doesn t sugarcoat the tough stuff He is a unique character both in the world of cycling and in real life, and this book perfectly captures both sides of that character After than a decade on the road bike myself, Cadel s book has not only taught me some new tips, but reminded me to enjoy the rode Chapeau

  5. Peter Moore Peter Moore says:

    A very human story of dedication to the profession of cycling I am sure we have not heard the last of Cadel Evans life is what it is epitomises Cadel s approach to cycling and writing.

  6. Annie F Annie F says:

    Reminded me of all the stories from the Tour de France, and answered all the questions Cadel s story was interesting, as I expected.