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lasy mans moto trip,uninspried,dull,lack of insight into process self etc,,boring Brought back many memories.I did solo tours in 73 75 on a 650cc Yamaha XM..each about 5,000 miles half his distance but I started in Kansas City I grew up in Idaho Montana so Routed up to my old haunts Tetons Yellowstone then NW, to Pacific then routed home via Sanfran, LA and routing thru Arizon and NM.They were each 9 day trips so lacked the sight seeing he included They were about the ride , wish I d doubled the time Working in those days 24 25 yrs old so out and back Free Lance camping all the way.His book really hit the Freedom of the ride and his suggestions at the end were right on Charles I are about the same age Ready to follow his lead and do it again I also spent time in Khatmandu in late 80s..engineering work in Khatmandu and water supply from outline regions. In a style not unlike your approach to travel, your writing struck a chord in me The way you cut through unneeded prose just as you did without an over built bike or luxuries versus Spartan essentials made for an excellent read While recovering from 4 spine surgeries over the years I have stayed close to my favorite pastime by reading many books about the topic while on the mend Yours stands out in the way it doesn t bog down the reader with the usual layers of a fiction novel almost always suffers your book is not without its own literary technique but I found it refreshing and to the point It seemed as if that was due in large part to how you tick in general.passing on My St Helens for example I guess it s true that we leave a bit of ourselves for all to see in everything we write Your book moved me and fortified my desire to write down my recollections of a lifetime of motorcycle adventures and trips yet to come.I close my first review ever with a sincere Thank You I wish you well and I hope to read about of your adventures. This retelling of the author s trek across America, by motorcycle, is an amazing piece of work It is by no means written to appeal to biking enthusiasts, alone On the contrary, the author tells his story with a charm and wit that will appeal to men and women, young and old.And what is that story It is a story about America, spliced here and there with just enough history to entertain you But mainly, America is revealed in the telling of the story itself, an America that existed in 1988, which some will fondly recognize and others will never know existed.The author has no axes to grind, except maybe his own There is a light coming of age feeling to the events that unfold, but mainly, I heard pure joy and openness to possibility in the author s voice, even when the going got rough, as it often did, for various reasons.I think the part that stuck most with me was being dropped into this adventure, as the author was, in 1988, without the aid of cell phones or any other devices that keep us so connected and yet not connected to everyone else, leaving us to connect with the land, the people, and ultimately, ourselves.Whether you ever contemplate a trip like this or not, much less take one, the story has a lot to offer.It is America, frozen in the lens of the author s words and pictures, as it existed in a seemingly simpler, and infinitely happier, place and time. Excited for this book, since I also left NJ on a motorcycle in the 1980s for a cross country adventure The author s account of his trip sounded like an account I might write about my job, little enthusiasm and, at times, dismal It sometimes felt like his journey was a job I hope he embraced and enjoyed his adventure than this book indicates. When I read this was a book about a guy in 1988 on a solo motorcycle trip across the US I couldn t resist A very well written book, often poetically scribed and descriptive If you love motorcycle adventure stories, this is a must read I found it hard to put down and in the end it left me wanting A book you will actually read every page, cover to cover This book will be placed in my personal library of great reads. This is a great traveling book story Almost everyone can identify with a road trip and this is one of the ultimate ones Since I have been to all or many of the places and remember my own feelings and good times and not so good It is great for the detail and descriptions of the location, the weather and the situation Easy to put yourself into the authors boots Also, the decisions the author makes are not without the normal internal tormenting, should I or shouldn t I.An easy read which is great for bringing everyone back in touch with their own wanderlust.Highly recommend.It also rekindles the spirit for new adventures Well done. Just finished the book and truly enjoyed it I have been doing annual western expeditions since 2007 , often alone, and the book resonated with me Many of the places didn t change but they are all crowded now My experience with people has been positive, I think that there is acceptance towards motorcyclists today, and the big adventure bike and dusty rally suit often triggers a friendly conversation.I think that riders who have experienced a long ride with long riding days will find passages that will remind them of past moments and I think that non riders who wonder what riding through north America is all about will enjoy the book as well In the long hot summer of , the author packed up his motorcycle and pulled out of the garage with no destination or return date in mind The yearwould prove to be the worst drought since the dustbowl of the s Yellowstone would burn, Ronald Reagan would shake his fist at the Evil Empire, and the author, oblivious to it all, hit the road and never looked back That trip would consume the entire summer, logging over , miles from sea to sea and back Alone in the Wind is the account of that trip PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your Library section along with the audio This book was a pleasant surprise as both a travel journal and a journal of personal change It did an excellent job conveying both the adventure and the hassles of the open road in a mix of anecdotes and internal musings as the author followed his path and deviated from it For me, the book also provided a very unique alternate view of the 80 s and I found myself doing a lot of where was I when he was doing this..It s an enjoyable read on the Kindle and when I picked up the print version during a deal, I enjoyed it even.