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Jack London worshiped strong and virtuous heroes, and his stories give great weight to the inevitable triumph of good over evil His telling of the adventures of Humphrey van Weydon in The Sea Wolf is in keeping with this theme of moral man His powerful and gripping saga of van Weydon s capture by a seal hunting ship and the ensuing tangles with its dreaded captain, Wolf Larsen, makes this a classic American tale of peril and victory

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  1. K. wrigglesworth K. wrigglesworth says:

    Wolf Larsen Captain Ahab Lucifers Ying Yang Maybe not the Great American Novel but exciting good old fashioned story telling at its best.

  2. David S David S says:

    read for my Probus book club A good yarn but the sailing jargon was a bit too much to follow Typical of the style of its era Too much of the introspective psychology Use of coincidence a bit unblievable

  3. S. Rodriguez S. Rodriguez says:

    It amazes me how the classic books are so well written I love books that cause me to go to a dictionary to find what a word means I will definitely read if his books.This book took me through the emotional feelings of drowning, fighting for one s mental stability and still trusting that love exists in yourself when others try to crush it It answers the questions of How does one survive when by no circumstances of his own he is rescued by a man of no conscience How can one maintain his own ethical standards when faced with evil in a person How can one survive to be an overcomer Great book

  4. CDK CDK says:

    Sea Wolf was very good I don t doubt that life at sea was like that at that time Seeing Humphrey the person telling the story mature and begin to stand up for himself was interesting As I read the first few pages I wondered if I would stick with it, but after I got into the story I couldn t wait to see how it would progress.I thought Humphrey would be much like Jack London himself, but he wasn t at all He was an interesting 35 year old who started out very meek.

  5. J. Thompson J. Thompson says:

    This book is one of my favorites and I bought another copy of the paperback to give someone.This book is worth reading but the paper back is printed in Comic Sans I was embarrassed and apologized That might be a deal breaker for some, so you might want to buy a different version.

  6. Bobfnbw Bobfnbw says:

    The tale of the sea Of men and ships long gone Hunting seals traveling the seven seas hard men The story while at times irritating, still was a story that I love to read Not the first time I ve read it, and probably not the last I enjoy each and every time.

  7. Ms. Shopalot Ms. Shopalot says:

    After reading The Call of the Wild and White Fang, I dove into The Sea Wolf Wait This one is different..slogging through character development and philosophy that seemed to go nowhere, I almost gave up Don t Stick with Mr London through the story and you ll be rewarded with a satisfying story, character insight and thought provoking outcomes True to form, his beautiful use of language and structure is challenging but delicious Jack doesn t spare the drama in his depiction of life at sea For literature fans who eschew pop novels, this one s a treat.

  8. Sandra Edwards Sandra Edwards says:

    The words and concepts are worth the time it takes to read this book The words are archaic and compact The concept of having a soul is worth contemplating.

  9. Peter Brandvold Peter Brandvold says:

    This is the greatest of all of Jack London s novels Highly recommended to young and old.

  10. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    m the restless brine two souls that love and care even for him, as they grow to love one another

  11. Glenn Glenn says:

    There was no laboring to read this book, because it was so gripping that I couldn t put it down It s been a long time since I ve enjoyed a book so much.

  12. z55z.co Customer z55z.co Customer says:

    Jack London is to me one of those authors that is hard for me to read I began reading this book and thought I was getting into it However the reading did the less enthused I was t got to the point that about half way through I gave up I really only wanted to read about what London had to say about San Francisco so I found myself skipping half the book to get to the San Francisco writing.The book will be in my library but won t be read by me.