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Prepare yourself for How to Cycle Faster, which is packed full of proven methods that give rapid and remarkable results Focus on techniques using established and powerful systems to guarantee success Now you too can perform like a professional Soon you will be cycling at speeds faster than you ever thought possible In this comprehensive book you will discover How you can measure improvement in your cranking power Why you have to understand the different zones of a pedal stroke Are you a masher or a spinner How to increase cadence What is low cadence work good for What does speedwork mean for you as a cyclist How you can avoid injury and boost endurance with cross training Why is core strength so important to your success What are the super foods for cyclists and how will they help you And so much It s time for action I invite you to use this valuable information to unleash the power of your cycling I m a seasoned marathoner who is looking for new challenges So I thought training for a triathlon would be a fun thing to do The problem I m horrible on the bike That s why I picked up Mr Bradbrook s guide.What I like about this book is it focused on a single thing Helping you increase your overall speed I appreciate how he provides a plan for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced cyclist I m definitely in the beginner stagebut I like knowing there s a training plan for when I take my time to the next level Also, his information on pedal stroke and finding the right cadence were excellent.Overall, I think this is a handy little book that can help me get a little bit better with this whole cycling thing. Excellent book, I have just started back cycling after a 40year break and didn t realise how hard it was.This book helped me back with loads of helpful tips See you on the road ,thanks. Informative book with good tips that you can take onto the bike I like the fact it accommodates all levels ok I did a Triathlon several years ago, and did all my bike training on a stationary bikebecause it was the easiest way to schedule that training it was a big mistake I figured I d been riding a bike my whole lifewhat was to be learned about that aspect of the triathlon I wish I d read this book at any time in my training this book is full of great tips and training ideas.From the Glossary of terms to the full explanation of Peddle Stroke and Cadence variation, the complete inside information on diet before and after the ride as well as hydration tips and core strengthening exercisesthis is a complete guide to Cycling and Fitness in general well written and very clear concepts. In failing to state that this is for complete beginners, the title is very misleading The book talks entirely about generalities, and contains to little specific factual information to be of any use I wasted my money. Too many outdated facts and inaccurate advice Tyre width, wheel choice and trying to be a nutritionist Not so great.