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I m not an avid book reader, but with that being said, I couldn t put the book down I ended up purchasing another book of his when I finished with this It s pretty cool to hear all of the things that he s involved with. Not a demanding read but insightful about sums it up Martin spends a little too much time self deprecating to the point where you wonder if he really believes what he says he thinks of himself Non the less, the book gave me a much clearer insight into a clearly competent athlete and technically able Motorsport enthusiast The writing style is well suited to the potential audience this book will be aimed at, mainly blokes and with an understanding of the demands placed on both men and machines when trying to break records or indeed set them Definitely worth a read and has set me up to look at his other books which to date had largely passed me by I ve read the other books by Guy Martin, and this book is just as good if not better Guys antics are all told with just the right amount of detail and humour.He is an amazing man showing humility and a brave drive to be the best he can, whilst doing some amazingly dangerous things and above all punishing his body to achieve it.Can t wait for his next book and tv program to come out.Wishing him all the best with his endeavours. A splendid story of a hard Lincolnshire mechanic who really is an engineer His accounts of making precision parts for his bikes made me wish for details of this aspect of his abilities.His cycling feats are athletic without the celebrity coach a few yards behind in the Range rover.Filling up with calories and just going for it reminded me of The Great Wilson stories in the 1950 s Rover comic. An interesting insight into the complexities of the man himself The comments he makes about his inner chimp fascinates me It s there in me, although I never recognised it until recently Thanks for letting us into your world Guy Well as per the last two, over the past few days I have been glued to this There is something just totally relatable to Guy, the bloke who you want to cheer on as he just does what he wants to do One of the most interesting things for me is reading how Guy s thoughts and views change throughout the book and the way he shows how his thought process works Loved it to bits, can t wait for the next one Very interesting and funny read I think Guy is a down to earth man While he is doing tv work, his feet still seem planted firmly on the ground He does some stuff to push himself physically and mentally. Good book Brilliant book just like the first two Love Tue way he just says it as it is and is so down to earth Doesn t matter if you re not into Road racing or bikes there is so much to guy and it s well worth a read Can t wait to get my copy of his new book. I was never going to sleep in and take it easy There were worms to catch In AugustGuy Martin crashed out of the lead of an Ulster Grand Prix superbike race held on the world s fastest racetrack He had invasive surgery to bolt his broken spine and hand back together, and within days he decided he needed some time away from road racing But he wasn t about to take it easy In his brand new book, discover how Britain s favourite daredevil filled his time when road racing was taken out of the equation He set about breaking records on the world s biggest Wall of Death, cycling , miles across the length of the United States while sleeping rough , attempting to be the fastest person ever on two wheels and travelling to Latvia to investigate his family s roots There s some thrilling racing, too, including wild Harley choppers on dirt and turbo charged Transit vans through the Nevada desert And there s the day job to get back to in North Lincolnshire the truck yard and the butty van