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Anne Boleyn A King s Obsession by best selling historian Alison Weir, author of Katherine of Aragon The True Queen, is the second captivating novel in the Six Tudor Queens series An unforgettable portrait of the ambitious woman whose fate we know all too well, but whose true motivations may surprise you Essential listening for fans of Philippa Gregory and Elizabeth Chadwick The young woman who changed the course of history Fresh from the palaces of Burgundy and France, Anne draws attention at the English court, embracing the play of courtly love But when the King commands, nothing is ever a game Anne has a spirit worthy of a crown and the crown is what she seeks At any price Anne Boleyn The second of Henry s Queens Her story History tells us why she died This powerful novel shows her as she lived Six Tudor Queens Six novels Six years

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  1. EleanorB EleanorB says:

    This is the second novel in Alison Weir s series on the six wives of Henry the Eighth, and it is every bit as good and as detailed as the earlier work on Henry s first marriage to Katherine of Aragon This is the tale of the woman who supplanted her in Henry s affections and, importantly, the one he looked to for the nursery full of legitimate sons that he so desperately needed Anne Boleyn catches his eye, and that of many at court, on her return from a long sabbatical in Burgundy in the service of the Regent Margaret, and also at the French Court serving first Queen Mary Henry s sister and then Queen Claude wife to the rampant Francois the First She has acquired a polish, style and sophistication that few at the English court possess.Along with her skills as a courtier, Anne has also acquired a deep suspicion of male morality, particularly at the French court, where she is reunited with her sister Mary, who becomes a victim of Francois lust and where she sees a level of licentiousness that is at odds with her own personality and preferences She has also been influenced by the radical forms of thought which are challenging established Roman Catholic orthodoxy All of which has formed her as a free thinker and a woman who wishes to marry for love.Her story in the factual sense has been examined inside and out for many years and in many formats this book cleverly takes the known facts of her reluctant acceptance of Henry s attentions, and builds a fine fiction around them She makes no secret of her unshakeable refusal to be a mistress who is used by Henry and cast aside She has seen this happen to her own sister and putting her own personal romantic inclinations aside, decides that if she must be with Henry, then it will be as his wife and Queen.Alison Weir s book charts the long, frustrating courtship, the religious upheavals which result from Papal and political delaying tactics in the matter of Henry s divorce from Katherine, and the toll that this takes on Anne physically and mentally Men whom the King loves and trusts are sacrificed in the tortuous Great Matter the price paid is very high indeed The turbulent path to her eventual coronation offers Anne little time for rest and happiness and fosters increasing impatience with those around her, even those who are on her side and love her A daughter is born, but those elusive sons are lost in the traumas of miscarriage or premature birth the King s eye begins to rove once again.This is a chunky book, and an excellent read which can be read as a standalone, although I would recommend reading the series from the beginning to get the full sense of context and character development First class

  2. Justhavingfun Justhavingfun says:

    Fresh from the courts of Burgundy and France, Anne Boleyn drawn attention at the English court When the King seeks her, his is a command that is never a game Anne seeks the crown at any price, including changing England in the most dramatic of ways Weir uses this spectacular novel to show us how Anne Boleyn, the second of Henry VIII s wives lived Anne Boleyn is the second in the Six Tudor Queens series, a series shaping up to be my absolute favourite in historical fiction Having read so many novels on Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII I admit that I was not looking forward to this as much but I should have been Weir really gets inside Anne s head, or what we believe to be her thoughts, and brings her to life in a really sympathetic yet realistic way For me a shining aspect of this novel is that Weir is able to make Anne Boleyn into a sympathetic character and to portray her through her own eyes, having read the novel on Katherine of Aragon I can see why it may have been difficult to portray Anne Boleyn in a positive way.We start this when Anne is eleven and follow through to her death and it was really something special to read a novel that allows you to follow a historical character through the majority of their life and see them as they make life changing decisions I have to say I loved how Anne Boleyn was portrayed in this novel, she is shown as forward thinking but flawed and feisty, I know I have said it but I do feel this was a balanced novel on her life and one that makes historical sense As always with Weir s novels, I did not feel that anything was sensationalised for nothing and the choices made in telling this story are probable, ensuring this feels like a credible historical fiction read I absolutely loved this novel and devoured it in no time at all Prepare to be swept away to the life of Anne Boleyn and you will adore every page of this novel I cannot wait for the next instalment

  3. "Poppy" "Poppy" says:

    Beautifully written, my favourite fiction book about her I have read and I have read dozens Many of the little facts I have read in the historical books on the subject, such as by E Ives, were slipped in almost seamlessly But I do worry that modern psychological preoccupations have been imposed Maybe that s right, but I suspect not Every generation has written the story from their perspective from the 1800 s onwards And when you re read them from the current perspective it is obvious how affected by their own time the story has become I worry that this may have a similar echo when we look back.

  4. Fionanorm Fionanorm says:

    I have to say this book is well worth a read I love Alison Weir and this book was true to her style As a result of reading the first two books in the series I have sympathy for Anne Boleyn and Catherine of Aragon but in different ways Anne is sometimes portrayed as in love with Henry but in this book she does not want the kings advances and thus indured many years of battling courtiers and family on occasion Her final moments were also detailed to such as extent that I felt emotional as it described what beheading would have felt like for Anne based on medical research As for Catherine it seemed as though her marriage to the king was perfect and yet the shock of the annulment and being separated from her daughter led to poor health I couldn t put this or the previous book down despite having read loads of tudor books previously Just perfect and can t wait for the next one.

  5. rosiebed rosiebed says:

    Disappointed with this book I usually enjoy Alison Weir s novels but this one is too sympathetic to Anne Boleyn, biased even, that reading it was irritating than anything else Anne was an ambitious, strong and complex character and her downfall was so sudden and shocking that people have never ceased to be fascinated by her life Unfortunately this book is of a whitewash of her character which is unnecessary and it adds nothing to our understanding of her and and the events which led to her fall.

  6. Courtney Beatty Courtney Beatty says:

    I know these are works of fiction, but this novel was downright slanderous.Here are some things Ms Weir puts forward in the novel that Anne had six fingers That she never loved Henry and was just an ambitious schemer We don t know this We don t have her replies to his letters But worse, she paints her as someone who never loved her own child, which I believe to be patently false She invents a pregnancy that was almost carried to term in 1534 I don t understand the need for this as Anne really did have a pregnancy that she miscarried late into the term, in 1536 She posits that the Boleyns murdered Katherine and sought to murder Mary She sets Anne up as someone who always pined for Henry Norris and almost engaged in adultery with him NOT true The mistaken quote she said to Norris about dead men s shoes was courtly love gone awry and nothing but Ms Weir decided to make the two plot regicide together It was ridiculous Moreover, she never paints Anne as the true reformist that she was These reformist ideas are always the ideas of her faction first We know Anne gave a copy of Tyndale s On the Obedience of a Christian Man to Henry She had Tyndale s New Testament and other books in her rooms But Anne s own thoughts and good learning are always downplayed.The only dignity she afforded Anne was during her imprisonment and death, which did remain fairly true to the historical account Though, she had Anne s head fall off while she was still conscious and then fade into darkness, while Katherine was greeted by angels.Again, I know this is a work of fiction, but it was very obvious that she chose to tell a story that painted Anne, just as an evil, two dimensional, plotter with no substance If you read the afterward, it becomes obvious why She used Chapyus letters as a primary source and spends about 10 pages justifying why he is reliable I couldn t bear to finish her sad justification of this tripe The single, solitary reason I finished the book was because I paid for it It s disgraceful.

  7. paola pini paola pini says:

    interessante il punto di vista da cui l autore esplora il periodo storico ricco di cambiamenti La figura di Anna Bolena appare quella di una donna che sente di non essere da meno di un uomo volta e vuole cambiare la societ chiesa e maschilista inglese Riesce nell intento di cambiare la chiesa ma sopravvaluta i tempi non ancora possibile per una donna essere libera Si perde nel suo percorso e gli sbagli che commette la portano alla morte La narrazione avvincente e il quadro della societ inglese del tempo vivo e completo Un libro da non mancare

  8. Judi Robson Judi Robson says:

    Still reading this book Love Alison s story telling A totally refreshing approach to an old subject Alison makes the life of Anne very real and interesting to see from a different perspective Very well written.

  9. Caren Scheffler Caren Scheffler says:

    Mir gef llt dieses Buch sehr, Alison Weir versteht es, den Leser die Leserin mit auf eine Zeitreise an den englischen Hof von Henry VIII zu nehmen und Anne Boleyn zu treffen Ich werde die anderen B cher ber Henry s Frauen auch lesen.

  10. paula paula says:

    Written by my favorite author And is a great book

  11. MeganM MeganM says:

    Great once you get into but they do over the same stuff as in book one

  12. Sabine Sabine says:

    Schnelle Lieferung und makelloses Buch Vielen Dank