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Brian doesn t sell used cars He sells quality pre owned vehicles Like many salesmen, he doesn t own a car but borrows various autos from the lot After spending the night with his girlfriend, he goes outside to warm his ride and Cirrus, a garbage man slash ex con, deserts his trash route and steals the idling BMW Brian can t call the law for help because his girlfriend is married to a local police detective Rather than betray his paramour s secret, he sets out on foot to recover the car using his own wits and resources

5 thoughts on “Humdinger (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Sam Stone, Roberto Scarlato, Sam Stone: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Zirra Zirra says:

    I bought this book on the back of the previous reviews It was a little bit removed from what I ve been reading for the past while detective thrillers but it was a welcome change.Car salesman gets his temporary BMW stolen whilst he s having an affair with the wife of a cop Can t report the theft for obvious reasons, tries to get it back from the hardened criminal, things don t quite go as planned along the way.As noted before, there is quite a light hearted humourous element running through the story line and it moves along at a fair lick.I only gave it 4 stars on the account of the ending, whilst ok, was a little bit flat Overall, and given the price, I d recommended anyone who is undecided to go for it.

  2. LizzySueC LizzySueC says:

    This book was a refreshing change from the cliched thrillers you sometimes get for 99p Well written, pages that turn themselves, I felt disappointed that the story wasn t longer, as it was read in 2 days flat The lead character Brian knows he should behave better, but can t help being human The two baddies Cirrus and Alvin are 3 dimensional as are their girlfriends.There are several strands to the story that weave together, and reminded me of a shorter version of an Armistead Maupin book with its colourful and realistic characters Nothing like a Tarantino film as another reviewer mentioned, much better than that

  3. thegriff thegriff says:

    I can t quite remember why I downloaded this book, but it was an easy, slightly quirky read with an unexpected fadeaway a the end It had humour, twists and turns, with a slightly dark hero as its main character If you want to spend a few pleasant hours then this book may well fill the time at no great cost.

  4. ellkaydee ellkaydee says:

    It takes a while to figure out where the author is taking you with this story and this in itself is quite intriguing Unusual story line, strong characters When you ve read about 80% of the story you re suddenly given the bums rush towards the finish It s almost as if the author shelved the book, then months later dusted it off and dashed off a quick ending Some of the characters have been left in limbo but maybe the author is planning to revive them in a sequel A book with good potential but a disappointing end.

  5. discerning reader discerning reader says:

    Original Could do with using paragraphs but the characters are all interesting which makes it easy to follow Love the twist at the end, very enjoyable.