Be Brave, Be Strong: A Journey Across the Great Divide (Audio Download): Jill Homer, Sharon Olivia Blumberg, Arctic Glass Press: Audible Audiobooks Audible –

A good well written book detailing the struggles that Jill went through as she cycles the length and of the Great Divide as well as her relationship break up You really do feel her pain and her struggles that she endures during the race Jill is amazingly driven and as the title of the book alludes to very brave and strong both braver and stronger than me My only criticism is that as she suffers she makes sure you know that she suffers it was her choice to do the race in the first place The book could ve been a little descriptive of the landscape and mountains but that s a small grumble. Unfortunately many adventure books suffer from either not being particularly brilliantly written or not having a particularly strong story to tell This book however has both which puts it in a class with precious few other first person adventure books Just because somebody can do amazing things doesn t mean they can necessarily write about them but Jill is a writer as a day job and is a cyclist in her leisure time, which makes for a great book about riding the Continental Divide on a mountain bike.If you are looking to adventure vicariously through a book then this is a great choice. When I first started it, I did not think I was going to like it Jill seems a rather odd character Odd, certainly Not many sane people would even begin to contemplate some of the things she did and she is very candid about her private thoughts She very soon grew on me and her writing style is compulsive reading She is so matter of fact about such outrageous things Before long it becomes very difficult to put the book down.Will be looking for the sequel. I love jill she is so much like me but on a braver and grander scale, does things that 99.9% can only dream about whilst always understating how good she is, letting us think she us just that geeky girl next door door when in fact she is an athlete, she just doesn t believe it Fantastic read and a real insight into doing this awesome race ride Keep doing what you do jill. This is a down to earth account of an amazing cycling adventure I found myself willing Jill on all the way and couldn t put the book down for long Although I ve only visited the deserts of the SW once, I appreciated the brilliant descriptions of the terrain and scenery, conveyed with sincere feeling It takes guts to write so openly about your doubts and feeling We re keen cyclists ourselves but have only toured for about 200 miles on roads and cycle paths, I can appreciate some of the challenges but how you made it up mountains and hills in succession is beyond belief Beautifully written and inspirational tale of the Tour Divide, which also offers some useful insights for anyone interested in ultra endurance cycling. Jill Homer, a newspaper editor in Alaska, has an outlandish ambition a , mile mountain bike race from Canada to Mexico along the rugged Continental Divide But in the tradition of best laid plans, Jill s dream starts to unravel the minute she sets it in motion An accident during a race on the Iditarod Trail results in serious frostbite As she struggles with painful recovery and uncertainties about leaving a good job to pursue a seemingly impossible pipe dream, her employer hands down an offer she can t refuse Just two days before their departure date, her boyfriend ends their eight year relationship This final blow dismantles everything Jill thought she knew about life, love and her own identity Be Brave, Be Strong A Journey Across the Great Divide is the story of an adventure driven relentlessly forward as foundations crumble During her record breaking ride in theTour Divide, Jill battles a torrent of self doubt, anger, fatigue, loneliness, pain, grief, bicycle failures, crashes, violent storms, and hopelessness Each night, she collapses under the crushing effort of this savage new way of life And every morning, she picks up the pieces and strikes out anew in an ongoing journey to discover what lies on the other side of the Great Divide astonishing beauty, unconditional kindness, and boundless strength Inspirational The tour divide is on my bucket list Have read a couple of books on it now This one really hits the spot. A great tale and required reading to learn about the route and where it takes you physically and mentally not spatially Would have been 5 stars if the boyfriend breakup up would have received the weight it deserved a semicolon. This ride is on my bucket list Great read read it straight thru and it kept me wanting and making this ride a reality.