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This program opens features an introduction read by Arnold Palmer and is narrated by Rich Lerner of the Golf Channel This wasn t a job for me This was a true privilege, because Arnold Palmer s story is important, and not simply because he s an American icon His story s an inspiration, even a guide for all of us on how to live a life well played, because as you ll hear in the book, Arnie lived and played by a simple principle Go for it Rich Lerner on his experience narrating A Life Well Played No one has won fans around the world and no player has had a bigger impact on the sport of golf than Arnold Palmer In fact, Palmer is considered by many to be the most important golfer in history As a follow up to hisautobiography, Palmer takes stock of the many experiences of his life in A Life Well Played, bringing new details and insights to some familiar stories and sharing new ones Palmer has had tremendous success but is most notable for going about it the right way and always giving back to the fans who made it all possible Gracious, fair, and a true gentleman, Arnold Palmer is the gold standard of how to conduct yourself He offers advice and guidance, sharing stories of his career on the course, success in business and the great relationships that give meaning to his life This audiobook is Palmer s gift to the world a treasure trove of entertaining anecdotes and timeless wisdom that readers will celebrate and cherish

9 thoughts on “A Life Well Played: My Stories (Audio Download): Arnold Palmer, Rich Lerner, Macmillan Audio: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Dub Scot Dub Scot says:

    I m a massive Arnie fan, and have had the pleasure of meeting him on two occasions when he absolutely lived up to his reputation as being a man of the people The publishing of this book, almost immediately after his sad passing in October this year, make it essential reading and it s a decent book of short chapters on a huge variety of golf and life related topics It s certainly easy to read and you could almost imagine Arnold sitting beside you telling you the story But for some reason it left me wanting and not satisfied like he started me down a road on the topic but without really covering it the way I d hoped he would It s definitely worth reading and for sure there are a huge number of things we can all learn from it, about how we play golf, or sport in general, about how we should behave and about the right way to treat other people But I just felt it didn t quite get me there in too many of the chapters so 4 out of 5 for me.

  2. Person Person says:

    I am forced to select a star rating of one star but really I don want to give it any stars This was a huge disappointment Whilst the content may be very good, oh dear, what a poor quality publication The edges of the paper look like they ve been cut with a blunt knife and the pages assembled so that they don t line up at all I find it absolutely unbelievable that any publisher can output this trash Especially for the price of 22.99 as well I would expect a far better product for this price.

  3. Customer Customer says:

    The book is a mess It looks unfinished.

  4. Mrs P T Wood Mrs P T Wood says:

    Brilliant book, great insights into a legend If you love golf you will enjoy.Delivered in great condition and quite quickly

  5. Mrs. E. Forsyth Mrs. E. Forsyth says:

    Book says it as it is a fitting tribute to a gentleman of golf.

  6. Customer Customer says:

    Expected this book to be full of great stories of Arnies escapades but it was quite dull Would not recommend

  7. BobbyJ BobbyJ says:

    A truly inspiring book, I can only say well played Arnie

  8. CMF CMF says:

    Fantastic read about a truly great golfer

  9. G. K. Beaulieu G. K. Beaulieu says:

    I ve been an Arnie fan for a long time and have read most of what he s written over the years All of his writing has a particular style that always reminds me of listening to him speak This book is written in a similar voice, consisting on 2 or 3 page stories of various things that happened to Arnie in both his personal life and career It makes for a nice farewell.