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The first book in the best selling Conqueror series featuring Genghis Khan and his descendants I am the land and the bones of the hills I am the winter Temujin, the second son of the khan of the Wolves tribe, was onlywhen his father died in an ambush His family were thrown out of the tribe and left alone, without food or shelter, to starve to death on the harsh Mongolian plains It was a rough introduction to his life, to a sudden adult world, but Temujin survived, learning to combat natural and human threats A man, a small family, without a tribe was always at risk, but he gathered other outsiders to him, creating a new tribal identity It was during some of his worst times that the image of uniting the warring tribes and bringing the silver people together came to him He will become the khan of the sea of grass, Genghis

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  1. KymH KymH says:

    Holy moly I did not expect to love this as much as I did Iggulden takes the legend of Genhis Khan, the first Great Khan of Mongolia, and wraps it in a thrilling tale of loss, betrayal, war and vengeance This first novel in the series of five begins with the death of Tem jin s father, the ruling Khan of the Borjigin clan Yes gei, and ends with the battle of several clans combined under Tem jin s leadership against the Tartars Along the way we see Tem jin s vision of a united Mongolia begin to bear fruit and in the final pages, he stands before the victorious army he has fashioned from the nomadic tribes of the north east as their undisputed leader and takes the name Genghis Khan This is a gory tale, full of the bloody ruthlessness that has stained the pages of Mongol myth and history but it s an enthralling introduction to this nation and the dynasty that built it An awesome read.

  2. Rick Brindle Rick Brindle says:

    This is the first in the Ghengis Khan series by Conn Iggulden I ve already read the emperor series and was well impressed, and Iggulden doesn t disappoint with this installment We are introduced to Temujin as he is known at this point We learn how he survives countless trials of life, even before his voice breaks, then goes on to be the scourge of the plains, uniting the warring tribes If I was to make a small point, perhaps it took a bit of time to get going, a bit too much detail at the start, but a small point A stonking good read, and I m looking forward to the next wodge of China plains mayhem.

  3. The Reading Desk The Reading Desk says:

    One of the greatest empires ever built, if not the greatest.Yesugei, the khan of the Wolf tribe, his wife, Hoelun, his sons Temujin, Bekter, Khasar, Kachiun and Temuge, and his daughter Borte, live a warring and perfidious existence against other tribes on the Mongolian steppes Yesugei dies after an attack and leaves the leadership open to Eeluk his bondsman with his sons not being old enough to take control Eeluk exiles Hoelun and her children to live an abandoned harsh life with no dwelling, no food, no animals, no horses and no weapons Surely as winter descends it is only a matter of time before they all perish.And so the story of one of the greatest rises to power begins The story of Temujin for all eras is totally inspiring How he used strategy, tactics, politics, force and cunning to unite the tribes His greatest battle to this point against the Tartars, see his father s clan the Wolves come to participate After the victory, Temujin and Eeluk fight to resolve old vendettas, leaving Temujin victorious and leader of many of the tribes on the plains.The book is a wonderful example of historical fiction where we get to know so much about the times of the foundation and growth of the Mongol empire and the birth of Genghis Khan The narrative creates a personal insight into the characters that are inspirational, loyal and hard as nails, and a storyline that is breath taking The harshness of the environment and how they survived is exceptionally well told.We are the Silver people, the Mongols When they ask tell them there are no tribes Tell them I am khan of the sea of grass, and they will know me by my name, as Genghis.

  4. DavidH DavidH says:

    If might be fiction but a great read Well worth the second read It appears to be well based in the facts as we know them and has made me try to find the source material which is hard to find as the Mongols have no written history of the time Read the series and ask yourselves what might have been but for his death

  5. YetiTibet YetiTibet says:

    My first Conn Iggulden book and definitely not my last A great fictional tale of the rise of Ghengis Khan After the first 2 chapters I was hooked and promptly ordered the other 4 in the series Looking back i wish i had bought the set together The empire series is now on my xmas list.The character names take a bit of getting used to but you soon get to recognise the individuals in the book.I ordered the book new, so no issues regarding its condition.

  6. M. Paton M. Paton says:

    This is not my usual genre in fact, it is so far from my usual choice of read, that I m astounded that I ve bought the entire series I loved historical fiction, which is usually written by women, and contains little of military actions My favourite genre is Epic Fantasy I was recommended this book by a friend, and downloaded it in desperation when I couldn t find a new epic fantasy to get my teeth into.I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that it has the filth, fleas, and fighting depicted so well There s no prettying up of the life of Genghis He was a nasty piece of work, but I can t help but admire his tactics, his thirst for vengeance, and determination, even to the point he is willing to commit fracticide It s not the easiest read for me coming into this saga, because the story doesn t flow prettily However, it s a fascinating insight into a man who went on to conquer most of Eurasia, and the harshness of life for his followers I would recommend this book to anyone with the least interest in history, or even in epic fantasy.

  7. AlderNam AlderNam says:

    Excellent book If you are not into history but still want to learn about the largest empire in the world the dynasty of Gengis Khan, in a simple and interesting way, then this trilogy is for you I always wanted to understand world history, but traditional history books are usually written in a very heavy manner and always puts me to sleep Conn Iggulden writes easily , converting the mythical figure from our history books into a real person and makes reading about his war tactics, and the incredible life story of the great man a real treat The first book deals with the child Gengis, and his youth years and is the best book in the series I felt and the other two books continue the story of the great khan as he goes on to conquer lands from China to Russia and reach Italy to create the largest empire in the history of mankind.A must read for non history buffs and fiction lovers and once you read and know about the complicated story of Gengis Khan is this fun and action paced manner, perhaps you can further your understanding by picking up an even detailed, and traditional history book as well.Pls rate this review if you found it helpful as it really encourages me to write of these D

  8. jacksprat jacksprat says:

    This book, Wolf of the Plains, is the first in a series of 5 books about Ghengis Khan and the Mongols I read this book after I had read the next 3 books in the series, Bones of the Hill, Lords of the Bow, and Empire of Silver There is another book in the series called, Conqueror, which I plan to also read This historical fiction series is about the Mongols of Asia and the rise and fall of their leader Ghengis Khan As a fiction Iggulden takes literary freedom to entertain the reader Most historical narratives, it can be argued, are written through the eyes of the author and present the authors side of the history At least if it is written as historical fiction, we can accept some variances in actual facts We can be entertained as we get an education of the rise of Ghengis Khan.Iggulden does a masterful job of piecing this story into an epic read He goes to great length to describe the harsh life of the plains of north east Asia When Ghengis father is killed and his family is ousted from the tribe of wolves, they must eke out a survival under the most dire of conditions The survival of the family and rise of Ghengis as a uniting force of disparate Mongols to combat common foes is a great read The brutal life leads to a brutal Ghengis Expect blood and merciless killing but do not condemn the book or series based on descriptive battles This was the harsh reality of the times and location.Reading this book out of sequence did not distract from what was revealed in the following books The reader should read this book first but it is important to read the remaining books in sequence.

  9. FG FG says:

    Conn Iggulden erz hlt in Wolf of the Plains die Geschichte des mongolischen Jungen Temujin, der das Kunstst ck vollbringen sollte, vom vater und sippenlosen Vagabunden zum Einiger der ewig in Fehde liegenden St mme der Mongolei aufzusteigen, um als Dschingis Khan bzw Genghis Khan im Englischen in die Geschichte einzugehen.Die Handlung von Conqueror 1 konzentriert sich dabei auf Temujins Jugend und berlebenskampf bis zu dem Zeitpunkt, als die Bestrebungen zur Einigung aller Mongolen erste Fr chte tragen.Igguldens Version dieser Weltgeschichte ist bei allen Schw chen atemlos und mitrei end geschrieben Man muss das Bem hen des Autors honorieren, so nah wie m glich an seine Mongolen heranzukommen an ihr nomadisches Leben, das von harten kontinentalen Wintern, Viehzucht, Raub und Jagd gepr gt ist Ein schnelles Leben im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes mit 14 werden sie Eltern, mit 25 stehen sie in den besten Jahren und mit 40 gelten sie als alt So etwas wie Recht gibt es nur f r diejenigen, die Teil des Stammes sind alle au erhalb sind Freiwild.Es sind solche Details durch die Wolf of the Plains derart glaubw rdig gelingt, v.a die entbehrungsreiche Geschichte seines Helden, was w rtlich zu nehmen ist Iggulden gibt sich alle M he, uns die Mongolen als die h rtesten Typen unter der Sonne zu pr sentieren und ihren sp teren Herrscher als weitsichtigen Vision r, was mitunter berzogen wirkt.Iggulden hat angeblich selbst ein paar Monate in der Mongolei verbracht und orientiert sich anscheinend grob am eigenen Erleben dass die Welt mittlerweile eine andere ist, versteht sich von selber sowie an einer der wenigen schriftlichen Quellen ber das Leben Dschinghis Khans, der Geheimen Geschichte der Mongolen , welche dessen Enkel vor 1240 in Auftrag gab Entscheidende Figuren aus Wolf of the Plains wie Borte, Yesugei und Bekter werden dort erw hnt und ebenso biograhische Fakten wie der fr he Verlust des Vaters Durch das behutsame Verwenden dieser Quelle die nicht mit der historischen Wahrheit verwechselt werden darf verdient sich das Buch das Pr dikat historischer Roman Die lebendigen Figuren in einer bewegend erz hlten Geschichte machen ihn zu einem guten.