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The Rage launch the ultimate assault on the Human Sphere Their greatest weapons are the most fearsome creatures in the galaxy the Xenomorphs Having fled centuries before, the Rage return to take revenge and claim the planet for their own Now, through a deal struck with the unlikeliest of allies, the human race may rely on the Predators to ensure mankind s ultimate freedom Yet even the combined might of the two races may not be enough The fate of the Earth may rest with a single android Liliya of the Rage Thoroughly enjoyed all the books in the Rage War series Tim Lebbon is a writer to keep tabs on I will definitely be reading he writes in the future.This series of books can t me missed if you re an Alien Predator fan, as this extends the background of both races, particularly the Predators Yautja.I can t praise the series highly enough. As with most other Trilogies the third book became an exercise in stretching the story into a trilogy.It didn t really explain anything anything new and the story dallied as it did in the second book but to a greater extent and didn t really get into the meat of anything.I stopped reading when one of the main characters managed to craft himself into a new being after being in several several plasma fires, had a severely broken body, system glitches and a whole other range of battle damage, managed to heave himself back to his main base, augment himself despite blacking out from a system glitches , use nano tech that had somehow survived the severely battle damaged and broken vessel and then launch a successful attack on a predator with no system glitches because of the background radiation obscuring it s vision.Fair enoughfair enough, we all know about the Predators inferred vision but I am sure that this was the first time that it was written in the storyand in the past two books it seemed as if the Predators inferred were reacting to facial looks or reactions and I remember thinking but how for me, it all seemed a bit convenient for the sake of convenience s sake.At that point, I actually sat up and was like, no way, this can t be going where I think it iswell It did.Then I returned the book for a full refund.Not to rubbish the author, but I think this is the status quo in writing a trilogy series.Stories that could easily be told in one solid novel possibly two are stuffed full with filler spreading over three books diminishing the integrity overall story.I also think that writing for a franchise cannot be easy also, as you may have to have a limit to your creativity to fit within the bounds of the universe.In this case, the first book was the best and things started to fall apart in the second instalmentThis Story Stretching can be seen in Mass Effect, Dead Space and Resistance.Video Games yes, but if you pay attention to the stories, they are out of this world.The pinnacle of each game were their second instalments.And then their third instalments Well I think their franchises are now well and truly deadSadly. I already had Rage Wars 1 and 2, but waited till 3 came out so I could read them in consecutively I like a long read It s a fast moving and far ranging plot so I m glad I did, or there could have been confusion trying to remember the many characters and locations I did enjoy them, though I have read ones I enjoyed Earth Hive is terrifying, and Machigo Noguchi in AVP is one of my favourite characters in the franchise, so look out for her. If you are even considering reading an aliens or predator book you need to read this series I did not want to finish this book as im now stuck back in crappy reality This book tops if the series brilliantly, the rage, the predators, aliens, humans and androids in one massive action packed epic war Definitely one of the best series I have read, I cannot rate it high enough This needs to be made into a film Definitely a fan of Tim lebbon now.Excellent work, highly recommended.