Best The Lemon & Water Fast: The Alkalizing Fast (Audio Download): Becky Love, Rita Singh, Janice Grant, Michelle Murillo, CWG Publishing: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Becky Love –

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this bookthe practical wisdom and information is interesting and invaluable I was amazing at how many topics were addressed and with such detail and clarity Seems to work The info could have been presented in a few pages The advice to drink lemon water is good, though Great info and easy read Have you struggled with a lack of focus or concentration Do you often find yourself relying on caffeine and synthetic drugs to mask feelings of illness Do you suffer from digestive disturbances such as constipation or diarrhea Are you looking for a free and effective way to feel better This health bonus package will Help you turn around your health Educate you on why illness and disease are so prone in today s society Provide you with easy and necessary steps towards a healthy lifestyle Great book So glad I brought it. Good book This sounds quite interesting and I will definitely give this one a try. Poorly written No science to support. It is too many books in one.