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In a world violated by terror, the old lines have blurred Meet the next generation of covert ops John Dempsey s life as an elite Tier One Navy SEAL named Jack Kemper is over A devastating terrorist action catapults him from a world of moral certainty and decisive orders into the shadowy realm of espionage, where ambiguity is the only rule His new mission hunt down those responsible for the greatest tragedy in the history of the US Special Ops and bring them to justice But how does a man torn between duty and revenge walk the line and preserve his soul As Dempsey struggles with the games of spies, the case propels him across the globe in a desperate effort to prevent a new, horrifying attack on American soil Once, John Dempsey followed orders blindly Now he sees behind the curtain, and the security of the civilized world rests on one question Can a Tier One Navy SEAL adapt and become the world s most lethal spy

9 thoughts on “Tier One (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Brian Andrews, Jeffrey Wilson, Ray Porter, Brilliance Audio: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Fred Bear Fred Bear says:

    This was my selection for my kindle first book this month The last couple of months I ve been a little disappointed with the kindle first books but definitely not this month.Thrilling action right from the start, gets you hooked straight away, followed by a short quiet spell and then once into the action The main character is the leader of a SEAL team and a veteran of special assignments with the scars to prove it He doesn t stand any nonsense and has a bit of a dry sense of humour as well The first part of the book is really a straight thriller but the rest of the book is then a combination of espionage and thriller, with the thriller aspect becoming dominant towards the end of the book In his espionage role the lead character takes on a new identity and a new team.I don t really want to give any of the plot away, because that would definitely be a big spoiler, but this was a very good read and if it wasn t for other commitments I would have just kept reading and finished it the same day The end has a bit of a twist, and while the way is left wide open for a sequel hopefully there will be one soon , it definitely comes to a conclusion.

  2. activities-crafts-games.co Customer activities-crafts-games.co Customer says:

    I read this book in 2 days It is a very good book for people who like spy espionage special forces books Andy McNab series are my favourite books Having read all of his I was looking for another same type author The characters are rugged and highly skilled Very believable and leaving this reader wanting to read Thankyou

  3. Cimmerian Cimmerian says:

    The authors of this book have a variety of experiences to draw upon including, obviously, their military backgrounds.What shines through, however is the quality of the writing, story and characters Unlike many military authors who have good ideas based on their experiences but are unable to make the jump to be wordsmiths.The story is mostly believable and the characters enjoyable enough to leave me looking forward to a sequel.

  4. the Furry Ferret the Furry Ferret says:

    A ggod start to this series, got a bit confusing with all the acronyms and technical stuff but basically found it entertaining Look forward to the next book and maybe the development of the team s characters..

  5. optom301 optom301 says:

    Certainly worth a read for pure escapism Written with technical details regarding SEALS with authentic descriptions of actions, training in anti terrorism equipment Book flows quite well was easily readable Would recommend for good read at a great price point Look forward to next instalment.

  6. Maureen Rossiter Maureen Rossiter says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed tier one although it took me a little while to get into it, once I did I couldn t put it down, just going to get the next book, loved the characters can t wait to see how they progress.

  7. Mr. P. M. Merrison Mr. P. M. Merrison says:

    I didn t have high hopes for this after reading the blurb I went in expecting over the top military fetishism but it turns out instead to be a relatively well written page turner, with a smattering of over the top military nonsense I enjoyed it enough that I m looking forward to the next one.

  8. Ronnie Waugh Ronnie Waugh says:

    Enjoyable read but a bit far fetched at times The terrorists access to the White House just seemed a bit unbelievable.And for man who was used to the military and thus obeying orders when he joined his new team it was hard to believe he acted on his own other than his orders However I suppose without these episodes there would nt be a story.

  9. Ronald N D Ronald N D says:

    They really don t come any better than this Navy Seals, terrorists, foreign intrigue, murder, deceit, clandestine operations, and one crackerjack of a great cast This is one book that is actually better than even s description And believe me, that s rare The author s have outdone themselves here If you re into heart stopping, page turning, edge of your seat Black Ops, than look no further You ve arrived Any fan of any of the aforegoing that passes on this book has just made the mistake of the year Two thumbs up a total and complete recommend from here You really have gotta read this book.