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In the near future, where America has become a police state,boys are selected to enter an annual contest where the winner will be awarded whatever he wants for the rest of his life The game is simple maintain a steady walking pace of four miles per hour without stopping Three warnings and you re out permanently

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  1. J. C. Jackson J. C. Jackson says:

    May I start by asking to pay their fair share of UK taxes Those clever accountants may have all these creative schemes to stop you paying UK taxes, but it gets no hospital built or stops A E s Maternity Units being closed or indeed pot holes filled Do the decent thing like your customers do and pay UK taxes, please.Seller well done, would use again, top marks.

  2. Kritical Kritical says:

    It s kind of hard to give this book a start rating on this scale as it probably sits somewhere between three and four for me So why There is a deep emotional tale here and anyone who has done a long hike though probably not four miles an hour for several days with the threat of being shot will recognise elements of these emotions and the incessant need to keep putting one foot in front of the other, however this is not really the point of the plot I feel It has been suggested by some readers that there is no real plot and sure, if you compare this book to some King novels then there is something of simple feel to this one There s no supernatural element, no time travel etc but there is a plot, it s just that it mainly seems to be in metaphor form What I mean is that there seems to be an undercurrent that the long walk, though a real thing in the story, seems to represent life for the 100 young men who embark on it On their way they make and meet friends, witness deaths, discuss politics, age, go through every life emotion and the main character, Garraty constantly thinks about the life he has left behind That there is a prize all your heart s desire for the rest of your life may refer to either a good pension or simply paradise beyond Though I must admit I almost abandoned half way through as I couldn t see the story going anywhere and you don t really get a sense of rooting for any of the characters You kind of just don t really care However, my main focus for reading was that dystopian world s fascinate me both as reader and writer and I always hope and need to know what caused them and the finer details which this book fails to deliver It seems to be set in the time it was written which is all the confusing making one fleeting referral to an incident in Santiago in the 1950 s and an attack on a German base So it may be that it is intentionally alternative history I don t know as I haven t looked into any dissection on Wikipedia But this side of it left me feeling a little cheated Having said that though, if you peservere it does keep you gripped, as well as maybe a little disappointed at the end And I do wonder if the book was the primary inspiration for the Hunger Games If you read it you will know what I mean.

  3. P Griffiths P Griffiths says:

    This is one of King s earliest works and it is just as good Written when he was in college I believe, it has somewhat similar undertones to and clearly has had an influence on his other book The Running Man Moreover, it s fairly safe to say books like The Hunger Games and Battle Royale simply wouldn t exist today were for it not for Stephen King and his creative storytelling

  4. @iGlinavos @iGlinavos says:

    Only few people can manage to write an entire book about a group of boys walking This is evidence of King s ability to sustain a story This is a good psychological novel investigating the inner thoughts and experiences of a group of people participating in a horrific game show The book holds its suspense by revealing slowly the fate of the participants contestants walkers who drop out Also there are some interesting hints to the social environment that created such a place where the murder of young kids is acceptable as national entertainment It seems that WW2 did not end in 1945, but continued with the Germans taking the war to the US mainland It seems that a change happened that turned America into a fascist dictatorship where people frequently dissapear at the hands of the squads Did the Germans win the war in this historical hypothetical The focus of the book is not this imaginary background however but the psychology of people competing against each other for the ultimate prize, keeping their lives I recommend this to fans of King and everyone else as well I would have enjoyed information on the society behind the crowd of spectators One wonders how far we are from watching our own long walks Don t we enjoy already humiliation on TV Don t we have people kill eachother in boxing rings Don t many of us cheer at news of people getting murdered criminals, terrorists, law reformers One wonders.

  5. andylennon andylennon says:

    I enjoyed that, but it made me tired The book wasn t a chore or long winded by any means, but the walk felt so long While reading you really start to relate to each of the characters, you start to feel their pain, to begin to hope for them, hope they can just keep going on just a little longer.This was completely different to anything else I ve ever read by king Bachman I think it s probably one of his least popular books, but in my opinion it s probably up there with the best.Recommend to any king fan

  6. L.C. L.C. says:

    I didn t expect this book about teenage boys to have much of an impact on me, being a woman in my early 40 s BUT I was totally consumed by it I read it whilst ill in pain I felt every bit of pain they went through, physically mentally I laughed crazily cried out loud, then when it finished I actually grieved for the book So much did this book engulf my fragile state of mind at the time, that I read it again straight away, something I have never done before.This book is than just a story about boys walking a race, to me it was so reflective of life.A surprising book, that deep thinkers will not be able to put down if they allow themselves to me immersed into its pages.

  7. Lesley Lesley says:

    So good. one of those books which you cannot stop thinking about the story months after reading Since reading I have bought this as present for familyIf you like Stephen king s books then you re in for a treat.

  8. Fribbet Fribbet says:

    Not his greatest book, but still captivating due to his writing style I think Good for a casual read anyway.

  9. jessica jessica says:

    The book came on time and in great condition.With that out of the way the book itself was incredible Impossible to put this book down Its the type of story that you HAVE to know whats going to happen next King does a great job building up the characters and getting the reader emotionally invested in them I really like how the book reflects human depravity at its rawest form and constantly makes you wonder what would I do how far would I be able to go You feel like you are walking with the walkers as King describes the pain and agony their bodies and minds go through on this long walk as they both physically and mentally unhinge piece by piece.10 10 would recommend.

  10. Svenja T Svenja T says:

    I was expecting a little world building and explanations which I sadly didn t get I also wasn t super invested because it was a little hard to care about these characters.However, King manages to convey the exhaustion and pain and suffering of the characters, you just don t really get why they re doing this to themselves.It was interesting and scary to see how many everyday things got most of the characters killed.Overall the book just left too many things open for me but I did enjoy it.

  11. Josie Josie says:

    I m not quite sure how a story of a bunch of boys walking down a road can be so engaging, but it really was There was an air of mystery about the story at first you didn t quite know what was going on, then the story slowly unfolded and things started to become clear Then you started wondering why everyone was where they were and how everything was going to play out and you knew who you wanted to win And felt bad for your thoughts about the competition.it really got inside my head

  12. Sandra L Sandra L says:

    My Thoughts 1 This book was a pleasant surprise because I totally didn t expect this book to have so much symbolism and themes tied to the plot But this is what makes it so insightful and it left me constantly thinking of the bigger picture.2 Another thing I didn t expect was to feel so emotional towards the characters Every time a character was eliminated from the Walk a little piece of me died, especially after knowing their stories and how they came to join the Long Walk.3 I love King s writing style, it made you feel like you were walking along with the characters I could actually feel the characters exhaustion, hunger and pain every step of the way with each turn of the page.4 Personally, I thought the ending could have been better It s one of those where it s up to the reader to decide what happens next I tend to like concrete endings because now I m left wanting There was a little moment where I panicked a little towards the end because there were only 2 pages left and I was worried that ending would be rushed.5 I love that King was able to take such a simple idea and write a book with such deep meaning and become a beautiful inspiration to readers.

  13. amaryllis amaryllis says:

    I m a King fan, and thought I d heard of everyone of his books, and if I hadn t read them all, that was because I had good reason not to some topics just don t meet my taste With this book, it was different I came across it today, purely accidental, and decided to give it a try I wasn t disappointed in the least This is King at his best well developed, believable characters, mystery and horror elements, very good writing, and of course a chilling dystopian plot which is all to realistic despite its madness The world in which the Long Walk takes place is not too far from ours, the differences become clear only in details dropped so carefully into the text that you could easily overlook them The mood of the book is desperate, raw, but you also feel a kind of distance towards the characters You don t understand what is making these teenagers risking their lives in a game where the odds to survive are one percent, but I don t think you need to, it just adds to the mood of the book Without giving too much away, not all loose ends are tied up at the end, but for me that was alright, it would have felt kind of cheesy if everything had been solved in time 5 stars